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Melton Family

1840 Montgomery County, NC, Henry Melton, age 20-30, two males under 5 and one female 20-30. This appears to be our Henry Melton. In the same district are Jeptha Melton and John Melton.

Henry Milton/Melton and his family were living in Wilkes County, NC by 1850. According to census records, Henry was born in "Greenvill" (Greensville Co., VA) and his wife, Elizabeth, was born in Wilkes County. Their closest neighbors are Hamilton Brown who is a farmer and Samuel Steelman whose occupation is hatter.

Children of Henry Melton (1813-bef. 1860) and Elizabeth Russell? (1813-aft. 1880)
Francis Augustus Melton (1836-aft. 1880) m. Mary Paulina (Polly) Holder (1833-1907),
d/o James Holder and Elizabeth Paisley (lived in Caldwell Co., NC)
James G. Melton (1838-aft. 1880) m. 1) Angeline P. Triplett (known as Anny Foster) (abt. 1842-aft 1870),
d/o Carlotta (Lotty) Triplett (also known as Lottie Foster (abt. 1820-aft. 1870); 2) Louisa Gilbert (1838-aft. 1880),
d/o Margaret Hall and James Gilbert
Sarah (Sally) Melton (1842) (at home in 1860) m. Bennett Hall Walsh, s/o Melvin W. Walsh and Sarah (Sally) Foster
Alexander (Allen) Melton (1845) (at home in 1850)

Second Generation

Children of Francis Augustus Melton and Mary Holder
Sarah A. Melton (1858) m. James W. Barlow
Julius D. Melton (1860-aft. 1920) m. Julia E. Barlow (abt. 1877-aft. 1920)
James William Melton (1866-aft. 1920; bef. 1930) m. Mary Ellen Tunmire (1877-1971) (living in Caldwell Co., NC 1920)
Henry Oliver Melton (1868-1945) m. Sallie Jane Hudson (1882-1970), d/o Samuel Hudson and Caroline Earp (lived in Caldwell Co., NC, 1920)
Almeda Melton (1869-?) m. John R. Barlow
Calvin J. Melton (1872-1945) m. Mary Eleanor Henley (1878-?) (lived in Yadkin Co., NC, 1920)
Elizabeth J. Melton (1872-1916) m. Clarence Crotts
Ada L. Melton (1874) m. John Long
Lindsey Hill Melton (1876-1959) m. Cora Ann Sides (1886-aft. 1920) (lived in Caldwell Co., NC 1920)


Children of James G. Melton and 1) Angeline P. Triplett-Foster
Martha Jane Melton (1861-aft. 1930) m. Edmund Columbus Allen (1856-1944)
Ida V. Melton (1871)

James Melton married Anny Foster (aka Angeline P. Triplett Foster) on June 22, 1859 in Wilkes County, NC
W. T. Ferguson, Bondsman. Bond #: 000166608

Both Anny Foster Melton and her cousin, Laura Foster, were involved with Tom Dula. Laura was knifed through the heart and buried in a shallow grave. Ann spent two years in prison and Tom Dula was hanged. Ann Triplett-Foster Melton was found not guilty, probably because of a note that Tom Dula wrote in his jail cell the night before his hanging which implied that no one, except himself, had a hand in Laura Foster's killing.

Children of James G. Melton and 2) Louisa Gilbert
Margaret E. (Maggie) Melton (1876)
James (Jimmy) H. Melton (1878)

In 1870 Louisa Gilbert was residing in the household of her uncle, Rufus D. Hall. (Louisa's mother, Margaret Hall and Margaret's brother, Rufus D. Hall, are two of the five illegitimate children born to Judith Hall.) Also living in the same household is Ellen Gilbert who is 8 years of age. Ellen appears to be the daughter of Louisa. After Louisa married James Melton, Ellen remained in the household of Rufus D. Hall at least until 1880. (James Melton living in Caldwell Co., NC, 1880. Included in his household are Margaret Hall Gilbert, mother-in-law and Delia Gilbert, sister-in-law.)

Third Generation

Children of Henry Oliver Melton and Sallie Jane Hudson
Finley Melton (1903-1994)
Russell Melton (abt. 1910-aft. 1930)
Calbrea? Melton (abt. 1914-aft.1930)
Manley Melton (abt. 1916)
John Melton (abt. 1919)
Clarence Melton (abt. 1923)

Henry and Sallie Jane Melton divorced before 1930.


Children of James William Melton and Mary Ellen Tunmire
William E. Melton (abt. 1897)
Steele F. Melton (1899-1992) m. Bertha
Francis W. Melton (abt. 1902-1988) m. Florence M. Eller (1906-1975)
Lucille Melton (abt. 1904)
Richard C. Melton (1907-1985)
Thomas Melton (1910-1988)
Arnis E. Melton (abt. 1913)
Mildred C. Melton (abt. 1917)
James Melton (abt. 1919)


Children of Calvin J. Melton and Mary Eleanor Henley
R. Clarence Melton (abt. 1907)
John M. Melton (1909-1979)
Charles E. Melton (1912-1996)
Roy C. Melton (1914-1982)
Harold E. Melton (abt. 1918)
James C. Melton (abt. 1921)

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