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Billingsley Family of Calvert and St. Mary's County, Maryland

First Generation:

Children of John Billingsley and Frances Acton
Francis Billingsley (ca. 1549, England-aft. 1623, England) m. Bridgett Vernon

Second Generation:

Children of Francis Billingsley and Bridgett Vernon
John Billingsley (ca. 1587, County Salop, England-bef. 1659, Holland) m. Agatha

Third Generation:

Children of John Billingsley and Agatha
Francis Billingsley (1620, County Salop, England - ?, Richmond Co. Va) m. Ann

Fourth Generation:

Children of Francis Billingsley and Ann
John Billingsley (1647-1693) m. Sarah Ann (1652, VA-?)

Who are Francis and Susanna Billingsley, parents of Rebecca Billingsley, born March 23, 1671, West River Monthly Meeting Records?

Fifth Generation:

Children of John Billingsley and Sarah Ann
Francis Billingsley
John Billingsley (?-1686) m. Mary (1669-1709/1710)
William Billingsley (1670-1716) m. Clearanna Bowles (ca. 1667-1717)
Sarah Agatha Billingsley (1672/73-?)
Elizabeth Billingsley (1675-1752)
Susannah Billingsley (1678/1679-?)
Walter Billingsley (1685-aft. 1734)

Sixth Generation:

Children of William Billingsley and Clearanna Bowles
William W. Billingsley (1691,Calvert Co. MD - bef. 1745, St. Mary's Co, MD) m. Mary Sumner (1695-?)
Clearanna Billingsley (1693-aft. 1734) m. Gilly
Bowles Billingsley (1694-bef. 1745) m. Rachel (?-aft. 1745)
Samuel Billingsley (1696-?) m. 2) Mary Wilmouth (widow)
Ann Elizabeth Billingsley (1699?)

Seventh Generation:

Children of William W. Billingsley and Mary Sumner
Mary Sumner Billingsley (1718-?) m. John Wood (2 daughters, names unknown)
William Billingsley (1720-aft. 1745)
John Billingsley (1723-bef 1745) (not mentioned in father's will)
Ann Billingsley (1723/24-?) m. Henry Hardesty (bef. 1745)
James Billingsley (1726-1776 Guilford Co NC) m. Elizabeth Crabtree (1726-1839)
Margaret Billingsley (1728/29-?)
Clearanna (Clare) Billingsley (1734/35-aft 1745)
Francis Billingsley (1734/1735-aft 1745) m. Asenath Howell
Siare Billingsley (1737/38-aft. 1745)
Elizabeth Billingsley (1740-aft. 1745)

Click Here for William Billingsley's Will, 1745, St. Mary's County


Children of Samuel Billingsley and Mary Wilmouth (widow)
Basil Billingsley (1742, St. Mary's Co, MD-?) (moved to Rowan County, NC)

Eighth Generation:

Children of James Billingsley and Elizabeth Crabtree
Samuel Billingsley (1747-1816,TN) m. Mary Griffith (1753-1838)
James Billingsley (1749-?)
Elizabeth Billingsley (1751-?) m. Teldeau Lane
John Billingsley (1754, St. Mary's County, MD-1844, KY) m. Jean Milsap (?-1842, KY)
Claranna Billingsley (1756-?) m. William Hamer
William Henry Billingsley (1758-?)
Martha Billingsley (1760-1786) was second wife to William Hamer
Walter Billingsley (1761-aft.1838)
Bazil Billingsley (1764-?)
(Note: James Billingsley (Sr.) was killed by the Tories in 1776)

Ninth Generation:

Children of Samuel Billingsley and Mary Griffith
James Billingsley (1772) died in infancy
Mary Billingsley (1773)
Samuel Billingsley (1775) m. Nancy Mulkey
William Billingsley (1779) m. Mary
Jeptha Billingsley (1780, NC) m. 1) Miriam Randolph, 2) Agnes P. Britton
John Billingsley (1781, NC-1856, TN) m. 1) Martha Blackwood (1786-1829),
2) Jane Hoodenpile (1812-?), d/o Philip Hoddenpile, a native of Holland
Thomas Billingsley (1782)
Amanda Billingsley (1784)
Elizabeth Billingsley (1786) (twin)
Elijah Billingsley (1786) (twin)
Sarah Billingsley (1788)
Nancy Billingsley (1790)


Children of John Billingsley and Jean Milsap
Sarah Billingsley (1773) m. Alexander Hale (1768-1862)
Jessie Billingsley
Elizabeth Billingsley
James Billingsley m. Rebecca Hale
Thomas Billingsley (1781-aft. 1852) m. 1) Rebecca Crawford (ca.1780-ca.1825), 2) Ruth (?-1844/5)
Mary Billingsley
John Billingsley Jr (1786)
Samuel Billingsley (1789)
Jane Billingsley m. Edward Mercer

Tenth Generation:

John moved to Sullivan County, TN with his parents 1787. From a published account in Biographical Album in 1898 and furnished by his son, Leander T. Billingsley, the claim is made that John and his bride started from North Carolina on a blind pony to find themselves a home. They finally reached the Sequatchie Valley with a cash capital of one dollar and twenty five cents. This marriage may have taken place in North Carolina but we feel that as no documentary evidence exists to prove it the logical presumption is that it occurred either in Sullivan or Washington County, TN and it was from this point they made the trip to Sequatchie Valley. They located in Bledsoe County cleared some ground and made a crop with the pony. During the spring of the following year the pony fell and broke its leg and the second crop was made with a young bull. From a humble start John became one of the wealthy and prominent citizens of Bledsoe County. He served some forty years a member of the County Court, and part of the time its Chairman; he also represented the County in the State Legislature. At the time of his death, May 25th, 1856, his property was valued at $85,000. He and his two wives are buried in the old Smyrna graveyard, located 6 miles northerly of Pikesville, near Billingsley Gap, Bledsoe County, TN. The graves of John and Jane are marked but that of Martha on his side is unmarked.

