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Booe/Buhe/Bub Family

Philip Jacob Buhe was born in 1683 in Baden, Germany. It appears that Philip Jacob was married twice, first to Maria and second to Margaretha, unless his wife's name was Maria Margaretha, which is entirely possible. Both names, Maria and Margaretha appear on separate birth records in Weissenstein, Germany. Weissenstein was situated on the Enz River on the northern edge of the Black Forest. Philip Jacob and his family arrived in Philadelphia on October 12, 1738 aboard the snow Fox, a type of two-masted sailing vessel common in the 18th century. They remained in Pennsylvania for sometime and became a part of the Pennsylvania Dutch Society. Their son, Christopher/Stoffle Buhe/Booe left Pennsylvania and was in Rowan Co NC by 1756.

Second Generation:

Children of Philip Jacob Bub and Maria
Simon Bub m. Apollonis (?)
Catharine Bub (1703, Weissenstein, Germany-?) m. Melchior Hutchmacher (widower)


Children of Philip Jacob Bub and Margaretha
Philip Jacob Bub, Jr (1709, Weissenstein, Germany-?)
Christoph Bub (1712, Weissenstein, Germany-c1783) m. Margretha
Johannn George Bub (1715, Weissenstein, Germany-?)
Heinrich Booe (probably too young to be mentioned on ships passenger's list) (lived near Dutchman's Creek, and is mentioned later by Christoph to be his brother)

(note: from the Parish Weinssenstein, Germany the following record extracted:
Agnes Louisa Buh, born August 23, 1736. "The unchaste father is Christoph Bub of Philipp Jacob Bub at Weissenstein. The harlot mother is Maria Dorothea Neyl, thoughtless daughter of Jacob Neyel, citizen and craftsmen here. Godparents: Philipp Jacob Haug at Weissenstein. Also Michael Hutchmacher citizen and craftsman here. Johann Jacob Bonenberger von of the late Jacob Bonenberger citizen and weaver here. Elisabetha Mercklin Single daughter of the cobbler here.")

Third Generation:

Children of Stoffel/Christopher Buhe/Booe and Margretha Christoph Booe Jr. m. Margaretha (m. in 1765)
Jacob Booe (1740/1750, Germany-1812, NC) m. 1) Eve/Eva Heneline (abt. 1756-1778), d/o John Henlein and Catherine Coone; 2) Eve Coone, d/o Michael Coone (Kuhn) and Catherine Lail
(Jacob owned land in 1783 that became known as Mock's Old Field)
Margaret Booe m. 1) Valentine Kuhn (1740-?) (m. in 1762), 2) John Neale (m. in 1771)
Dorathy Booe m. John Hunter (m. in 1769)
Barbarl Buh m. Ja. Eiwester (m. in 1776 by Rev. G. Arends)
Ruliff Booe m. Mary Bushellson (m. in 1776)
Agnes Louisa Buhe (1736, Weissenstein, Germany-?)
George Booe m. Magdalena

(Christoph was in Rowan Co NC by 1756 where in 1767, Stophel Buhe was naturalized and became Christoph Booe.)

Fourth Generation:

Children of Christopher Booe Jr. and Sarah Margretha
Christina Booe (1766-?)
Margretha Booe (1768-?) m. Johannes Nagel
Joseph Booe (1771-1850, IN) m. Rachel Harwood/Aarowood
Elizabeth Booe (1773-?) - did she marry George Graves (1770-1837 in 1792?
Magdalene Booe (1775-?)
Benjamin Booe (1778-?) m. Sarah Harwood/Arrowood


Children of Jacob Booe and Eve Coone
Benjamin Booe
Mary Magdalena "Molly" Booe (c1769-1846, TN) m. Joseph Sain
George Booe II (1775-1838) m. Magdalina
Jacob Booe Jr. (aft. 1774-) m. Fannie Glasscock (1779/1800-1873)
Anna Elizabeth Booe (1773-1853) m. George Sain (1764-1833)
Sarah Booe (1789-?) m. James Glasscock

In the Year 1792 Jacob and his wife were confirmed and attended Communion for the first time at the Dutch Meeting House, Rowan County, NC (present day Davie County, NC).

In 1757 Jacob Booe was granted 500 acres on Elishas Creek, in the Forks of the Yadkin, next to his father's 500 acre tract. Jacob owned land in 1783 that became known as Mock's Old Field. It is estimated that Jacob owned over 2,000 acres of land in his life in Rowan County, North Carolina. Jacob Bub/Booe was Constable in Morgan Bryan's District about 1764 and Captain Bryan in Justice. In 1775 he was the executor of John Hainline's estate. In 1778 he is on the list of those who did not take the oath of allegiance in Lyon's District. In 1786 he is on the jury, Superior Court - August & November. He was a Wheelwright in 1786. December 20, 1791 The state grants Bk 12 p.498 (#2029) to Jacob Booe 199a on Dutchman's Creek, called "Heidelberg" next to David Nesbit, Samuel Baily & Niphong. February 9, 1792 Bk 12 p. 557 Jacob Booe lets the Elders of the Heidelberg Church have 19 acres on Dutchman's Creek next to the above for 19 lbs.

