Jarvis and Harper Family Reunion - 1937

James Edward Jarvis Home

First Row
1 and 2 - two men standing with long over coats
3. man sitting with hand on next shoulder
4. man holding hat
5. man with light overcoat, lock of hair on forehead
6. man in 3-piece suit, dark overcoat, possibly holding cigar
7 James Lewis Jarvis (1915-1986) light overcoat and hat
8. William Lindsay Vogler (1916-1980)
9. man in striped tie
10. man smoking cigar
11. Austin McGuire
12. (small child)
14. Roy Franklin Jarvis (1917-1992)
15. William Tennyson Jarvis (born 1919, still living)
16. man holding child
17. (small child)
18. Jim Simmons

Second Row

1 woman standing, black coat with fur trim
2. woman standing, white sweater
3. woman sitting, black hat
4. woman sitting, black hat
5. woman sitting, fur
7. Lillian Catherine Jarvis Vogler (1882-1958)
8. Gladys Ketner Jarvis
9. Laura Elizabeth Jarvis Craft (1886-1972)
10. child
11. woman, black hat
12. James Monroe "Plough Boy" Jarvis (1857-1947)
13. James Edward Jarvis (1850-1941)
14. Harper
15. Harper
16. Harper, holding child
17. child with hand to face
18. Harper
19. man in leather coat
20. man with black hat, black coat, wearing glasses
21. man with hat standing behind man wearing glasses
22. young man with short jacket
23. woman with fur
24.young man with knickerbockers
25. man with newspaper under arm
26 and 27 - 2 tall men standing, behind and to left of man holding newspaper

Third Row

1. man's profile, standing behind #1 in second row
2. woman, standing between # 1 & #2 in second row
3. man with light colored hat
4. woman, standing behind woman in white sweater
5. another woman, standing behind woman in white sweater
6. man peeking over shoulder of woman
7. woman in large hat
8. woman in small dark hat
9. woman in coat with large lapels
10. woman peeking over woman with large lapels
11. small woman smiling
12. John Franklin Jarvis (1890-1976)
13. Harold Curtiss Jarvis (born in 1922, still living)
14. child peeking over Harold's shoulder
15. Doris Louise Craft Austin (1919-1993)
16. Billie Swaim Craft
17. Margaret Craft Simmons, woman in coat with large lapels
18. small man in black hat
19. woman in black hat with flowers
20. woman in black hat
21. woman in black hat
22. woman in black hat, white ribbon
23. man standing behind woman with white ribbon on hat
24. Kate Lowder Jarvis (1896-1974)
25. man standing in front of right porch post
26. man with mustache
27. man
28. woman peeking over shoulder of man in leather coat
29. young man, dark hair
30 man sitting in front of the young man with dark hair, the man has on white hat
31. man in hat, standing behind man with hat and glasses
32. woman with fur on coat

Fourth Row left side of porch

1. young man holding left porch post
2. young child being held by
3. John Raymond Jarvis (1924-2003)
4. Thurman Lowder Jarvis (1927-2003)
5. man in hat
6. young boy in dark shirt
7. young boy with dark hair
8. woman in light colored coat, smiling
9. woman in dark colored coat, something white on her dark hat
10. young boy with dark shirt

Fourth Row (standing between posts)

1. dark overcoat and hat
2. woman
3. man
4. Gladys Craft Huffman, woman with fur
5. young girl behind woman with fur
6. woman with dark coat and dark dress
7. young girl with heavy coat and possibly hat (standing center of the right-center post)
8 and 9 standing on back row 2 men between center posts

Fourth and Fifth Row (left side of porch)
16 persons - none have been identifed

If you can identify anyone on this photograph, please contact Faye Jarvis Moran. faye@fmoran.com
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