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Third Generation

Children of William Coffey (1731-bef. 1828) and Elizabeth Ausborne/Osbourne
Osborn Coffey (1759-1840) m. 1) Mary (Polly) Nightingale (1761-1847), d/o Mathew Nightingale
William Coffey Jr m. Polly Rippeto
Winnefred/Winney Coffey (abt. 1766-1825) m. Thomas Hayes (abt. 1764-?), s/o George and Cassie Hayes, Jr.
Mildred (Milley) Coffey (1755-1823) m. Samuel Coleman (1752-1824), s/o James Coleman
Elisabeth (Betsy) Coffey m. John Bridge
Edmond F. Coffey (abt. 1773) m. Elizabeth Burger
Jane Coffey m. 1) Anderson; 2) Fitzgerald
Margaret Coffey m.Monroe
Mary Coffey
Frankey Coffey

Fourth Generation

Children of Osborn Coffey and Mary (Polly) Nightingale
Col. Jesse Coffey (1784-1850) m. 1) Tabitha Riffe.Rife; 2) Elisabeth Rife (1785-1842)
Elizabeth Coffey m. Christopher Riffe
Patsey Coffey m. George Portman
Matthew Coffey (abt. 1790- bef. 1830) m. Nancy D. Adams (?-1854, MO) (married Lincoln Co, KY)
Lucy Coffey (abt. 1792)
Richard N. Coffey (abt. 1794) m. Catherine McCormick
Osborn Coffey m. Jane Bell
William Coffey
John Coffey m. Catherine Bryant (m. in Lincoln Co. KY)

Col. Jesse Coffey was a Kentucky state Senator in 1834 and a member of the delegation that wrote the Kentucky State Constitution in June 1850, one month before he died.


Children of Mildred (Milley) Coffey and Samuel Coleman
Polly O. Coleman (1802-1837) m. Ambrose Douthit (1798-1865)

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