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Ball Family

First Generation

Edward Ball (1670-1726), born in Virginia and died in Middlesex County, VA. He was married to Keziah Ozborne (1674-1736). Several of their children were baptized in Christ Church Parish, Middletown, Virginia:

Children of Edward Ball and Keziah Ozborne

Catherine Ball (1696-?) m. Thomas Keeling
Arthur Ball (1697-?)
Johannah Ball (1699-?) m. John Blake (Johannah Ball not mentioned in Christ Church Parish Records)
Edward Ball (1700/01) m. Sarah Owen (married, Christ Church Parish, 1724)
Elizabeth Ball (1704-?) m. Joseph Smith
Kezia Ball (1706-?) m. John Scanlon (Kezia Ball not mentioned in Christ Church Parish Records)
Mary Ball (abt. 1708)
Ann Ball (1710-1726) (Ann Ball not mentioned in Christ Church Parish Records)
Phoebe Ball (1711)
Daniel Ball (1713) m. Sarah Hackney
William Ball (1716)
Benjamin Ball (1719-1784) m. Ann Bowen

Second Generation

Children of Edward Ball and Sarah Owen
Clemence Ball (1726-1806) m. William Dulin (1720-1801) (Clemence baptized Christ Church Parish, 1726)
John Ball (1729-1752) m. Frances (John baptized Christ Church Parish, 1729)
Edward Ball (1732-1788) m. Elizabeth (Edward baptized Christ Church Parish, 1732)
William Ball (1739/40-1807) m. Hannah Smith
James Ball (1742-1794) m. Anna Chloe Smith


Children of Daniel Ball and Sarah Hackney
Daniel Ball (1745-1794) m. Elizabeth Osborne
Benjamin Ball (1742-bef. 1810) m. Ann McIntosh/McIntyre

Third Generation

Children of Daniel Ball and Elizabeth Osborne
Daniel Ball (1763-1844) m. Ann Jarvis (1761-1854) (is she a sister to James Jarvis, born in 1766?)
William Ball (1766-1844) m. Sarah Campbell
Osborn Ball (1768-1830) m. Mary Harp (one son, Warren Ball)
Elijah Ball (1768-?) m. Elizabeth Ransome
Mary (Fannie Ball) (?-bef. 1845) m. Moses Freeman (1774-1859), s/o of John Freeman Elizabeth Ball m. Fortner

Daniel Ball, born 1763, served with the United States during the Revolutionary War. He was drafted in December 1779, Franklin Co., NC under under Capt. Richard Ransome, Brigadier General Alexander Littington's command. Participating in the Battle of Camden. He married Ann Jarvis in Granville Co., NC in 1788

Fourth Generation

Children of Daniel Ball and Ann Jarvis
Jarvis (Jay) Ball (1789-abt. 1885) m. Elizabeth Davis (died in Buncombe Co., NC)
Hammoleketh Ball (1794) m. Nehimiah Blackstone
Amraphael (Raphael) Ball (1796) m. Elizabeth Holcombe; 2) Margaret Davis
Velda (Veldy) Ball (1797-1859) m. Thomas Gentry


Children of William Ball and Sarah Campbell
Sampson Harrison Ball (1789-1872) m. Rosanna Norman
Imlah Ball (1791-1874) m. 1) Lucy Johnson (died 1848); 2) Hannah Jarvis (1824-1855)
Elizabeth Ball (1793-abt. 1820) m. Charles Jarvis (m. in 1811)
Levi Ball (1795-1855) m. Alice Jarvis (1796-?)
Nancy Ball (1797-?)
Bariam Ball (1802-?) m. Elizabeth Rash (1804-?)
Mary Ball (1804-?) m. Iredell Previtt
Sarah Ball (1804-?)
Joel Ball (?-1843) m. Elizabeth Jarvis

Who is Javan Ball? He married Elizabeth Vicas in Wilkes Co., NC, Aug. 4, 1815.

Fifth Generation:

Children of Sampson Ball and Rosanna Norman
William J. Ball (1812-1870) m. Margaret Morris
Anna C. Ball (1814) m. Edison
Sarah Ball (1816-1889) m. John C. Gentry
Ruth M. Ball (1819) m. Thomas (Thad) Wooten
Elizabeth Ball (1819-1826)
James W. Ball (1821)
Elijah Young Ball (1822-1902) m. C. Fletcher
Mary Adeline Ball (1824-1902)
Margaret E. Ball (1825-1908) m. Aaron Frazier
Nancy Clementine Ball (1827-1889) m. James Taylor Myers, s/o Joseph Myers and Lydia Wallace
Daniel N. Ball (1831) m. 1) Minerva; 2) Nany Meyers
Thomas M. Ball (1834-1894) m. Mary Julie Lisenbee
Rebecca J. Ball (1841)


