1850 Surry County NC Census Project

This file contains a list of the heads of household in the 1850 census, together with their likely spouses. Using marriage bond records and other data, we are now trying to identify the maiden names of wives in each family. Can you add information to this list? If so, please email Faye Moran at: fmoran@erols.com

We have used the transcription of the 1850 census available from the Surry County Genealogical Society for data entry, but have verified some names and other information from NC marriage records. It was necessary to make some assumptions in creating this list, which of course may not be correct in all cases, but we made every effort to ensure the correctness of the information presented.

The 1850 Surry County Census includes over 2900 households; this page contains 855 - the remaining households will be added later.

1850 Surry County
Heads of Household including Maiden Names

1. William Burgess and Elisabeth (Day)
2. William Everage and Mary K. (Padgett)
3. Lydia (Wright) Padgett, widow of Jacob Padgett
4. Franklin Lawrence and Mary
5. Elisha Petty and Mary (Polly Harper)
6. Thomas Lindsey and Rosannah Harp
7. Samuel Denney and Claresa
8. Winney (Patterson) Lindsey, widow of Leonard Lindsey
9. Pinkney Lindsey and Fanny (Jacks)
10. Edmund Denney and Sarah (Johnson)
11. Anna Forrester
12. Uriah J. Douthet, widower of Sarah (Campbell) Douthit
13. Mary Rinshaw
14. Laban Lindsey and Margaret
15. Johnson Lindsey and Fanney (Willard)
16. Miriam Patterson
17. Anderson Lindsey and Sally (Moody)
18. Martin Cockram and Nancy
19. John Reece and Sally
20. Wilborn Wright
20. Clingman Jefferson
21. William M. Lindsey and Sarah (Edwards)
22. Lewis Cash (married Mary Cook 1850)
23. Morning Staunton
24. Hiram Felts and Milly (Tulbert)
25. William Sluder and Mariah
26. David J. Fleming and Elisa
27. Charity Bennet
28. Hardin Williams and Susannah
29. Anderson E. Swinney and Ailsey
30. Calvin M. Harris and Mary
31. Walter Copley and Elisa L.
32. Nancy Jacks
33. Shadrach Myers and Hesse (Mary Hesa Windsor)
34. Daniel Hutchens and Lydia (Johnson)
35. William Johnson and Lucinda (Lindsey)
36. Johnathan Burrow and Susannah)
37. Jane Denney
38. William Jefferson and Catharine
39. Rheuben Johnson and Catharine
40. Anderson Campbell, widower of Nancy (Johnson)
41. Jesse Johnson and Marinda (Macinda Chappel)
42. James Denney and Elisabeth
43. Elisha Roughton and Nancy
44. John W. Robertson and Temperance
45. Milly Johnson
46. Moses Mahaffa and Susannah
47. Sally Mahaffy
48. John G. Johnson and Lenah (Messic)
49. Sally Ladd
50. Hannah Robinson
51. Amos Horton and Mary (Ladd)
52. Thomas J. Patterson
53. Wesly Armstrong and Mary
54. William Robins and Rebecca
55. James Windsor and Susannah (Minnish)
56. Jesse Windsor and Lucy (Lucinda) Denny
57. John Morgan and Sarah
58. Samuel Windsor and Sally (Morgan)
59. John B. Johnson and Elisabeth
60. Thomas N. Chamberlin and Carolina
61. Ebba Johnson
62. William Ladd and Elisabeth
63. John Johnson, Senr. and Cloe
64. Elisha A. Windsor and Clarrisa (Johnson)
65. Robert Bell and Elisabeth
66. Henry W. Casey and Sarah A.
67. Nathan Paul and Jane Ranard
68. Levisa Whitlock
69. Stephen Denney and Susannah (Wishon)
70. Walter Bell and Elisabeth
71 Cranbury Belland Margaret
72 Hannah McConnel
73 Thomas Binbo and Ann
74 Thomas B. Johnson and Nancy (Messick)
75 William Osborn and Rhoda O. (Jacks)
76 Shadrach Gentry and Malinda Messick (Shadrach married Polly Jacks, 1810)
77 Jesse Vestal, Jr.
78 Isaac Williams and Dicy
79 Thomas Davis and Elisabeth Veach
80 William Cardel and Nancy Brown
81 Milton Cain and Salley
82 Joel Adams and Rachel
82 Johnathan Adams and Ann
83 Sarah Jackson
84 James Godfrey and Marthy
85 Joshua Sprinkle and Sarah
86 Thomas Patterson and Jane
86 Oliver Whitlock (married Susan Lindsey 1850)
87 Tena Burton and Mary (Willard)
87 Fanny Willard
88 Joseph F. Johnson and Mary A. (Lindley)
89 Ashley Johnson and Elisabeth (Brown)
90 James S. Grant and Jane
91 William Anthony and Elisabeth
92 John E. Grand and Catharine
93 Alfred N. Tomblinson, 40 and Louisa, 38
94 Allen Rominger and Malinda (Walk)
95 William H. Williamson and Charlotte
96 Hutchens Johnson and Lucinda (Douthet)
96 Jacob Douthet
97 Temperance Wallice
98 Squire Brown and Elisabeth (Farrington)
99 Jacob Whitlock and Susannah (Salmons)

