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Bagge Family

First Generation

The brothers Nicholas Lorenz and Traugott Bagge were born in Gothenburg, Sweden, sons of Lorenz and Anna Margaretha (Calms) Bagge, and were both prominent members of the early Wachovia community. Nicholas Lorenz arrived in NC in 1764 but returned to Pennsylvania in 1784. He was a Moravian minister, and is often referred to in the church records as "Brother Lorenz." He married Elizabeth Burstler (1733-1778) in PA in 1773 and brought her back to NC in that year. After her death in 1778, he married Maria Leibert (1739-1782), widow of Gottlieb Fockel. In August 1780 Maria gave birth to twins, one of whom died the next year. Maria herself died in October 1782. Nicholas married a third time: the will of Abraham Hessler, written in December 1796, refers to his sister Anna Benigna, widow of Nicholas Lawrence Bagge of Lebanon PA. When did this marriage take place, when did Nicholas return to Pennsylvania, and when did he die?

Traugott Bagge (1729-1800) was one of the original shareholders for the purchase of the Wachovia tract. He came to NC with his wife Rahel or Rachel Nicholson (1734-1799) in 1768, and served the community as a merchant, the storekeeper of Bethabara. During the period of the Revolutionary War, he was the business leader of the community, and after the war served as a member of the N.C. Assembly (Records of the Moravians in NC 1:372). Traugott Bagge also fathered twins, Benjamin Samuel who died of diphtheria at age 16, and Charles Friedrich, whose somewhat turbulent life is described in an article by Frances Griffin, "Charles Friedrich Bagge, Memoirs of a Maverick" (Three Forks of Muddy Creek IV, 1-10.)

Second Generation

Children of Nicholas Lorenz Bagge and Elisabeth Burstler
Susanna Elisabeth Bagge

Children of Nicholas Lorenz Bagge and Maria Leibert
Johann Lorenz Bagge (1780-1781)
Maria Christina Bagge (1780-?)


Children of Traugott Bagge and Rahel Nicholson
*Anna Elisabeth Bagge (1769-1792) m. Samuel Benjamin Vierling (1790-1817)
Maria Rachel Bagge (b. & d. 1773)
Benjamin Samuel Bagge (1775-1792)
Charles Friedrich Bagge (1775-1837) m. 1) Christine Holder (1778-1830), 2) Anna Maria Schnall (1796-1861)

*When Anna Elisabeth Bagge died (in the same diphtheria epidemic that killed her brother Benjamin), she left an infant daughter, Maria Rosina Vierling. Maria Rosina was sent by her grandfather Traugott Bagge to Bethlehem PA to boarding school in 1799, and remained there, eventually marrying Owen Rice. Traugott Bagge's will created a trust fund for her education in Bethlehem.

Third Generation

Children of Charles Friedrich Bagge and Christine Holder
Anna Elisabeth Bagge (1802-1803)
Charles Nicholson Bagge (1804-1817)
Eliza Bagge (1806-1826) did not marry
Rebecca Matilda Bagge (ca. 1808-?) m. August Heinrich Schulz (1806-1885), moved to Pennsylvania
Carolina Belinda Bagge (1810-1812)
Lucinda Frederica Bagge (1815-1872) did not marry
Antoinette Louisa Bagge (1818-1849) m. Samuel Ephraim Brietz (1817-1844)


Griffin, Frances, "Charles Friedrich Bagge, Memoirs of a Maverick", Three Forks of Muddy Creek IV, 1-10.

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 11 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

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