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Wiles Family of Wilkes County, North Carolina

Abraham Wiles, son of Abraham and Mary Wiles, was a private in the Flying Camp Battalion of the Delaware Blues of the Delaware Line during the American Revolution and lived in Kent County, Delaware. Abrahm Wiles eventually settled his family in the Wiles Ridge community, south of Traphill in Wilkes County, NC. In 1818 he was awarded a Bounty Land Warrant of 640 acres of land and a pension of $92.00 per year. Abraham married Winnie Auberry. Winnie died before 1820, her parents are not known. Both are buried in an unmarked grave in the family cemetery.

First Generation

Children of Abraham Wiles and Winnie Auberry
Elizabeth (Betsy) Wiles (1800) m. Charles Adams (Betsey had 3 children before her marriage in 1835)
John Wiles (abt.1802) m. Sarah or Nancy
William Wiles (1805-1862) m. Nancy Richardson (1806-aft.1860), d/o Joseph Richardson
Susannah (Suekey) Wiles (1804) m. Thomas Burchfield (m. 1821)
Rachel Wiles (abt.1807-aft.1860) m. Levi Waddell (1795-aft.1860)
Evan Wiles (1809-aft. 1850) m. Mary (Polly) Prevette (1809-1894), d/o of Williford Prevette and Susannah Durham
Thomas Wiles (abt.1811-aft. 1850) m. Elizabeth Ellis

Second Generation

Children of Elizabeth Wiles
Winnie Matilda Wiles (1820-1879) m. John Thompson Buttery (1817-1912)
(Winnie and John Buttery lived in the Traphill Township of Wilkes County, NC)


Children of John Wiles and Sarah, Nancy, or Mary? Rebecca Wiles (abt 1842-aft. 1860) Children of William Wiles and Nancy Richardson
Wilborn Wiles (1830-1897) m. Mary Ann (Elizabeth?) Walker (1833-1874)
Joseph Wiles (1832-1914) m. Dinah Combs (abt. 1829-aft. 1880) (m. 1854)
Sarah Wiles m. Felix Brewer (m. 1859)
Mary (Nancy) Wiles (1844) m. Gillispie
William D. Wiles Jr. (1842-1864) (died during the Civil War)
Winnie Wiles (1847) m. James Paris Walters


Children of Evan Wiles and Mary (Polly) Prevette
Elizabeth Wiles (1831-1916) m. Jeremiah Salmons
Ambrose Wiles (1832-1913) m. Rebecca M. Garner (1839), d/o of William Garner and Sarah Lee
Elvira Wiles (1835-1927) m. Spencer Blackburn (1831-1919), s/o Eli A. Blackburn and Mary Caudill
Malinda Wiles (1837-1891) m. 1) James Brewer (1840-1862), s/o of Joel Brewer and Nancy Adams, 2) John W. Emerson
Emaline Wiles (1840) m. Elisha Porter (1838)
Hiram Wiles (1843-1914) m. Sarah Ann Brewer
Alexander Adolphus Wiles (1845-1926) m. Martha James (lived in Ashe County, NC)
John W. Wiles (1853-1929) m. 1) Martha Emerson; 2) Elizabeth Wilcox

My mother told me that one of her ancestors, she wasn't sure who, did not get along with his in-laws and had had disagreements with them and his wife over politics, among other things, (this was 1859, and a lot of families had disagreements that year) and had a big argument with them one night. The next morning he went out to feed the hogs and never returned.  She understood that he had gone to Washington State and that he did well and raised another family there.

Evan Wiles was 50 years old and he left a wife and eight children. The oldest child was 29 and the youngest was six. According to my mother's story, he got in touch with someone in Wilkes County the year that the youngest son was 21 (about 1874) and arranged for him to bring the young man down to Salisbury, N.C. to meet him. This man and the boy made the trip. But because the roads were a sea of mud, they were a day or so late getting there. The boy's dad was gone. But he had left him a vehicle and a matched team of horses.