100 Juda (Padgett) Mennish, widow of Thomas Minnish
101 Jason Denney and Caroline (Windsor)
102 John W. Gofourth and Berilla
103 Jacob Wishon and Margaret (Tucker?)
104 Josiah L. Roughton and Amelia
105 Tulliver Briant and Martha
106 Samuel Wallice and Nancy
107 Roland Jones and Rosannah Johnson
107 Margaret (Tucker) Craft, widow of Nathan Craft
108 Bennet Windsor and (Sarah Holeman)
109 William Campbell and Lydia
110 Iley Denney and Rachel
111 Iley Denney, Senr. and Phebe
112 William Denney and Elisabeth (Hollman)
113 Leonard Messick and Verlinda/Melinda (Windsor)
114 James Horton and Margaret
115 Joseph Horton and Elisabeth
116 William Horton and Serena
117 John Madison and Rebecca
118 Larkin Howard and Sally (Sarah Brightwell Warren), d/o William Warren and Mary Brightwell
119 Nancy Mitchel and Mary
120 Francis Wood and Elizabeth V.
121 Alexander Sparks and Mary M. Bryan
121 Lewis Briant
122 Catharine Reed
123 Ashley Johnson and Lucinda
124 William Tulbot and Mary (Howard)
125 Benjamin Johnson and Mary
126 Robert Jones and Mary
127 Elisabeth Morgan
128 Enoch Sammons and Leuisa
129 Anderton Brown and Margaret (McCleary)
130 Henry Tulbot and Lovey
131 Sarah Sammons
131 Mary Samand and Elander Samand
132 Elisabeth (Howard) Tulbot, widow of James Tulbot
133 James Welborn and Jenetta
134 William Sails and Martha
135 William M. Armstrong and Lucinda
136 William Messick and Mary E. (Polly Naylor)
137 Willie Felts and Matilda
138 Henry Tucke and Lucinda
139 Sarah Marchal
140 Kicheon Goss and (Ruth Normand)
141 William G. Pinnix and Mary P. (Polly Dickerson)
142 James Harvel and Ann A. (Ann Eliza Nicks)
143 Abraham Vanhoy and Jane Ross
144 Thomas J. Cook and Elisabeth
145 Jesse Perry and Frances
146 Martha Jacks
147 Elisha Felts
148 Lemuel Jackson and Cela
149 William Purdue and Mary
150 Thomas Purdue and Elisabeth
151 Sally Purdue
152 James W. Purdue and Margaret
153 Seth C. Gordon and Lamira (Samira Tulbert)
154 William Purdue, Jr. and Elisabeth
155 Nelson Messick and Sarah
156 Jason Finney and Margaret (Bullard)
157 Joshua Finney and Juriah (Collins), d/o Obediah and Patsey Collins
158 Henry Messick and (Nancy Martin)
159 Elsey Messick
160 Isaac Brown and Rebecca
160 Lua Brown
161 Thomas D. Messick and (Sarah Godfrey)
162 James Green and Mary
163 James Gross and Nancy
164 Elisha Messick and Mary A. (Jones)
164 Rebecca Messick
165 Jones Messick and Mary A. (Brown)
165 Lovey Brown
166 Willie Messick and Malinda
166 Elisabeth Brown
166 Sally Minnish
167 Ira Messick and Nancy Emeline (Wells)
168 James Brown and Levisa
169 Henry J. Brown and Mary
170 Lewis Messick and Mary (Tulbert)
171 James Lindley and Sarah (Felts)
172 John F. Felts and Hannah
173 Henry Wysong and Jane W.
174 James Stokes and Caroline
175 David Day and Elisabeth
176 Jinsey West
177 Lewis Minnish and Mary
179 Abednego Stokes and Mary A. (Felts)
180 Joseph Hendricks and Mary (Polly West)
181 Elisabeth Wells
182 James Wells and Sarah
183 John Whitlock and Sybba (Libby Paul)
184 Sheriden S. Arnold and Susan
185 Sally Frasier
186 Charles Dudley
187 Daniel Shore and Catherine
188 Levie Chappel and Priscilla
189 Samuel Riddle and Dicy
190 Russel Sparks and Nancy
191 Ambrose Chappel and Mary A.
192 James Johnson and Nancy
193 Solomon Denney and Elisabeth
194 Bennett H. Holomon and Harret
195 Daniel Green and Patsey
196 Elie Denney and Malinda
197 Elisabeth Creekmore
198 John Cheeks and Mary (Elmoore)
199 William Cheeks and Lucinda

