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Benjamin Coffey was a Private in the NC line during the Revolutionary War. He applied for and received his pension on September 30, 1833 while living in Hawkins County, TN. He died January 4, 1834 after receiving $113.33.

Third Generation

Children of Benjamin Coffey and Mary (Polly) Hayes
John Coffey (1776-1845) m. Elizabeth Rucker (1787-1855), d/o Colby Rucker and Sarah Roberts
George Coffey (1781-?) m. Margaret Rucker (1787-?), d/o Colby Rucker and Sarah Roberts
Bennett Coffey (abt.1779-by 1858) m. Sally Ferguson (who are her parents?)
William Coffey (1774/1778-?) m. Mary (Polly) Coffey, d/o Thomas Coffey and Elizabeth Smith

Fourth Generation

Children of John Coffey and Elizabeth Rucker
Ausburn Coffey (1805-1876) m. Matilda Dalton
Colby Coffey (1806-1888) m. Mary Adams
Benjamin Coffey (1808-1867) m. Nancy Hayes
Nancy Coffey (abt. 1811-1896) did not marry
John Jackson Coffey (1812-1877) m. Alsy (Elsie) Nash
Elizabeth Coffey (1821-1883) m. 1) Nathan Whitsett (?-1842); 2) George W. Hayes (1817-abt. 1898),
s/o Thomas Hayes and Sarah (Sally) Rucker
Sarah Lucinda Coffey (1822-1895) m. William Coffey, s/o George Coffey
Margaret Coffey (1825-?) m. Isaac Bullen
William M. Coffey (1828-1893) m. Ellen Nash
Catherine Coffey (1834-?) m. Sweet (possibly died in Cass Co, MO)


Children of George Coffey and Margaret Rucker
Mira Coffey (abt.1810) m. John Hipshire
Thomas Coffey (abt.1812)
Delphia Coffey (abt.1815) m. Timothy Dalton
Mary Coffey m. Jack Dalton
William Coffey (1817-1878) m. Sarah Lucinda Coffey, d/o John and Elizabeth Coffey
Elijah Coffey (1820-1890) m. Rebecca Shockley
Matilda Coffey (abt.1821) m. Tandy Dalton
Malinda Coffey (abt.1823) m. Cleveland Coffey (this child not proven)
Mahalia Coffey (abt.1828) m. Enos Shockley
Emily/Emeline Coffey (abt.1831) m. Wainright Shockley
Louisa Coffey (abt.1834) m. William Shockley


Children of Bennett Coffey and Sally Ferguson
Caswell Coffey (abt.1806-1882) m. Martha Campbell (there are 3 or 4 other marriages)
Joel Coffey m. possibly Sarah Mullins
Jesse Coffey (abt.1828-aft. 1850)
Louisa Coffey (abt.1831-aft. 1850)

Bennett, Caswell, Jesse and Louisa Coffee found in the 1850 US Federal Census, Hancock Co., TN


Children of William Coffey and Mary (Polly) Coffey
Austin Coffey (abt. 1800-aft. 1860) m. Sarah Hawkins (abt. 1800-aft. 1860) (m. 1822, Wilkes Co., NC)
William Coffey m. Margaret Robbins
Elijah Coffey m. Elizabeth Robbins

Fifth Generation:

Children of Benjamin Coffey and Nancy Hayes
Ritchinson Coffey (1833)
Elizabeth Coffey (1835)
Ransom Coffey (1837)
Calvin Coffey (1839)
Carlton/Calton Coffey (1839) (twins?)
Marvel Coffey (1841-1917) m. Elizabeth Abigail Jordan (1842-1936), d/o Enoch and Alice Jordan
Perry Coffey (1844)
Ausbon Coffey (1847)

(Marvel Coffey joined the Confederate army and joined the 26 Tenn Inf and was captured at Ft. Donelson, TN and exchanged at Vicksburg. He rejoined his unit and saw action at Murfreesboro where he was wounded in the hip. He saw action from Atlanta to Franklin and was captured at Bentonville, NC and taken to Pt. Lookout until the end of the war two months later.


Children of Austin Coffey and Sarah Hawkins
Elizabeth Coffey (abt. 1829-aft. 1860)
Louisa Coffey (abt. 1832-aft. 1850)
Edmond Coffey (abt. 1833-aft. 1850) m. Jane Mathey
Joshua D. Coffey (abt. 1835-bef. 1880) m. Selena Storie (abt.1829-aft. 1880)
Oliver Shuford Coffey (abt. 1837-aft. 1860) m. Martha Turnmire (abt. 1838-aft. 1860)

Sixth Generation

Children of Marvel Coffey and Elizabeth Abigail Jordan
Mary J. Coffey (1861)
William Coffey
Mahala Coffey (1867)
Ransom Coffey (1870-1951) m. Rebecca Williams (1875-1947)
Nancy E. Coffey (1874)
Lutitia Coffey (1876)


Coffey Documentation

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