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Reuben A. Coffey was an ordained minister by 1815 and pastor of the Globe Mountain Church and many of the surrounding churches of Wilkes and Burke Counties. The Catawba River Baptist Association was organized in 1827 and Reuben Coffey was the first moderator.

Reuben and his family moved to Indiana, first to Monroe County and later to Owen County, where they lived the remainder of their lives. Reuben built a schoolhouse next to his home in Indiana for his children and grandchildren's education. He was a farmer, mechanic, gunsmith, maker of furniture and was noted for making the castings for the first turning plow on wooden stocks in the state of Indiana. For this, he received a patent signed by Andrew Jackson. Possibly he is best remembered for being the founder of Franklin College, a Baptist institution in the state of Indiana.

Fourth Generation

Rev. Reuben A. Coffey (1785-1854) m. Martha (Polly) Dowell, d/o George Dowell
Alfred Martin Coffey m. Jane Coffey
Albert Coffey (abt. 1810) m. Sarah Goodnight
Cornelius Coffey (abt. 1812) m. Margaret Smith
Emily Coffey (abt. 1814) m. William I. Curtis
Malena Coffey (abt. 1816) m. Wilson Coffey
Luther Coffey (abt. 1818) m. Myra Crisp
Rufus Coffey (abt. 1820) m. Charlotte Allen
Miriam Coffey (abt. 1822) m. 1) John Sanders; 2) J. H. Buchanan
Shelton Coffey (1826-1907) m. Dicey Sanders (1824-1907)
Judson Coffey (abt. 1830) m. Carolina Rone

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