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Holsclaw Family of Wilkes County

First Generation

Children of John Holsclaw (abt.1817-1860) m. Charlotte Barlow
Nancy Holsclaw (abt.1842) m. Jesse R. Reed
Thomas Leroy Holsclaw (abt. 1844) m. Camilla Coffey
Mary Holsclaw (abt.1847-1860/1870) did not marry
Martha Holsclaw (abt.1847) m. George W. Walker
Sarah Holsclaw (abt.1849) m. William Franklin Coffey (married abt. 1873)
Elijah Holsclaw (abt.1852) m. Betsy Pusser
John F. Holsclaw (abt.1855) m. Elmira Pennell
Dicey Lavinia Holsclaw (abt.1857)
Tilford Holsclaw (abt.1860) m. Susan Pennell

(Note: Parrish Barlow, father of Charlotte Barlow, was tried and acquitted for the murder of his wife, Mary, in 1828. It is said that he killed her in a fit of insanity. No further record has been found. In 1830 and later, his chidren are living in the homes of different relatives.)

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