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Bitting Family

Ludwig "Lud" Bitting/Bottig was born in 1702, Freinsheim, Palatinate, Germany. He was the son of Henrich Bottig/Bitting and Anna Catherina Schaeffer. He married Johanna Sabina "Sevina" Boehm, daughter of Johann Phillip Boehm (1693-1749) and Anna Maria Stahler. Johanna Sabina was born 1709 in Worms, Hesse, Germany and she died 1759 in PA. Ludwig died in Lehigh County, PA in 1775.
First Generation

Children of Ludwig Bitting/Bottig and Johanna Sabina Boehm
Ludwig Bitting, Jr. (1729-1796) m. Susanna High/Hughes
Henry Bitting (1732-?) m. Eva Barbara Mumbauer
Elisabetha Dorothea Bitting (1734-?) m. Gabriel Klein
Phillip Bitting (1737-?) m. Abigail (?) Thomas
Anthony Bitting, Sr. (1738-1804) m. Martha (Patty) Poe (1746-1788)
Anna Maria Bitting (c1735-?) m. Andreas Graber/Graeber
Peter Bitting (c1756-?)
Christina Bitting (1748-1821) m. Frank Leydich
Mary Catharina Bitting (bef. 1750) m. John Klein
Peter Bitting (c1756-?)

Second Generation

Anthony Bitting was born October 17, 1738 in Germantown, PA and was christened in the New Goshenhoppen Reformed church, Montgomery County, PA. He died June 27, 1804 in Stokes County, NC and is buried in Nazareth Lutheran Church Cemetery, Rural Hall, NC. He was a tavern keeper (in his home) in present-day Germanton, NC. Anthony married Martha Poe who was born in Germanton, PA in 1746. Martha died in 1788 and is also buried in Nazareth Lutheran Church cemetery. We have now learned that he had a second wife:

Memorial of Anthony Bitting of Stokes County, North Carolina, states that he married Ursilla RAY sometime in the year 1793, and within the space of four or five weeks after said marriage, the said Ursilla absconded from the petitioner's bed and board and has never returned. The petitioner states that he has never received any part of the Estate of said Ursilla by virtue of the marriage, she being possessed of considerable property at the time of the marriage. She had made over to her children some property of which your petitioner would not receive any benefit. He prays for an act to secure to him all said estate which he now has or may hereafter acquire, either real or personal, free from the claim of said Ursilla by virtue of the marriage, and also secure to said Ursilla all such property as she now has or may hereafter acquire. Referred to Committee of Propositions and Grievance, No. 2.

Report of Committee of Propositions and Grievances No. 2 to whom was referred above petition, states that such prayer should come under the consideration of the Committee of Divorce and Alimony. No further action found. (GASR Nov.-Dec.1802, Box 2 - folder "JCR Propositions & Grievances. No.2".) -- Extracted from The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Volume XVIII, No. 4, November, 1992, pg. 229.

Children of Anthony Bitting and Martha Poe
Joseph Bitting (1764-1798) m. Rachael Nelson (c1774-c1830),
d/o Joseph Nelson and Mary E. Alexander
Mary Bitting (1766-1841)
Anne Bitting (1771) died in infancy
Lewis Bitting (1774) lost at sea
Elizabeth Bitting (1779-1848)
Martha "Patty" Bitting (1782-1854) m. Joshua Banner
John Leppeaux Bitting (1785-1850) m. 1) Johanna Gertrude Stoltz (1785-1831)
d/o of Johann Casper Stoltz and Anna Margaretha Hauser
2) Martha Matthews (d/o Tandy Matthews and Elizabeth Hill) (Martha was the widow of Edward Moore)
Anthony Bitting, Jr. (1788-1870) m. Mary Wilkerson (1787-1845)

Third Generation

Children of Joseph Bitting and Rachael Nelson
Joseph Bitting, Jr. (1798-after 1857)

If this Joseph died after 1857, then who is Joseph Bitting (1798-1821), buried Germanton Methodist, Stokes Co. NC?