Rowan County, Bastardy Bonds, May 12, 1807: Mother, Ruthy Mills. Bondsman, Jacob Booe

Fifth Generation:

Children of Joseph Booe and Rachel Harwood
William Booe (?-1871) m. Mary Ann "Polly" Adkinson (?-1870)
John Booe (1803-?) m. Jane Moffett

(This family lived in Rowan Co.until about 1813, when they moved West, eventually settling in Scotts Prairie, IN)


Children of George Booe II and Magdalena
Phillip Booe (1790-bef. 1837) m. Ellender "Nellie" Sain (m. in 1819),
d/o John Sain and Elisabeth Huff
John Booe (1790-1825) m. Elizabeth Cheshire (abt. 1790-bef. 1831) (m. in 1814)
Daniel Booe (1793-1841) m. 1) Polly Devlin (m. in 1806); 2) Fanny March (m. in 1812) (moved to TN)
Mary Booe (bef. 1794) m. William Bracken
Elizabeth Booe (1795-bef. 1837) m. Jacob Abraham March (m. in 1816)


Children of Jacob Booe Jr. and Fannie Glasscock
William Booe m. Sarah Wellman
Fanny Booe (d. bef. 1840) m. 1) Jacob March (d. bef. 1831), 2) James White (1805-1880)
Naomi Booe (ca. 1807-1872) m. Samuel Foster (ca. 1800-bef. 1860)
Sarah Booe (ca. 1811-?) m. Andrew B. Holman (1804-1856)

Jacob Booe - book 1 page 388, 1841: Jacob Booe to Melony, Mary Ann and Linsay D. White, children of James White and Fanny White,dec., 32 acres. Location, east end of 222 acre tract Jacob Booe had conveyed to their mother, Fanny White., adj. Samuel Foster, north side of Fulton road. William Booe, W.B. & Polly March


Children of Sarah Booe and James Glasscock
Richard Glasscock
Harmon Glasscock
Jake Glasscock
Frances (Fanny) Glasscock (ca. 1814-1866) m. James White (1805-1880), widower of her cousin Fanny Booe
Emaline Glasscock (1816-?) m. Ransom Powell Booe
Elvira Glasscock (1819-1897) m. Rev. Nathan Chaffin (1819-1896)
Thomas Napoleon Bonepart Glasscock (1817/1818-?) m. Mary Ellen Anderson (1824-1905)
Martha (Patsy) Glasscock (1824-?) m. G.C. Kluttz, who died in Civil War
Abner Glasscock (ca. 1829-?)

Sixth Generation:

Children of Philip Booe and Ellender "Nellie" Sain
Martha Louisa Booe (ca. 1820) m. Overton White
Alexander Martin Booe (1821-1895) m. Sarah Anne J. Clement (1823-1889) d/o Henry Clement, Jr. and Rosinna Sain
Mary Elisabeth Booe (1823-1896) m. Cheshire Sain (1819-1893), s/o John A. Sain Sr
William E. Booe (1827) m. Jane Holman (1837-1888), d/o Andrew Holman and Sarah Booe
Cassandra Booe (1828) m. Robert Rose
James Booe
George Booe


Children of Elizabeth Booe and Jacob Abraham March
Hampton March
William March
Nancy Wellborn March (one record indicates Nancy married a Wellborn)
Archibald March


Children of John Booe and Elizabeth Cheshire
Phillip C. Booe m. Elizabeth Rose (moved to AL)
George Booe (?-bef. 1831)
Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Booe (1824-1868) m. John Monroe Stafford
Isaac Dobbins Booe (1822-1895) m. 1) Julia Ann Anderson (1823-1861); 2) Mary F. Steele
(Isaac first moved to Hardeman County, TN, then to Prairie County, Arkansas)
John Calhoun Booe (1824-1908) m. 1) Eliza Little Beemon (1824-1857), widow of Richmond Beemon,
d/o Samuel Little and Mary Cain; 2) Rachel Baity (1830), d/o William Baity and Mary Binkley

Deed of Gift from Jonathan Chesire to his children and granchildren.

John C. Booe, while staying at the home of Tennison Cheshire, met Eliza Little Beemon, widow of Richmond Beemon and John and Eliza married 8/15/1844.Source: Davie Co. Heritage Book.

John Calhoun Booe was "bound out" (ca. 1830-1831) at the age of six or seven after the death of his parents or grandparents and went to live with the Stafford family near Winston. We believe it was the family of James Stafford because his son, John Monroe Stafford, would have been only 16 or 17 years old in 1830/31. It was through John Calhoun Booe that John Monroe Stafford met and married Mary Elizabeth Booe. When John Calhoun Booe eventually left the Stafford household, he was given a horse and a suit of clothes as a "going away" present. John Monroe Stafford and his wife Mary Elizabeth Booe are buried together with most of their children at Pleasant Fork Cemetery.


Children of Daniel Booe and 2) Fanny March
George Booe (1814/15) m. Elizabeth Cline
Mary Booe m. Thomas C. Busiek
Malinda Booe (1818-1890) m. Peter J. Swink
Ransom Powell Booe (1819-) m. Emmeline Mary Glassock, d/o James Glassock and Sarah Booe
Pleasant H. Booe m. Margaret A. Christopher


Children of John Booe and Jane Moffett
Elizabeth Booe
Benjamine Booe
Philipp Booe
Jacob Booe
Sarah Booe

Sain and Booe Marriage Bonds

  • Weather Vane written by Ron and Cinty Booe
  • Soaking the Yule Log written by Katie Brown Bennett


    The Stafford information for this page was generously provided by Tom Stafford. Tom's email address is:

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