Biographies of William Andrew, Drury Benjamin Wesley and John Richard Francis Wall

(Three brothers that died in the Civil War)

William Andrew Watkins Wall    was born in Halifax County, Virginia on November 6, 1840.  Early in his life, his family moved to Stokes County, NC where they farmed up to and during the War Between The States.  On March 19, 1862, at the age of 21, William enlisted as a private in the 52nd North Carolina Infantry, Company D (McCulloch’s Avengers).  William was listed as absent without leave on July 1, 1862 and family records show that he died at home in Stokes County on September 25, 1862.  The particulars of his absence do not exist and his cause of death has not been accounted for. However, it is believed that William was furloughed home after being stricken with one of the many diseases that devastated many North Carolina regiments during that terrible summer of 1862.  (Seventy-eight members of the 52nd North Carolina died of diseases between April 19 and September 27, 1862.)

Drury Benjamin Wesley Wall  was born in Halifax County, Virginia on July 16, 1842. Along with his brother, William, Drury helped his father on the family farm in Stokes County, NC.  Also, along with his brother William, he enlisted as a private in the 52nd North Carolina Infantry, Company D on March 19, 1862.  Drury fought with the 52nd North Carolina up to and including the Battle of Gettysburg.  He was shot in the leg on July 3, 1863 during the Pettigrew-Picket-Trimble Charge.  This injury resulted in an amputation.  On July 4, 1863, Drury was captured by Union troops.  After being sent to several Federal hospitals, he was finally confined at Point Lookout Prison, Maryland until being paroled and exchanged on March 20, 1864.  He received a furlough on March 31, 1864 and the Wall Family Bible lists his date of death as May 21, 1864 undoubtedly from either inadequate medical care or a disease contracted while in prison.

John Richard Francis Wall  was born on July 24, 1844.  Like his brothers before him, John enlisted as a private in the Confederate Army on February 20, 1863.  He fought with Company D of the 52nd North Carolina and survived the near destruction of the 52nd North Carolina at Gettysburg only to be taken prisoner near Falling Waters, Maryland on July 14, 1863.  In that action, the 52nd North Carolina, fighting with the rear guard of the Army of Northern Virginia, lost seventy-one men captured.  John was sent to Point Lookout, Maryland where he died on October 9, 1863 most likely from disease. He is buried in the cemetery at Point Lookout.

These three honored men were the brothers of my great-great grandmother, Mary Ann Elizabeth Wall Redman.  All three died as a result of the war.  (Contributed by Keith Redmon. Keith's email address is:


Stokes County Heritage Book and Vol. 1 of the State Troops and Volunteers, by Greg Mast.

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