Benjamin Vawter Family

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Children of Benjamin Vawter (1708/10-1736) (lived and died in Essex County, Va)
Richard Vawter (?-1798) (unproven)
Augustine Vawter (1728/29)
Elizabeth Vawter (ca. 1732-?) (unproven) m. Thomas Newman (1725-1777)

Essex Co. Deed 1745-1749 p. 29 This indenture made this 15th day of April in year of our Lord 1746 six witnesses, Thomas Waring, Benjamin Winslow, Wm. Roane, Wm. Daingerfield, Frances Waring & Samuel Hipkins, Gent. Justices of the peace of the county of Essex do by these presents bind Augustine Vawters of the Parish of St. Anns, son of Benjamin Vawters in the county of Essex deceased, an orphan of the age of seventeen years, as an Apprentice to Adam Linsley of the county of Caroline, Mill Wright, with him to dwell and serve during the full time and term of 4 years to commence from the day of the date hereof. Adam shall do his utmost endeavour to teach and instruct said Augustine the art and trade of Mill Wright and House Carpenter provide sufficeint cloathing meat drink washing and Lodging. Augustine and Adam doth bind himself his heirs firmly in the penal sum of twenty pounds sterling money of Great Britain. Signed Adam Lindsey & Augustine Vawter. Record 15 Apr 1746.

Next Generation:

Children of Richard Vawter
Richard Vawter (1762-?) m. Sally Vaughan
Edward Vawter (1764-aft. 1830) m. Phoebe Vawter (aft. 1760-?), d/o Angus Vawter and Anne Boulware
James Vawter (ca. 1766-?)
Margaret Vawter (ca. 1768) m. Mr. Anton
Mary Vawter m. Thomas Loving
Frankee Vawter (ca.1772-?)
Benjamin Vawter (ca. 1774-?) m. Bets


Children of Elizabeth Vawter and Thomas Newman
Leonard Newman
Thomas R. Newman
James Newman
Obediah Newman
Richard Newman
Robert Newman
Elizabeth Newman

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