200 Richard Everage and Elisabeth
201 Rebecca Cook
202 Isaac Cook and Sally
203 Elisabeth Holloman
203 Leonard Keeter and Nancy (Holloman)
204 Abel Holloman and Sarah
205 William Norman and Rebecca (Colvard)
206 John Holloman and Mary
207 Levi Johnson and Sarah (Brassfield)
208 Benjamin Sparks and Sarah
209 Joseph Sparks and Martha (Edwards)
210 William Carter and Sarah A.
211 Pleasant Dobbins and Elisabeth Carter
212 Joel Dobbins and Sarah Carter
213 Robert Pinnix and Anna (Long)
214 James Shore and Susan
215 Jackson Ray and Lydia Ray
216 James Triplett and Lucy (Louisa Matthews)
217 William Pettyjohn and Sally
218 Catherine Hendricks
219 William West and Margaret (Sparks)
220 Richard Sammons and Ruth
221 Susannah (Wicker) Frasier, widow of Thomas Frasier
222 Cressa Cook
223 Ashley Anderson and Creese
224 Beverly Purdue and Jinsey
225 Overton Pinnix and Mary A.
226 Samuel Stokes and Mary
227 James Sammons and Nancy
228 Elisabeth Anthony
228 Milly Stokes
229 Hesekiah Freeman and Margaret
230 Linney Chappel
231 James Elmore and Sarah
232 Littlebury Mathis and Rhoda
233 Alfred Mathis and Araminta
234 Bradley Mathis and Matha
235 Alexander Shaver and Lydia
236 Daniel Shore and Elisabeth (Dudley)
237 Giles Driver and Susannah
238 Clayton Vanhoy and Elisabeth (Kirk)
239 James Vanhoy and Emily
240 Edward Vanhoyand Nancy
241 Jurdan Hudspeth and Mary (Polly Collins)
242 Thomas Tucker and Milly (Nelly Money)
243 Peggy Barber
243 Susannah Barber
244 Elisabeth Shaver
244 Thomas Smith
245 Henry Johnson and Adaline
246 William Stokes and Letesha
247 William Ashley and Rosannah
248 Pleasant Smith and Lucinda
249 Burgess Ashley and Susannah
250 Samuel Shore and Mary
251 William Durham and Nancy (Penwright)
252 Alexander Farrington and Margaret
253 Raleigh Holcomb and Winey
254 Allen Money and Elisabeth
255 William Money and Eda
256 Hiram Collins and Phebe (Tucker)
257 Nancy Hudspeth
258 William W. Windsor and Sarah (Day)
259 William Mathis and Martha (Lewis)
260 Thomas Blackman and Sarah
261 Sarah A. Vanhoy
262 Obediah Collins and Elisabeth (Vanhoy)
263 John Vanhoy and Jinsey (Sutle)
264 Triplet Day and Elisabeth
265 James Vanhoy and Juda (Judy Burroughs)
266 Thomas Pettyjohn and Elisabeth
267 Henry Stokes and Mary M.
268 Stephen Evens and Margaret (Peggy Foster)
269 Susannah Evans
270 Green Bullard and Lucinda
271 John Pendry and Lucy
272 Major Money and Nancy
274 James Ashley and Mary C.
275 Delila Blackman
276 David Money and Martha (Russ)
277 William (Tyron) Ray and Milly (Caroline Walker)
278 John Drive and Matilda
279 Zebadee Money and Susannah (Sparling)
280 William L. Van Eaton and Juda (Hunt)
281 Joseph R. Parks and Mary
282 Henry Eldridge and Nancy
283 N. D. Hunt and Elisabeth
284 Sarah Mitchel
285 Peter Dozier and Mary A.
286 Joseph Reavis and Nancy C. (Powell)
287 Thomas B. Hanes and Nancy (Ball)
288 John Y. Casey and Nancy C.
288 Catharine Chamberlain
289 Elisabeth (Uptegrove/Uptegrove) Kirby (widow of Edmund S. Kirby)
290 Noah Null and Sally
291 Bilson Benham and Elisa A.
291 William T. Paullen
291 Edmund B. Hampton
292 John J. Woodruff and Amanda
293 William Money and Catharine
294 Meredith Armstrong and Anna
295 William Day and Patsey
296 Joseph Eldridge and Ruth
297 Wiseman Alby and Ruth
298 John Holden and Penny (Fanny Beard)
299 Avery Newman and Elisabeth

