Absalom Bostick was born ca 1738, probably in Goochland County, VA.  He was the son of John and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) Bostick. He married Bethenia Perkins, daughter of Nicholas and Bethenia (Harden) Perkins 22 Jun 1762 in Halifax County, VA.  The Perkins family is well documented in William K. Hall's book, "Descendants of Nicholas Perkins of Virginia."  Bethenia Perkins was born 30 Aug 1743 and died ca 1811, probably in Stokes County.

Sometime after 1775, Absalom and Bethenia Bostick moved from Pittsylvania County, VA to Surry County, NC, where Absalom bought land on  both sides of the Dan River. This land would later fall into the new county of Stokes. It is said that Absalom Bostick's plantation was called "Shoebuckle" and was located in present-day Sauratown Township. He died there in 1803 and it is believed he was buried on his own land.

In Dec 1804, Bethenia and son, Manoah, sold this land to Peter Hairston with the condition that Absalom's burial place never be disturbed. The exact location of Absalom's grave is unknown today.

Absalom Bostick was assigned the task of drilling soldiers during the American Revolution. He also furnished supplies.

Absalom Bostick's will is found in Stokes County, NC Will Book 2, pg 37. It is dated 20 Jun 1798 and proven Jun 1803. The following children are named in the will: John, Bethenia, Absalom, Ferdinand, Susannah, Ann, Manoah Harden and Christina.

John Bostick, son of Absalom, was born 18 Jun 1764 and died 20 Sep 1850 Williamson County, TN. He married Mary Gervais/Jarvis 20 Dec 1787 in Richmond County, GA. Dates for this couple, as well as for their children, can be found in "Maury County Cousins," published 1967 by the  Maury County, TN Historical Society.

Bethenia Bostick was born 18 Mar 1767, prob. in Pittsyvlania County, VA and died 1832. She married first Capt. Samuel Hampton 19 Aug 1785. He died in 1802 and on 23 Jan 1804, Bethenia married Charles Perkins, a cousin. Bethenia had a number of children by her first husband.

Absalom Bostick II, son of Ab. and Bethenia, was born ca 1769 in VA and died 1855 in Christian County, KY. He married first, Nancy Dalton, daughter of David Dalton Sr, in 1794 Stokes County, NC. His second marriage was to Dolly White on 15 Nov 1822 in Rockingham County, NC. There has been a great deal of confusion about the second wife of Ab. II, but deeds, census records and estate files clearly show that his second wife was Dolly White and not Susannah Dalton as some researchers have stated. In fact, Susannah Dalton was married to Absalom Bostick III, son of Ab. II.

Ferdinand Bostick, my ancestor, was born 9 Mar 1772 Pittsylvania County, VA and died 1824 Stokes Co, NC, leaving a nuncupative will. He married Elizabeth Rand, daughter of William Rand, 28 May 1799. The family Bible record of this couple was owned in the early 1980's by a lady in MS. Attempts to obtain a notarized copy of the family record page have been unsuccessful. Ferdinand had the following children, according to the Bible: Bethenia, William Rand, Anna Rand, Elizabeth "Betsy" [my ancestor], Absalom, Ferdinand Jr, Wesley, James Pinkney, John, Louisa, John Thornton, and David Jackson.

Ann Bostick was born ca 1779. She married Thornton Preston Guinn.

Susannah was born in the 1770's and died before 1814. She married William Blackburn and had 5 children.

Manoah Harden Bostick, veteran of the War of 1812, was born 30 Aug 1780 and died 4 Jul 1843, Greene County, IL. He married first Jincey Scale in 1803 and then Frances Taliaferro Harvey in 1823 Christian County, KY.

Christiana Bostick was born ca 1785 Surry County, NC and died 1863 Stokes County. She married David Dalton Jr 1 Jun 1803 in Stokes County.

Absalom & Bethenia Bostick also had a daughter not named in the will but listed in the journal of Francis Asbury. "On Wednesay, 18 [no month]...Being sent for, I went to Mr. Bostwick's, on Dan River." Then on the 22nd he says..."Preached at the funeral of Absalom Bostwick's daughter." This was in 1784.

Absalom and Bethenia Bostick were my 4th great-grandparents.

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