Children of John Leppeaux Bitting and Johanna Gertrude Stoltz
Mary Bitting (1808-1884) m. Reuben D. Golding (1802-1879)
John Henry Bitting (1811-1847) m. Catherine Frost, d/o Ezekiel Frost and Elizabeth Buchanan
Anna Bitting (1813-1817)
Anthony Bitting (b. & d. 1816)
Walter Raleigh Bitting (1818-1853) m. Susan R. Hampton,
d/o John B. Hampton and Mary (Polly) Guinn
Joseph Anthony Bitting (1820-1901) m. Louisa Phillipina Wilson (1837-1919)
(d/o George Follet Wilson and Henrietta Hauser)
Samuel Lewis Bitting (1822-1856) m. Laura Webb (1826-1884)
Martha Elizabeth Bitting (1825-?) m. Leonidias R. Gibson (m. 1851)
Gertrude "Ann" Bitting (1829-?) m. Isaac H. Nelson


Children of Anthony Bitting, Jr. and Mary Wilkerson

John (Joseph?) Wilkerson Bitting (1815-1817?)
Mary E. Bitting (1819-1845) m. Jacob Hamilton Wolff (1809-1864)
Elizabeth Bitting (1824-1899) m. Washington Payne (1816-1884), his second wife
Lucy A. Bitting (1830/35-?) m. Thomas H. Bain/Baine (1846-?)
Benjamin L. Bitting (1832-1922) m. Mary A. Bain (1838-1917), d/o William Bain and Martha Hill

Fourth Generation

Children of Mary Bitting and Reuben D. Golding
Walter S. Golding (1828-?)
William Edgar Golding (1830-1834)
Frances L. Golding (1832-1861)
Samuel L. Golding (1834-?)
Anna Gertrude Golding (1837-1904)
Mary Golding (1840) died in infancy
Henry C. Golding (c1843-?)
Katharine L. "Katie" Golding (1846-1863)
Emma E. Golding (c1849-?)


Children of John Henry Bitting and Catherine Frost
John Henry Bitting, Jr. (1835-1881) m. Mary E. Kelly (1839-1934)
Elizabeth Gertrude Bitting (1837-1887) m. I.E. Shumate (1834-1907)
Mary Ann Bitting (1840-1862) m. C.P. Gordon (1837-1910)
Nicholas Bitting (1845-1904) m. Mary Jane Nichols (1848-1923)


Children of Walter Raleigh Bitting and Susan R. Hampton
J. W. Bitting (1842-?) m. Julia Elizabeth Wilson (1846-?)
Mary J. Bitting (1844-?) m. unknown Brock
Joseph H. Bitting (1846-?) m. Virginia Elizabeth Hollingsworth, d/o Dr. Joseph Hollingworth and Mary Letitia Banner
Samuel F. Bitting (1847-?)

After Walter's death, his widow married Elisha Banner


Children of Joseph Anthony Bitting and Louisa Phillipina Wilson
Anna Henrietta Bitting(1859-1934) m. William Asbury Whitaker (1843-1912); they had one child, John Clarke Whitaker
Fanny Julia Bitting (1861-1865)
Mary Susan "Susie" Bitting (1862-) m. Don D. Shelton
Louisa Wilson Bitting (1863-1947) m. Dr. David Nicholas Dalton (1860-1928)
Henry Walter Bitting (1865-1905)
George Beverly Bitting (1866-1895)
"Kate" Gertrude Bitting (1867-1946) m. William Neal "Will" Reynolds (1863-1951) (younger brother of R. J. Reynolds)
Lilly Blanche Bitting (1870-1922) m. James Turner Farish Sr.
Paul Joseph Bitting (1871-1934) m. Erma Joyner (1883-1955)
Ruby Bitting (1873-1875)
Sadie Bitting (1875-1957) m. Charles Edward Shelton (1874-1917)
Daisy Bitting (b. & d. 1876)
Casper Reuben Bitting (1877-1921)
Alexander Thomas Bitting (1879-1924)


Children of Samuel Lewis Bitting and Laura Webb
child (1846-1846)
J. H. Bitting (1847-1904) m. Delia Kapp


Children of Nicholas Bitting and Mary Jane Nicholas
Catherine "Kate" Bitting
Leppoe Bitting
Gertrude "Jet" Bitting
Emma Geneva Bitting
Nicholas Bitting, Jr.
William Bitting
John Bitting


Children of Joseph H. Bitting and Virginia Elizabeth Hollingsworth
Mary Bitting
Virginia Bitting
Walter Bitting
Hollingsworth Bitting


Special thanks to Judy Cardwell for her contributions.

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