Children of Thomas Wiles and Elizabeth (Besty) Ellis
Abraham Wiles (abt. 1835-aft. 1850)
Louisa Wiles (abt. 1837-aft. 1850)
Winney Wiles (abt. 1841-aft. 1850)
Lottie Wiles (abt. 1843-aft. 1850)
Drew? Wiles (abt 1846-aft. 1850)

Third Generation

Children of Winnie Matilda Wiles
Eleanor Wiles (abt. 1842-aft. 1850)

Children of Winnie Matilda Wiles and John Thompson Buttery
unknown twins (abt. 1850)


Children of Joseph Wiles and Dinah Combs
Joseph L. Wiles (abt. 1863-aft. 1880)
Mary Ann Wiles (abt. 1864-1880)
Cora D. Wiles (abt. 1865-aft. 1880)
Wilborn Wiles (abt. 1868)
Rebecca Wiles (abt. 1871)
Ambrose Wiles (abt. 1874)


Children of Wilborn Wiles and Mary Ann (Elizabeth?) Walker
Robert M. Wiles (1857-1932) m. Angeline Wheatley (1858-1929)
Alice Carolina Wiles (1866-1924) m. Columbus Walker
Jessie Franklin Wiles (1861-aft. 1880) m. Frances Pamelia Springer (moved to Texas)
James Oscar Wiles (1865-1942) m. Martha Ann Walker
Joseph Thomas Wiles (1869-1946) m. Rebecca Jane Waddell
Ambrose Wiles (1871-1949) m. Alice Prevette


Children of Ambrose Wiles and Rebecca M. Garner
Sarah A Wiles (abt. 1859)
Mary A. Wiles (abt. 1861)
William A. Wiles (abt. 1863-aft. 1880)
Rebecca E. Wiles (abt. 1867-aft. 1880)
Evan Wiles (1869-aft. 1880)
Grant Wiles (abt. 1871-aft. 1880)
Isaac S. Wiles (abt. 1879)


Children of Hiram Wiles and Sarah Ann Brewer
James Monroe Wiles (1872-1931) m. 1) Cora Shepherd (?-1899), d/o Jordan A. Shepherd and Suzannah E. Hall; 2) Frances Elizabeth Johnson (1874-1929), d/o William (Billy) Johnson

Fourth Generation

Children of Robert M. Wiles and Angeline Wheatley
Mary Ann Wiles (1878-1953) m. Issac W. Pruitt (1869-1942), s/o Hardin Pruitt and Lucinda Brooks
Martha Ann Clemetine Wiles (1879) m. Charlie Walter Pruitt (1877)
Beatrice Wiles (1899) m. John Granville Billings (1891), s/o James Oscar Billings and Phoebe Cansadie Smoot
Cicero Wiles (1881) m. Dora Blackburn
Pearl V. Garris Wiles (1888) m. Walter Gentry
Lura Wiles (1886) m. Luther Chipman
Dora Wiles (1884) m. James Wood


Children of James Monroe Wiles and 1) Cora Shepherd
John Hobart Wiles (1896-1920)
Ollie Mae Wiles (1898-1981) m. William Dawsy Weston (1898-1975), s/o William Francis Weston and Arminda Privett. 

John Holbart was shot and killed on July 18, 1920 by a deputy sheriff at Killarney, West Virginia, a little coal-mining town that no longer exists. It was located in the mountains west of Beckley. He never married. He was buried at Round Mountain Baptist Church.


Children of James Monroe Wiles and 2) Frances Elizabeth Johnson
Robert Percy Wiles (1902-1958) m. Ethel June (Gregory) Hall, d/o John Gregory,
(Ethel taught at Mountain View School in Wilkes Co., NC)
Flora Wiles (1904-1988) m. Roosevelt Wood (1899-1986)
William (Willy) Monroe Wiles (1906-1926)
Bura Ray Wiles (1909-1978) m. Carrie Poe (1911-1948)
Eunice Juanita Wiles (1914-1990) m. Paul Jones Johnson (1915-1994), s/o Ambrose S. Johnson and Ora Pendry

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Bill Weston provided the great story about Evan Wiles and the line of Hiram Wiles. Bill would like to correspond with anyone interested in this Wiles family. Bill's e-mail address is: WestonWF@aol.com

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