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Clauss/Clouse Family

First Generation

The family of Johannes Clauss (1689-1748) is recorded in church records of Walhambach Lutheran church, Volksberg, Alsace (= Wingen-sur-Moder). His wife was Christina Seyfried (1695-1775) of Rosteig, Alsace; her name is given as Sybart in some records. Christina, and her surviving children and their families, immigrated to America in 1750 on the Phoenix, and joined the Moravian community in Bethlehem PA.

The name becomes Clouse in the 19th century.

Second Generation

Children of Johannes Clauss and Christina Seyfried
Johannes Clauss (1717-1721)
Anna Maria Clauss (1719-1721)
Johann Georg Clauss (1722-1763) m. Anna Christina Kühn
Christina Sophia Clauss (1724-1814) m. Johann Christian Giess
Maria Eva Clauss (1727-1811) m. George Nicholas Lorenz (ca. 1723-1789)
Johannes Clauss (1734-?) m. Elisabeth ?
Jeremias Clauss (1737-?) probably died young

Third Generation

Children of Johann Georg Clauss and Anna Christina Kühn
Anna Christina Clauss (b. & d. 1746)
Johann Georg Clauss (1747-1806) m. Elizabeth Clewell (1753-1833), d/o George Craft Clewell and Anna Maria Kuechle
Johann Philipp Clauss (1749-?), from church records in Waldhambach; probably died in infancy
Philipp Clauss (1751-?)
Maria Christina Clauss (1755-1827?)
Anna Catharina Clauss (1756-1839) m. Johann Heinrich Blum (1752-1824)
Anna Maria Clauss (1759-?)

Johann George came to Salem in 1784 after suffering severe financial problems in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth and their children, as well as his sister Catharina Blum and her husband and children, joined him there soon afterwards.


Children of Johannes and Elisabeth Clauss
George Clauss
Henry Clauss
Philip Clauss
John Clauss
Abraham Clauss
Daniel Clauss
Mary Clauss

So far as we know, this family did not come to North Carolina.

Fourth Generation

Children of Johann Georg Clauss and Elizabeth Clewell
Catharina Clauss (1774-1856) m. Johann Georg Seitz (1771-1838)
Elizabeth Clauss (1776-?) Jacob Rominger (1778-1813)
Eva Rosina Clauss (1778-1858) m. Cornelius Rominger (1772-1825)
Anna Salome Clauss (1779-?)
Johann Jacob Clauss (1781-?)
John Clauss (1782-1855) m. Catharina Lagenauer (1808-1848), moved to Indiana
Anna Maria (Polly) Clauss (1784-?) m. Philip Lagenauer (1781-1808)
Christina Clauss (1785-1864) m. George Rominger (1795-1843), moved to Indiana
Joseph Clauss/Clouse (ca. 1787-1862) m. 1) Catherine Johnson (1790-1844), 2) Cynthia Hampton (probably a widow - who was her first husband and what was her maiden name?)
Samuel Clauss (1795-?)
Philippina Clauss (1799-1843) m. Johann Friedrich Gambold (1796-1872), moved to Indiana

Fifth Generation

Children of John Clouse and Catharina Lachenauer
George Clouse
Jacob Clouse
Thomas Clouse
Phebe Clouse (1817-1840) m. Isaac Hitchcock
John Clouse (1822-1897) m. Tempy Maria Miller
Elizabeth Clauss m. John Davis; three of their children died in May 1844 and are buried at Friedland Moravian
Salome Clouse m. Isaac Hitchcock, her sister's widower

Among other details in the Clouse family history is the following, which we can't resist quoting: "In early pioneer days the dinner horn was used rather than the bell to call the men folks to their meals and Catherine Lachenauer Clouse was an expert bugler upon the dinner-horn. Many times on summer evenings she would amuse her children by standing in the door yard and sending the bugle notes reverberating down the hollows and over the hills for miles to be caught up and re-echoed from hill to hill." The horn she used has been handed down through the family.


