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Holder Family of Wilkes County

Dempsey Holder was born abt. 1765 in NC, possibly present day Surry or Wilkes County. He was married twice. The name of his first wife remains unknown. At the age of 60 (in 1825) he married Mary "Polly" Barnett who was 18 years old. It is possible that Dempsey was the son of William Holder who was living on Fishing Creek in Wilkes Co by 1779.

First Generation:

Children of Dempsey Holder and his first wife
Elijah Holder (abt.1796) m. Polly Simmons
Elizabeth Holder (abt.1796) m. Thomas Simmons
Nancy A. Holder (abt. 1802) m. James Barnett (Polly's brother)
James Holder (abt.1804) m. Elizabeth Paisley
Unidentified dau. (abt.1806)
Martha Holder (abt.1808) m. Joel Roberts
William Holder (abt.1810) m. Charity Church
Frances Holder (abt.1813) unmarried but had five children
Unidentified son born abt. 1815

Cindy Holder Owens is interested in corresponding with anyone researching the line of Dempsey Holder, especially James Holder and his wife, Elizabeth Paisley. Cindy's e-mail address is:lcowens@peaknet.net


Children of Dempsey Holder and Mary "Polly" Holder, d/o John and Sarah Barnett
Elmira (Mira) Holder (abt. 1828) m. Thomas Hall (1806) (a widower by 1855)
Lewis Holder (abt. 1831) m. 1) Mary A. Kirby; 2) Mary Elvira Barlow
Martha Caroline Holder (abt. 1852) m. Henry Pennell (1853)


Second Generation:

Children of Elijah Holder and Polly Simmons
Jane C. Holder
Mary Ann Holder m. William Holder, son of James
Appoline Holder
James Holder
Sarah C. Holder m. Epharim Minish (m. 27 Mar 1861)


Children of Elizabeth Holder and Thomas Simmons
unidentified son
Thomas L. Simmons
Martha Simmons
Polly A. Simmons
James Simmons
Jane Simmons m. Henry Green Hall


Children of Nancy A. Holder and James Barnett
Walter Barnett
unidentified son
Louisa Barnett
John Barnett
Elijah Barnett
Sarah Barnett


Children of James Holder and Elizabeth Paisley
Cynthia Holder (1824) m. Franklin West (?-1919)
William Holder (1827) m. Mary Ann Holder (his cousin)
Hezekiah Holder (1829) m. Mary Tomlin
Sarah Holder (1832) m. James Robertson
Lucinda Caroline Holder (1834) m. Sylvanus Dula (1832)
James Calvin Holder (1838) m. Elizabeth Friddle
Alexander Holder (abt. 1842)
Temperance Holder (abt. 1846)


Children of William Holder and Charity Church
Larkin Holder (abt. 1834)
John Holder (abt. 1838) m. Amanda Nichols
William Holder (abt. 1845)
Mary Holder (abt. 1845)
Martha J. Holder (abt. 1851)


Children of Frances Holder
Polly Holder (abt. 1832) possibly married Francis Melton
Sarah Holder (abt. 1837)
William Henderson Holder (1841-1928) m. Eloise Dula (1844-1910)
Hamilton Holder (ca 1843)
Harriet Holder (abt. 1847)
Note: Wm. Henderson Holder was one of the men that found the body of Laura Foster after Tom Dooley/Dula killed her.


Children of Elmira (Mira) Holder (before her marriage to Thomas Hall)
Mary Holder (abt. 1848)
Martha Holder (abt. 1851)


Children of Lewis Holder and 1) Mary A. Kirby
Martha Caroline Holder (1852) m. Henry Pennell


Children of Lewis Holder and 2) Mary Elvira Barlow
Sarah Holder (abt. 1855) did not marry
Jane Mary Holder (1856) m. 1) Samuel D. Sharpe; 2) J M Allen
James Granville Holder (1862) m. Lorenzo M. Robbins
William Rufus Holder (1866) m. Elizabeth Jemima Bean
George Simpson Holder (1868) m. Martha Ellen Winkler
Joel Boone Holder (1871) m. 1) Dora Cope; 2) Virginia Turner; 3) unknown Lay
Lucy E. Holder (1875) m. Thomas Bartlett Swanson
Clara Ann Holder (1876) m. George Wellington Winkler
Thomas L. Holder (1878) m. Cordie Smith
Julia S. Holder (1880) m. S. Sherrill Barnette

Third Generation:

Children of William Henderson Holder and Eloise Dula (lived Caldwell Co. NC)
Emma L. Holder (1867-1953)
Thomas E. Holder (1869_1953)
Mary Elena Holder (1871-1899) m. Finley Horton Jones (1865_1901)
William Hill Holder 1873-1954) m. Ruth Frances Sharpe (1880-1897)
Kiter Holder (1876-1962)

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Bunches of Barlows, written by John Hawkins and Elizabeth H. Michaels

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