Children of John Billingsley and 1) Martha Blackwood
Samuel Billingsley (1803, TN) m. 1) Anderson, 2) Nancy ? (1812, KY-?)
William Billingsley (1805-1811)
Nancy Billingsley (1807-aft 1860) m. John Hutcheson (1800-?)
Mary Billingsley (1809) m. James Griffith (no children)
John Calvin Billingsley (1812)
Andrew Blackwood Billingsley (1814)
Mahala Billingsley (1816) m. John Munsey (1816, VA-?)
James Davis Billingsley (1819)
Martha Jane Billingsley (1822-1885) m. Thomas S. Myers (1818,TN-?), s/o John Myers
Sara Flora Billingsley (1823-1847) m. William Franklin Hutchenson (1835-1915)
Elizabeth E. Billingsley (1824) m. James Rankin (1824,TN)


Children of John Billingsley and 2) Jane Hoodenpile
Theola Mary Billingsley (1832) m. Reuben Rankin (1825, TN)
Philip Marshall Billingsley (1834-1905, TN) m. Mary Smith (1838,TN),
d/o Martin Smith of Bledsoe Co, TN
Amanda Billingsley (1836-1919) m. John L. Rankin
Hixey O. Billingsley (1838) m. Jesse Hall (1837) no known children
Viola C. Billingsley (1841-1921) m. William W. Farmer (1835-1898)
Leander Travis Billingsley (1843)
Statira A. Billingsley (1845) m. Tullers A. Reynolds
Evalista J. Billingsley (1853) m. John Swafford (lived in TX in 1931) no known children


Children of Thomas Billingsley and Rebecca Crawford
Edward Nathaniel Billingsley (1801)
Samuel Billingsley (1803-1833)
John Crawford Billingsley (1807)
Rececca Billingsley (1809) m. Aldred C. Billingsley
Isabella (Ibbie) Billingsley (1810) m. Jesse Parker, s/o Jesse Parker and Mary Billingsley
James Billingsley (1811-1822)
Jane Billingsley (1812-aft. 1850) m. Wyatt Anderson
Thomas Billingsley (1814-aft. 1850)
Martha Jane Billingsley (1816-1900) m. John W. Quinn
Nathaniel Billingsley (1819) m. 1) unknown, 2) Dicy Walker
James Billingsley (1822-1825)
Margaret Billingsley (1825-1827)


Children of Thomas Billingsley and Ruth
Ruth Billingsley (1830) m. John Philips
Mary Billingsley (1833)
William Billingsley (1835-1841)
Columbus Billingsley (1838-1862) (died during Civil War)

Thomas Billingsley was born in Onslow County, North Carolina in 1781, moved to Sullivan County, Tennessee with his parents in 1794-95, and to Washington County, Tennessee in 1796. He married his first wife, Rebecca Crawford, born in North Carolina in the 1780's, in February 1801. They moved to Giles County, Tennessee where Rebecca died about 1825. He married, prior to 1830, Ruth, born in the 1800's. They migrated to Mississippi in or about 1835 and then moved to Arkansas in 1840-41 and located in Sevier County where Ruth died in 1844-45. He was a farmer and was living in 1852 at which date his brother, Samuel, visited him. He died some time before 1860.

Eleventh Generation:

Children of Samuel Billingsley and 1) Anderson
Samuel Billingsley (1830) (died young)
Anderson W. Billingsley (1832-1870) m. Louisa Bryant (1835-aft. 1870)
Martha Jane Billiingsley (1834)


Children of Samuel Billingsley and 2) Nancy
John Benjamin Franklin Billingsley (1844-1887) m. Martha Lodema Thomas (1844-1885)
Leona Rebecca Billingsley (1847)
Tilitha Ledoma Billingsley (1849)

(Samuel Billingsley migrated to Arkansas about 1841/42 and located in Clark Co. and engaged in farming. In 1850 he is listed with a wife named Nancy, born KY 1812, from the difference in the ages of the 3rd and 4th child she is probably his 2nd wife. They disappear from this county before 1860. They may have been deceased or may have returned to TN. While three Grandsons have been located, they do not appear to know anything of their Grandparents names or where they resided.


Children of Nathaniel Billingsley and his first wife:
Canzada Billingsley (1846)


Children of Nathaniel Billingsley and 2) Dicy Walker
William Billingsley (1848)
Elizabeth Billingsley (1851)

Twelveth Generation:

Children of Anderson W. Billingsley and Louisa Bryant
Martha Billingsley (1856-1880, TN)
Tennessee "Tennie" Billingsley (1860-bef. 1898/1900, TN) m. Joseph Marion Helton
Franklin William Billingsley (1866, TN) m. Martha Denham
James Billingsley (1869-?)


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