300. Bradley Rose and Camaline
301. Thomas Rose and Susannah
302. John Rose and Rebecca
303. Starlin Rose and Rebecca (Howell)
304. Elisha Longbottom and Rachel (Money)
305. Major Rose and Jane (Olvey)
306. Elisabeth Blackman
307. Howel Money and Elisabeth
308. Elisabeth Osbern
309. Courtney Bully
309. Lovey Bully
310. George Chambers and Malinda
311. Solomon Swaim and Sarah (Waggoner)
312. Robert G. Howel and Malinda
313. Thomas Howel and Sarah Hicks
314. Elisabeth Rose
315. William Rose and Mary
316. John Rose and Ailey
317. Lucky Longbottom and Ann (Jarvis)
318. Nancy Bange
319. Felix Vansant and Irena
320. Meridth Martin and Rose (Hanes)
321. Levi Hembrick and Susan (Howel)
322. Benjamin Rose and Patsey (Rebecca Sutlif)
323. Ashley Crews and Catharine
324. Robert Howel and Rebecca
324. John C. Shores and Almeda (Howel)
325. Joseph Naylor and Mary (Hawkins)
326. Harrison Sisk and Dicey
326. William Sisk and Susan
327. John Wesley Naylor and Sarah D.Hawkins
328. James C. Shores and Sarah
329. Benjamin Naylor and Mary W. Rhodes
330. Thomas B. Naylor and Sarah (Vestal)
331. Irvin E. Naylor and Catharine
332. Ephraim L. Hamby and Elizabeth
333. John Ball and Lousiana (Lucy Gentry)
334. Cynthia Osborn
335. Hesikiah Johnson and Mary
336. William C. Dejurnet and Hulda
337. Henry C. Hampton and Charlott
337. Mary A. Hicks
338. Edmond P. Journey and Malinda
339. Hampton Brown and Mildred
340. Abraham Thornton and Grace
341. David Morrison and Jinsey
342. Benjamin Cissle and Letha
343. James Morrison and Bethethlem (Collins), d/o Obediah and Patsey Collins
344. Francis Jinkins and Susannah (Morrison)
345. John Parsons and Sarah (Kizasian Ball)
346. Tyrel Sisk and Sally
347. Allen Cissle and Elisabeth (Betsy Edwards)
348. William Z. Sparks and Mary (Bange)
349. James Sisk and Sally
350. John Welborn and Nancy (Naylor)
351. Anna Castevens
352. Charles Ray and Nancy
353. Susannah Shore
354. David Sammons and Elisa (Shore)
355. Hardin (Hardy) Money and Letha (Marshall)
356. John Edwards and Lucy
356. Champion Harris and Nancy (Mock)
357. Lewis Harris and Elisabeth
358. James Casten and Martha D.
359. Sally Rassel
360. Henry Gross and Lucinda
361. Alston Popplin and Mary
362. Elisha Bange and Nancy
363. Patsey Bange
364. Braxton Ray and Mary
365. Owen Omery and Elizabeth
366. William Collins and Catharine
367. James Chappel, Jr. and Sarah (Sally Smith)
368. Thomas A. Money and Prudency (Money)
369. Moses Austil and Elisabeth (Elmore)
370. Lewis Mondy and Sophia
371. Milly Philps
372. Aldverson Day and Sarah
373. Thomas Day and Elisabeth
374. Sidney Collins and Frances (Frankey Moore)
375. Daniel Money and Elisabeth (Tennisee Johnson), d/o James Johnson and Frankey Moore
376. Rhoda Cheeks
377. David Hudspeth and Nancy
378. Philip Hinney (Finley) and Mary (Matthews)
379. Leonard Swink and Ellen
380. Philip Holcomb and Margaret (Joiner)
381. Moses Durham and Mary (Penright)
382. Benjamin Tucker and Mary (Mary C. West)
383. Morgan Martin and Mary
384. John Tucker and Clary
385. William Chamberlin and Sally (Gentry)
386. Samuel Weatherman and Mary (Morgan)
387. Jesse Cole and Penina
388. George Harold Nix (m. Mary Bevel "Pol" Ireland)
389. Stephen Blackwell and Sally
390. James T. Johnson and Fanny (Dickerson)
391. William Willard and Matilda
392. Willie Dickerson and Nancy (Lamon/Lemon)
393. Charity Lindsey
394. Franklin Hays and Easther
395. Henry Bunting and Sally (Hudspeth)
396. William Gentry and Lucy (Myers)
397. John Brittian and Lucy (Martin)
398. Milly Weatherman
399. Edmond York and Martha

