Jesse S. Coffey Family

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Fourth Generation

Children of Jesse S. Coffey and Winnford Crumpton
Larkin D. Coffey (1824)
Lewis Elbert Coffey (1826)
William R. Coffey (1829)
Eli C. Coffey (1832) Martin Vann Buren Coffey (1834)
John Gordon Coffey (1840) m. Mary Monroe Petitt (1840-1915) (moved to Pickens Co., GA)

Fifth Generation

Children of John Gordan Coffey and Mary Monroe Pettitt
James Elbert Coffey (1860)
Mary Ellen Coffey (1861)
Martha Emmaline Coffey (1864)
Millie Evangeline Coffey (1866)
Amand Jane Coffey (1868)
Fannie Pernelia Coffey (1869)
Raymond Lucious Coffey (1871) (a preacher) m. Fannie Octavie Mullinax (1873-1940)
Willie Eleanor Coffey (1874)
John Pettitt Coffey (1877) (twin)
Thomas Mattison Coffey (1877) (twin)
Savannah Georgia Coffey (1879)
Martin Dewitt Coffey (1881)
Effie Susannah Coffey (1884)
Dillie Pearle Coffey (1887)

Sixth Generation

Children of Raymond Lucious Coffey and Fannie Octavie Mullinax
Horner Dick Coffey (1892)
Ida Pearle Coffey (1894)
William Walton Coffey (1898)
Infant son Coffey (1902)
Emmit L. Coffey (1904)
Elmer Clifford Coffey (1907-1965)) m. Ima Ophila Voss (1909-1988)
Eva Lorene Coffey (1912)

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