Dalton Family

Mr. Richard Henderson of Chapel Hill says that he has known Mr. Dalton from his first remembrance. Mr. Dalton is now 105 years old.. He lives in Rockingham...has been an active, industrious man, honest and punctural in all his Dealings...he has now a valuable farm worth $4000 on Mays, a branch of the Dan River.. Informant knows not whether application has been made for this money... If justly due, Dalton would acknowledge it and willingly pay it. (Debt dated Sept. 1, 1775 - 24.8.2) - Report of Special Agent, William Duffy, circa 1801 - NCGJ, Volume IV, No. 3, August 1978

First Generation

Children of William Dalton and Mary Elizabeth Newman
Samuel Dalton, Sr. (1699-1805) m. Ann Reed (1718-1800)

Second Generation

Children of Samuel Dalton Sr. and Ann Reed
William Dalton (1736-1819) m. Virginia Rachel Harris (1744-1823) (died in Huntsville, Smith, TN) Samuel Dalton, Jr. (1738-1789) m. Charlotte Gallahue (abt. 1750-1805) (died in Rockingham Co., NC) Letitia "Letty" Dalton (1742-1838) m. Matthew Moore (1738-1801)
Rachel Dalton (1746-1836) m. Rev. Capt. William Martin (1742-1808), s/o Joseph Martin and Susannah Chiles
Captain David Dalton (1742-1820) m. Susanna Davis (1745-1810), d/o Isaac Davis

Third Generation

Children of William Dalton and Virginia Rachel Harris
Lucy Dalton (1761-1844) m. John Watts (1765-1823) (Lucy died in Randolph, MO)
Thomas Dalton (1764-1864) m. Mary "Polly" Deathridge (?-1814)
Nancy Dalton (abt. 1765)
Robert Dalton (abt. 1767)
Elizabeth Dalton (1768) (did she marry Valentine Martin?)
Charlotte Dalton (abt. 1769)
Sarah Dalton (abt. 1771)
Francis Dalton (abt. 1773)
William Dalton (abt. 1774)
John Dalton (abt. 1776)
Mary Dalton (abt. 1780)
(all children born in Albemarle County, Virginia)


Children of Samuel Dalton, Jr. and Charlotte Gallahue
William G. Dalton (1768-1822)
Nicholas Dalton (1770-1838) m. Rachel Hunter (1774-1863)
Jane Dalton (1777-aft. 1833) m. Thomas Adonijah Harbour (1772-1818)
Mary Dalton (1782-1859) m. John Harbour (1773)
Mourning Kenner Dalton (1789) m. Samuel Harbour (1775)
Samuel Dalton III (1772-1839) m. 1) Elizabeth A. Scales (1783-1820); 2) Sarah Clement (abt. 1785-1858)


Children of Captain David Dalton and Susanna Davis
Elisabeth Dalton (?-aft.1823) m. John Fendall Carr (lived in Stokes County)
Isaac Dalton (1770 - abt. 1823) m. Susannah Garth (lived in Stokes County, no children)
Isham Dalton m. Elisabeth Walton (moved to TN)
Eliza Dalton m. John Smith
Jonathan Dalton (died bef. 1823) m. Miss Scales (moved to TN)
Charles Dalton m. Sally Winston
Mary Dalton m. Thomas Carr
Nancy Dalton m. Absalom Bostick II
David Dalton Jr. m. Christina Bostick

Fourth Generation

Children of Charles Dalton m. Sally Winston
Susanna Dalton m. Absalom Bostick III


Children of David Dalton, Jr. and Christina Bostick
Absalom Bostick Dalton (1804-1880) m. Nancy Poindexter (1806-1856), d/o Cpt. David Poindexter and Frances Chisholm
Isaac Davis Dalton m. Susan Marshall (1814-)
David Nicholas Dalton (abt. 1809-aft. 1850) m. 1) Margaret Melissa Rives; 2) Rebecca Westmoreland
Perkins Dalton m. Betty Neal (settled in Texas)
Don Ferdinand Dalton m. (1820-aft. 1857) Amanda Jane Doub
Susannah Dalton (abt. 1815) m. John P. Smith (Susannah died soon after the marriage and John married her sister, Mary)
Mary Dalton (abt. 1818) m. John P. Smith
Christina Melissa Dalton (abt. 1822) m. Dr. Cole (of Walnut Cove)
Bethenia Dalton (abt. 1823) (did not marry)
John Alamand B. Dalton m. Mary Ann Matthews

Fifth Generation

Children of Absalom Bostick Dalton and Nancy Poindexter
George Dalton
William Dalton
John Fox Dalton (did not marry)
David Nicholas Dalton
Gabriel Dalton m. Virginia Robertson, d/o Archibald Robertson
Robert F. Dalton
Christina Dalton
Susan Dalton (abt. 1845-aft.1880) m. John Z. Dalton (abt. 1836-aft. 1880), s/o Ewel Gallihu Dalton (1802-aft.1880) and grandson of Nicholas Dalton and Rachel Hunter


Children of David Nicholas Dalton and 1) Margaret Melissa Rives
William Dalton
Robert Dalton (1851-1926) m. Mary E.
Rufus I. Dalton (1855-1937) m. Mary J. Stauber
Dr. David Nicholas Dalton (1860-1928) m. Louisa Bitting (1863-1947)
Nancy Dalton m. Dr. Jones (of Walnut Cove)
Margaret Dalton m. Dr. Phillips
(several members of this family moved to Winston Salem)


Children of Don Ferdinand Dalton and Amanda Doub
Laura C. Dalton (ca. 1846-aft. 1872) m. J.E. Foltz
Susan Dalton (abt. 1849 -aft. 1860) Amanda Dalton (ca. 1851-aft. 1881) m. Silvan Thompson
Daniel Dalton (ca. 1855-?)
Kate Dalton (ca. 1859-?)
Melissa G. Dalton m. Thomas Coffey


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The Forsyth County Genealogical Society Journal, Volume XV, No. 1, Fall, 1996

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