400. William Wilkin and Mary
401. Davis Vestal and Elisabeth (Mikels)
402. John Wilkins and Elisabeth
403. William Branom and Julia
404. John Gross and Mary
405. William Hutchens and Milly (Pendry)
406. Frederic Long, Jr. and Priscilla
407. Isaac Long and Sarah (Prior)
408. Daniel Long and Sally (Binkley)
409. George Nix and Mary Bevell ("Pol") (Ireland)
410. Gray Morgan and Sally
411. Nathaniel King (married Catherine Gentry, 1850)
411. Nancy Bunting
412. Isaih Tally and Sally
413. James West
413. Isaiah West
414. John Martin and Rebecca
415. William Martin and Mary (Lewis)
416. George Holcomb
417. Isaac Shore and Tomsin
418. Joshua Minnish and Martha
419. Frederic Rhinehart and Leah
420. Christian Rhinehart and Rachel
421. Christian Rhinehart, Sr. and Christina
422. William Holcomb and Elisabeth (Holcomb)
423. Peter Claywell and Nancy
424. William Sims and Nancy (Padgett)
425. John Swaim and Elisabeth
426. Martin Castephens and Lureny (Luran Durham)
427. Henry Waggoner and Mary
428. William G. (Green) Brown and Priscilla (Eldridge)
429. Thomas Money and Elisabeth
430. John D. Holcomb and Fanny (Holcomb)
431. Levi Collins and Rhoda (Money)
432. Gilbert Austil
433. Moses Gross and Sarah ("Sally" Holcomb)
434. Jackson Brown and Lovicy
435. James Chappel and Ruth (Foster)
436. Martin Ashley and Lydia
437. William Barber and Mary
438. Mathew Barber and Mary M.
439. Elisabeth Bates
440. Richard Ray and Susannah
441. Sherrel Chappel and Mahala
442. Anderson J. Chappel and Sophia (Arnold)
443. John S. Holcomb and Anna (Proctor)
444. Samuel Brooks and Nancy
445. Micajah Holcomb and Mary (Polly Chappel)
446. Simon Gross and Sena
447. William Brooks and Susannah
448. Fletcher Harris and Sarah H.
449. Solomon D. Swaim Jr. and Sarah L. (Waggoner)
450. John Vannetter and Nancy
451. Daniel Macmore and Elisabeth
452. Susannah Briant
453. Jesse Morrison and Mary
454. Daniel Gross and Elisabeth (Gross)
455. George Briant and Kesiah
456. William Sparks and Areminta
457. Benjamin Hembricks and Elisabeth
458. Charles Briant and Jemima (Patterson)
459. William Carington and Rachel
460. William Edwards and Martha
461. Alexander Bullard and Lucinda
462. Anna (Ross) Hendricks (widow of Henry Hendricks)
463. Matilda Jinkins
464. Edwards Samuel and Mary
465. Nancy Casey
466. Elisabeth Willey
467 Abednego Sparks and Mary
468. Sandord J. Miller and Caroline
469. Isaac Austill and Temperance (Sisk)
470. Martha (Gray) Spencer (widow of John Spencer)
471. Aaron Woodruff and Charity
472. Samuel Day and Jane (Jincy Padgett)
473. Joseph Carrender and Tirzah
474. Abner Bagby and Whittiner
475. Alfred Pendry and Lucinda
476. William Nichlson and Rebecca M.
477. Sarah (Woodruff) Bagby (widow of William Bagby)
478. Ephraim Nicholson and Prudence (Woodruff)
479. John Brown and Lucetta (Nicholson)
480. David W. Doub and Rukamer (Banner)
481. William Adams and Sophia
482. Robert Sprouse and Elisabeth (Dozier)
483. Henry Robertson and Suffiah
484. Bird Sawyers and Martha
484. Martha Collins
485. Michael Swaim and Elisabeth (McGuire)
486. Mary (Adams) Swaim (widow of John Swaim)
487. John Burns and Irena
488. Bennet Smith and Rebecca (Cotton)
489. Mary Sith
490. Elisabeth Biggs
491. Drury Holcomb and Rhoda (Lewis)
492. Harbert Harp and Elisabeth Baity
493. John Hanes and Rebecca (Shinn)
494. William White, widower of Phildelphia J. Malinda Hanes
494. Mahala Hanes, d/o Rev. William and Philadelphia Hanes
495. Asa Lewis and Elisabeth (Shinn)
496. James Inscore and Margaret (Arnold)
497. Frederick Long and Martha (Pinnix)
498. George Long and Elisabeth (Vestal)
499. Joseph Helton and Mary