Children of Joseph Clouse and Catherine Johnson
Jane (Jinsey) Clouse m. Dickerson Chaffin, moved to Prairie Co. AR
William Clouse (1816-1880) m. Nancy Miller (1820-1908)
James Clouse (1818-1850) m. Eliza Cooper (ca. 1824-?)
Enoch Clouse (ca. 1821-?) m. 1) Julia Phelps (ca. 1824-bef. 1877), 2) Martha J. Etchison
Ambrose W. Clouse (1825-1859)

This list confirmed by Virginia Flesher's Mt. Pleasant cemetery page.

Were they also parents of Elizabeth Clouse who m. Wilson Wommack (Davidson Co. 1833)?

Children of Joseph Clouse and Cynthia Hampton
Sarah H. Clouse (b. & d. 1852)
Laura C. Clouse m. Charles Manley Griffith

Who is Charles Clouse, d. 1811, buried Mt. Pleasant Methodist, Clemmons NC? no birth date in cemetery records. Is this a child of Joseph, with an incorrect date in the published records?

Sixth Generation

Children of William Clouse and Nancy Miller
Catherine Clouse (ca. 1843-?). Did she marry M.W. Page in 1862, Davie Co.?
Joseph N. Clouse (1844-1865) m. Martha M. Smith (1844-1890)
Louisa (Lula) Clouse (1846-1902) m. John Henry Hanes (1838-1915); she appears as Cyntha L. age 13 in the 1860 census.
John A. Clouse (1848-1926) m. Ada Cordelia Ward (1857-1920), s/o William Peter Ward and Mary Elizabeth Smith
James F. Clouse (1851-1852)
Martha A. Clouse (1853-1932)
Mary Lillie Clouse (ca. 1860-?) m. James Edward Smith

Children of James Clouse and Eliza Cooper
Martha Clouse (ca. 1844-?). Did she marry Calvin Williams in 1870, Davie Co.?
Sarah Clouse (ca. 1845-?) m. Jabez Barneycastle in 1866, Davie Co.
Cynthia Clouse (ca. 1846-?) m. Lueco (Lucius?) Williams in 1870 Davie Co.
Mary Elizabeth Clouse (ca. 1849-?)

Augustine Clouse age 2 appears with the widow Eliza Cooper Clouse in 1860, and is listed as Gustin age 13 in 1870. If James died in September 1850, as indicated by cemetery records, then he can't be Augustine's father.


Children of Enoch Clouse and Julia Phelps
Leander A. Clouse (ca. 1843-1891) m. Ann M. Naylor (1839-1909), d/o Batson Smith Naylor and Ann Chavis, 1860 in Davie Co.

Seventh Generation

Children of Joseph N. Clouse and Martha Smith
Claudia Jo Clouse (1864-1945) m. Abner L. Chaffin (1858-1945), s/o Nathan S. Chaffin and Elvira Glasscock

Thanks to Tony Collier for identifying Martha and the information that they were Claudia's parents
Updated February 4, 2001


Children of Leander A. Clouse and Ann M. Naylor
Leander A. Clouse (1863-1940) m. Mary R. Martin (1854-1946), prob. d/o John Giles Martin and Mehetabel Wellman
Enoch Clouse (ca. 1866-?)
Julia Ann Clouse (1867-1941) m. Ollie Clement Austin (1866-1940), s/o Richard M. Austin and Ellen Amanda Jones
Laura or Luna Clouse (ca. 1869-?)


Many thanks to Stephen Miller for a fascinating history of this family. See his WorldConnect page!

Thanks also to Virginia Flesher and Tony Collier for information on this family. Moravian church records, Bethlehem PA and Salem NC

Burgert, Annette Kunselman (1992). Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America. Picton Press, Camden, Maine.

Forsyth, Davie, and Davidson County marriage, census, and cemetery records

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