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Clement Family

First Generation

Heinrich Clement (1737-1807) and his wife Sophie or Sophia Swicegood (d. 1747) are the earliest in this family in North Carolina. Thanks to Charles Swisegood, we now know where they came from and approximately when they arrived:

   "Elizabeth Catherine Artinin, who arrived at Philadelphia five weeks ago on the ship Crawford, Captain Smith, seeks news of her brother, Jno. Heinrich Clement, who came to America six or seven years ago and in York County married a daughter of Lorenz Schweiszgut. They are from Mittelfischbach, in the Darmstadt region, in the Neider Grafschaft Catzellbogen, and their father is Christoph Clement."
From the STAATSBOTE, November 17, 1772. (A German language newspaper printed in Philadelphia in the mid to late 1700's.)

Children of Heinrich Clement and Sophia Swicegood
Henry Clement (1768-1820) m. Mary Elizabeth Winkler (1760-1845)
Laurence Clement (?-1834) probably didn't marry, but was named guardian of his brother John Adam's children
Mary Clement m. Robert Wilson (1765-1830)
Catharine Clement
Eva Clement
Margaret Clement
John Adam Clement (d. 1825), married but wife's name unknown

Second Generation

Children of Henry Clement and Mary Elizabeth Winkler
Henry Clement (1793-1848) m. Rosanna Sain (ca. 1796-?)
John Clement (1795-1845), m. Nancy Bailey (1799-1899)
Godfrey Clement (ca. 1797-1832) m. Elizabeth Brown (1803-1881)
Mary Clement m. William March (ca. 1796-?)
Sarah Clement (1801-1876) m. 1) Benjamin March (d. 1832), 2) James C. Ryan
Margaret Clement (d. bef. 1849) m. Wiley Sain (ca. 1800-ca. 1836)
Jesse Adam Clement (1808-1876) m. Malinda Nail (1810-1891)


Children of John Adam Clement
John Adam Clement
daughter, name unknown, married Charles Coble

Third Generation

Children of John Clement and Nancy Bailey
John Marshall Clement (1825-1886) m. Mary J., surname unknown
DeWitt Clinton Clement (1827-1874) m. Emma Frances Holman (1845-?)
Mary Clement (ca. 1830-?)
Margaret Clement (ca. 1833-?)
William Baxter Clement (1835-1896) m. Martha K. Martin (1841-1905)
Catharine Clement (ca. 1837-?) m. John Knox (ca. 1836-?)
Wiley A. Clement (1840-1901) m. Nancy Cornelia Parker (1850-1901)


Children of Godfrey Clement and Elizabeth Brown
Abraham Jones Clement (d. 1844)
John H. Clement (ca. 1829-?) m. Mary Emily Foster (ca. 1851-1915)
Sarah Catharine Clement (ca. 1831-aft. 1870), unmarried in 1870
Mary Jane Clement (1833-1909) m. Spencer Joseph Hanes (1837-1879)


Children of Jesse Adam Clement and Malinda Nail
*Mary Elizabeth Clement (1828-1894) m. Jacob Eaton (1825-1881)
*Sally Clement (d. 1852)
Martha J. Clement (ca. 1833-?) m. Jesse H. Hargrave
William A. Clement (ca. 1839-?)
Baxter Clegg Clement (1841-?) m. Letitia Lindsey
Laura C. Clement (1844-1902)
Jesse Lee Clement (ca. 1847-?)
Charles A. Clement (ca. 1849-?)

*Both Sally and Mary are buried in the Clement family cemetery on Eaton Street in Mocksville. The birthdate of one of them must be incorrect as given in the cemetery records book: Mary is listed as born 12 Sep 1828 and Sally was born 31 Oct 1828. In the cemetery records, Sally is specifically identified as Jesse and Malinda's daughter, and she appears with them in the 1850 census, age 20. Jesse and Malinda married in January 1828, so either birthdate is possible for a first child.

Fourth Generation

Children of John H. Clement and Mary Emily Foster
John H. Clement m. Lizzie Booe
Abe Clement
Mamie Clement m. ? Blaylock
Foster Clement
Fred Clement
Sarah Clement


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Davie County NC 1850 census

Thanks to James A. Weaks for information on Baxter Clegg Clement, and to Tobi Clement for identification of Sophia Swicegood and information on the first two generations.

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