500. Catharine (Pinnix) Lewis, widow of Frederick Lewis
501. William Ireland and Sarah (Sally Whittington)
502. Lawson G. Pennix and Elizabeth (Clary)
503. Gardner Gentry and Susannah (Weatherman)
504. Malinda (Gibson) Pennix, widow of Overton Pinnix
504. Elizabeth Pennix, d/o Malinda and Overton Pinnix
505. James Carter and Rhoda (Pinnix)
506. Jacob Waggoner and Mary (Brannager)
507. Drury Kennady and Sally (Waggoner)
508. Paul Bringar
509. Thomas Brinegar
510. Moses Adams and Grace
511. William Waggoner and Fanny
512. David Waggoner and Catherine (Sperlin)
513. Robert Sims and Elisabeth (Gentry)
514. Michael Swaim and Patience
515. William S. Farrington and Keturah (Haynes)
516. Martha Smith
517. John Swaim and Mary (Adams)
518. Free Calloway
519. Jonathan Adams and Nancy (Morefield)
520. William Calloway and Anna (Brindle)
521. Hugh Briant (Bryan) and Jane (Jinney Patterson)
522. Sally (Vestal) Morefield (widow of Gabriel Morefield)
523. Sarah Morefield
524. Thomas Brown and Eliza
525. David Bates and Milly
526 Eliza (Nance) McBride (widow of George McBride)
527. Cisley Nance
528. John Brown and Christina
529. Roberrt McGuire and Prudence (Swaim)
530. Bennet Smith and A. Elender
531. Moses Waggoner and Mary
532. Daniel Waggoner and Nancy (Hoppers)
533. George Brown and Elisabeth
534. John Dobbins and Elisabeth (Carender)
535. George Carrinder and R. Catherine
536. Lewis Corrinder and Elisabeth
537. John Huspeth and Sarah (Weatherman)
538. Zilpha Sims
539. Zachariah Mitchel and Lucinda
540. Adam Brown and Nancy
541. Jesse Whitehead and Lucinda
542. Samuel Johnson and Hannah (Brown)
543. John Collins and Susannah (Elmore)
544. William D. Shore and Elisabeth (Elmore)
545. Turner Hudspeth and Sally (Shores)
546. Allen Woodruff and Celia
547. William Nichols and Martha
548. William Jinnings and Eliza
549. William Hurt and Franky (Frances Cockerham)
550. James Nichols and Nancy
551. Silas Pendry (Penwright) and Milly (Whitacre)
552. Anderson Jinnings and Lydia
553. William McBride and Elisabeth
554. Robert B. McGuire and Elisabeth
555. Matthew Whitlock and Catherine
556. Joseph Williamson
557. Moses Woodruff and Charity (Cockerham)
558. Jonathan Jones and (Hannah Jarvis)
559. John Reece and Elisabeth (Critchfield), d/o William Critchfield and Lydia Combs
560. Samuel Calloway and Rachel
561. William Dobbins, Jr. and Rebecca
562. William Dobbins Sr and Mary
563. William Whitaker and Martha
563. Agga Whitaker
564. Alvis Dobbins and Nancy D.
565. Isaac D. Wright and Love D. (Donge)
565. Elisabeth Douge
566. Abraham Dobbins and Catherine (Baker)
567. Joshua Dobbins and Susannah (Brucham)
568. Absalem Roby and Margaret
569. Nathan Dobbins and Veshti (Vestar Calloway)
570. Richard Hudson and Edna
571. Hadley Reynolds and Margaret (Martin)
571. George Reynolds
572. Daniel Calloway and Mary (Brown)
573. Joseph Brown and Elisabeth
574. Joshua Steelman and Cinthy
575. Daniel Ball and Rachel
576. John Angel and Kisiah (Davis)
577. Jones Davis and Axa
578. Catheine (Foote) Calloway (widow of Isaac Calloway)
579. Jon Waggoner and Mary (Polly Weatherman)
580. Jacob Brown and Elisabeth
581. James Vestal and Rebecca
582. Martha Morefield
583. Adam Morefield
585. Jacob Arnold and Susannah
586. John Briant and Caroline
587. Moses Briant and Margaret (Adams)
588. James Calloway and Sarah (Gross)
589. Elijah Carlton and Elisabeth
590. Agga Carlton
591. Amos Carlton and Lydia
592. Nancy Carter
593. William Brandle and Nancy
594. Moses Carlton and Mary
595. John Arnold and Phebe A. (Moorefield)
596. Joseph B. Moss and Mary
597. William Castevens and Lucinda
598. John Castevens and Elisabeth
599. Mekina Castephens and Elisabeth
599. Patience Castephens