Children of Imlah Ball and 1) Lucy Johnson
Elsie "Alcey" Ball (1815-1899) m. Elijah Felts
Nancy Ball (1817-1892) m. 1) John Armstrong, 2) Pelag Pritchard
Edward Ball (1819-c1848) m. Matilda Wells-Barrett
Charles Ball (1821-1879) m. 1) Thurzia Jackson; 2) Miranda Adeline Atkinson
Imlah Ball (b. 1825) died in infancy
Lucy I. Ball (1824-1908) m. Robert Matthew Jackson
Sarah Ball (1827-1892) m. Larkin Ferguson
Hannah Arminta Ball (1830-1896)


Children of Imlah Ball and 2) Hannah Jarvis
James Alexander Ball (1836-1915) m. Hester Anne Jones (1840-1915)
William C. Ball (1838-1859)
Elizabeth Ellen Ball (1841-1925) m. Jonathan P. Gray (1837-1886)
Mary A. Ball (1844-1845)
Tabitha Jane Ball (1846-1880) m. John W. Sheets (1843-?)


Children of Levi Ball and Alice Jarvis
John Ball (1824-bef. 1880) m. Paulina (Lina) Davis (abt. 1835-?)
Elizabeth Ball
Alcy Ball
Nancy Ball (1828-1885) m. Moses Mony (1829-1910)
Cynthia Ball (1830)
Mary Ball (1832) m. Abner Anderson
Lucy Ball (1834) m. Abram Previtt
Tabitha Ball (1836) m. Miles Nathan Gregory
Rachel Ball (1840)
Levi Ball (abt. 1844-1865, NY)


Children of Bariam Ball and Elizabeth Rash
John Ball (1832-?)
Miles W. Ball (1835-?)
William H. Ball (1837-?)

Children of Joel Ball and Elizabeth Jarvis
Alsie Ball
Mandy Ball
Noah Ball (1825-1906) m. Mary Ann Freeman
Nancy Ball (1828) m. Andrew Freeman
Merinda Ball (1832) m. James Lunsford
Celia Anne (Senia) Ball (1831-1860) m. Daniel A. Payne (m. in 1851)
James Manley Ball (1836-1914) m. Sarah (Sally) Lunsford

After Joel Ball's death, his widow Elizabeth Jarvis Ball married Moses Freeman.

Sixth Generation:

Children of John Ball and Paulina/Lina Davis
Levy Ball (1860)
Nancy Ball (1865)
Sarah Ball (1868)
Mary Elizabeth Ball (1871-1943) m. Noah James Jarvis (abt. 1888-1944)
Lucy Elvira Ball (1871-1957)
Mindy Ball (1873)


Children of Nancy Ball and Moses Mony
Nancie Almedia Money (1867-1959) m. Lewis Worth Nicholson


Children of Daniel A. Payne and Celia Anne (Senia) Ball
William Franklin Payne (1852-?) m. 1) Susan Freeman; 2) Harriet Ramsey
Joel Jeptha Payne (1853-1946) m. 1) Amanda Amaretta Henderson; 2) Nancy Sereptia (Price) Brown
John Wilkerson Payne (1855-1941) m. 1) Emily Forrester; 2) Louisa Rinda Frisbee
James M. Payne (1857-?) m. 1) Susan Rector; 2) Florence Marlor


Children of Nancy Clementine Ball and James Taylor Myers
Leorida Marion (Lee) Myers (1855)
Martha E. Myers (1856)
Laura "Larra" E. Myers (1858)
Columbus Washington Myers (1859-1924) m. Sophronia Elizabeth Burrell (born in Wilkes Co., NC)
Sampson L. (Samp) Myers (1861)
James C. (Bud) Myers (1866) m. Sally (born in Buncombe Co., NC)

Seventh Generation

Children of Joel Jeptha Payne and 1) Amanda Amaretta Henderson
Daniel Herbert Payne (1878-1964) m. 1) Bessie Prator; 2) Queenie; 3) Rose
Mary Lucinda Jane Payne (1880-1966) m. John Parker
Julia Orlina Matilda Payne (1883-1958) m. Charles Evans
Margaret Evalina Belzora Payne (1886-1983) m. Edward Decatur Smelser
John Leonard Wilkinson Payne (1889-1964) m. Effie Marie Johnson
Joel Jeter Armstrong Payne (1897-1970) m. Marie Wolfe (1900-1986)


Children of Joel Jeptha Payne and 2) Nancy Sereptia Price
Ranous Lee Grace Payne (1911-1993) m. Kenneth Edward Kirkpatrick
Lee Otis Payne (1914-1915)
Lloyd Hollis Payne (1916-1968)


Christ Church Parish, Virginia Births, 1653-1812

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