600. Drury Eldridge and Sarah
601. Simon Gross and Dorinda M. (Pryor)
602. William Hutchens and Mary (Hobson)
603. Frederic Waggoner and Margaret (Swaim)
604. Lewis Shore and Mary
605. Henry Shore and Rachel (Parsons)
606. Alexander Vestol and Delina (Gross)
606. Martha Vestol
607. James Holcomb
607. Branch Holcomb and Sarah (Sally Arnold)
608. Adam Waggoner and Leah
609. Lewis Swaim and Milly
610. William S. Arnold and Adaline (Johnson Dickerson)
611. William Moore and Malinda
612. Joshua Carter and Sarah (Pinwright)
613. Joshua Sheek and Lucinda
614. James Weatherman
615. George Long
616. Nathan Long and Nancy (Ireland)
617. Rachel Gross
618. Sally Gross
619. George Holcomb and Anna (Lang/Long)
620. Thomas Gross and Rachel
621. Thomas Bates and Catharine
621. Lucinda Bates
622. Jacob Bates and Sarah
622. Susannah Bates
623. Thomas Gough
624. James H. Gough and Martha
625. Thomas Vestal and Grace (Swaim)
626. Nancy Nichols
627. John Hinshaw and Hannah (Carter)
628. Daniel Moxley and Mary
629. Thomas D. Cartwright
629. Absela Cartwright
630. Cinthy Gentry
631. Daniel Huff and Dinah
632. Joshua Huff and Susannah
633. Elisabeth Adams
634. John Cockram and Mary
635. George W. Greenwood and Elisabeth (Reece)
636. James Davis and Jane (Reece)
637. Nathan Reed and Mary
638. William Davis and Elisabeth
638. Mary (Polly Griner) Angel (widow of Rev. John Angel)
639. Samuel Benton
639. Mary Benton
640. Aquilla Spear and Elisabeth
641. George Colbert and Enice
642. Solomon J. (James) Cordle (Caudill) and Mary (Yarbrough)
643. Elie Reed and Sarah
644. Daniel Martin and Malinda (Reece)
645. Moses Cordle
646. John Crowell and Elisabeth
647. Moses Cordle
648. Aaron Cordle (Caudle) and Malinda (Grover)
649. Nicholas Johnson and Elisabeth (Bovender)
650. Caroline Shugart
651. Aquilla Spear and Caroline
652. Henry Brown and Mary
653. William Reed and Mary A.
653. Lewis Reed and Sarah
654. Levi Reece Jr. and Ruth
655. James Spear and Pricilla
656. Barsilla Spear and Susannah
657. William H. Spencer and Sarah (Davis)
658. Ruel R. Davis and Betty
659. Rececca Bohanan
660. William R. Davis and Margaret (Bohmon)
661. Jacob Davis and Lucy (Rose)
662. Samuel Reece and Malinda (Calloway)
663. Alfred Dollarhide and Temperance
664. Isaac Burch and Lucretia
665. John Burch and Besty (York)
666. Joseph Martin and Stacy
667. Joel Reece and Nancy
668. Elijah Donathan and Hannah
669. Thomas H. Reece and Leah (Greenwood)
670. John Reece and Mary
671. Isaac Davis and Eunice
672. Isam Doby and Elisabeth
673. Abraham L. Reece and Jane (York)
674. Martin Reece and Sarah A.
675. Daniel Reece and Sarah
676. John D. York and Mary (Fleming)
677. Thomas York and Christena (Panther)
678. Catherine York
679. James Thornton
679. Sarah Thornton
680. Simon Reece and Elisabeth (Woodhouse)
681. Henry May and Jane
682. Winston Fleming and Mary
683. Jesse Reece
684. Barnet Myres and Anna
685. Willie Reece and Almeda (Henshaw)
686. George Norman and Louisa
687. Isaac Stinson and Rachel
688. James Smith and Mary
689. Joseph Keys and Ruth
690. Dinah Bonanan
691. Anthony Woodhouse and Mirana
692. Moses Stinson and Elisabeth (Masters)
693. Abraham Reece and Mary (Huff)
694. Susan Baily
695. James Dickerson and Catharine (Logan)
696. Francis Willard and Sarah
697. Greenberry Patterson and Catharine
698. Elie Smith and Faith
699. Solomon Vestol and Nancy (Long)

700. Morgan Carlton and Nancy J.
701. Joel Whitehead and Margaret (Peggy Weatherman)
702. Isaac Patterson
703. James Sheek and Milly
704. Christian Sheeks and Elisabeth
705. Jacob Faircloth and Elisa (Cartwright)
706. Abednego Gentry and Sarah
707. John Holcomb and Fanny (Brittian)
708. James Bullard
709. Samuel Weatherman and Sally
710. Willie Long and Barsheba
711. Lydia Weatherman
712. John Long and Nancy
713. Johnathan Pendry and Elisabeth (Arnal)
714. Isaac Long and Rosannah (Steelman)
715. Michael Sprinkle and Margaret (Peggy Pendry)
716. Thomas Poteet and Rachel
717. William B. Long and Mary
718. James Williams and Elisabeth (Pierce?)
719. Brison Darnal and Julia
720. Jesse Casey and Martha (Margaret Windsor?)
721. Miles Wilcox
723. Alfred Martin and Sarah
724. John Hampton
724. Nelly Long
725. Sally Lawrence
726. Calvin S. Nix and Elisa (Houssy)
727. William Weatherman and Elisabeth (Rial)
728. Martha Weatherman
729. John L. Holcomb and Elisabeth (Long)
730. Joseph Reavis and Martha
731. Bartholomew Vestol and Martha (Patsy Davis)
732. Joshua Beeman and Sarah
733. William Helton and Eunice
734. Allen Helton and Onor (Ommey Davis)
735. William Carter and Elisabeth (Allin/Allen)
736. John Martin and Lucy (Hanes)
737. Daniel Long and Winney (Holcomb)
738. John Stone and Sarah (Ball)
739. Alexander Moore and Jane
740. Charles Reavis and Rebecca
741. Charles Steelman and Nancy (Reavis)
742. William Reavis and Jane (Steelman)
743. Patsey Wilds
744. Mary Pendry
745. Lodowick and Jane (Faircloth)
746. Riley Whitaker and Nancy (Willard)
747. William Whitaker and Sarah (Carter)
748. Harrison Daniel and Feriby
749. Henderson Sprinkle and Elisabeth (Whitaker)
750. Bloom Carlton and Elisabeth
751. Americus Carlton and Mary
752. George Waddle
753. Alexander Beason and Nancy
754. Abner Beason and Mary
755. David Suit and Nancy
756. Elisabeth Steelman
757. John Russell and Jemima
758. Doss Todd and Margaret
759. Thomas Todd and Mary (Polly Zachary)
760. Wesley Wooten
761. Charity Sprinkle
762. Robert Hair and Sarah
763. John Duglass and Jane
764. Rachel Gross
765. William Allgood and Sally
766. Benjamin Hacket and Tennessee
767. Robert Zachary and Elisabeth
768. Michal McCollom
768. Catharine McCollom
769. Sarah Sherman
769. Mary (Shore) Shermer (widow of Peter Shermer)
770. Peter Shermer and Elisabeth
771. Margaret (Groce) Shore (widow of John Shore)
772. John Shores and Leah
773. James Murphy and Jane
774. Royal Allgood and Mary (Faircloth)
775. Mary Russell
776. Jonathan Willard and Ksaiah (King)
777. Benjamin A. Cook and Mary
779. Miles Joiner
780. Joshua McKnight and Sarah
781. Caroline Dinkins
782. Joshua Steelman and Mary
783. Chapman Dinkins and Sally ("Lilly Bovender?)
784. William Dinkins and Cinthy
785. Samuel Dinkins and Rachel (Joyner)
786. Francis Dinkins and Mahala (Hutchens)
787. Harris (Horace) Maynard and Tennessee (Harvel)
788. Joseph Murph6 and Elisabeth (Betsy Wordine)
789. William Brown and Elisabeth
790. John H. Tapscott and Mary E. (Hobson)
791. Henry Dinkins and Elisabeth (Adams)
792. Charles Carter and Margaret (Eddleman)
793. Cephus Pilchard and Ruth (Carter)
794. John Murphy and Susannah
795. William Mitchell and Elisabeth
796. Sally Gregory
797. Alexander Myres and Sarah
798. Wiliam Spillman and Mary
799. John Spillman and Rachel

800. Samuel Speer

801. Samuel H. Speer and Rachel (Davis)
802. Ruth (Eddleman) Duglass, widow of William Duglass
803. Henry Dixon and Elizabeth Williams
804. Ann (Dixon) Steelman, widow of George Steelman
805. Peter Ectelman and Rebecca
806. James Welch and Mahala (Dixon)
806. Catharine Welch
807. John Stow and Rachel (Upthgrove)
808. Isaac and Susannah
809. William D. Philps
810. Patrick Hutchens and Nancy
811. Samuel Spillman and Ailey
812. Greenberry Hutchens and Charity (Borun)
813. Samuel Hutchens and Letta
814. Hesse Thorington and Elisabeth
815. James Forkner and Sarah
816. Patrick Hutchins
817. Juda (Reece) Hughs, widow of William Hughes
818. Hesakiah Williams and Nancy
819. Lydia (Carrender) Pilchard, widow of John Pilchard
820. Silva (Williams) Shugart, widow of Russell Shugart
821. Grimes/Graham Holcomb and Mary (Stickberger)
822. Joseph H. Carter and Abagail (Reynolds)
823. Eunice (Pilcher) Danner, widow of Thomas Alexander Danner, Sr.
824. Thomas Allen and Majiney
825. William Royal and Fanny (Holcomb)
826. Robert Whitaker and Catharine (Weatherman)
827. James Patterson and Elisabeth (Wiles)
828. William Patterson and Caroline (Mainard)
829. Strangeman Hutchens and Delana
830. William Swaim and Mary
831. T. C. Hauser and Mary L.
832. Elisabeth Russel
833. Jane Mainard
834. Isaac Cook and Margaret
835. Alvis Reece and Grace (Mackie)
836. Robert Mackey and Sarah
837. John Mackey Jr and Caroline
838. John Mackey and Mary
839. Pleasant Fiar and Elisabeth (Mackie)
840. Robert Mackey and Anna
841. John Davis and Rebecca
842. Benjamin Hutchens and Margaret
843. Isam Sizemore and Patience (Precilla Hamlin Reece)
844. Joel Sizemore and Jane
845. Merideth Farrington and Lydia
846. Joab Carter and Ruth (Davis)
847. Thomas Thornton and Elisabeth
848. Leander Shugart and Nancy A.
849. Dow Whitaker and Rhina (Fitzgerald)
850. Elen Mason
851. Patience Bonwell
852. William Mackey Jr and Luddy (Theresa M.Vestal)
853. Christian Royal and Rosanah
854. Ellis Sheek and Sarah (Sally Long)
855. John A. Long and Bethnia (Vestal)

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