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James Coffey and his wife, Elizabeth, bought 115 acres of land in North Garden of Albemarle County, Virginia in 1750. This land was held until 1764, when James bought 300 acres of land along the Tye River in Amherst County for 300 pounds. He lived there until about 1770.

He moved to Surry County NC and founded a church in the Mulberry Field sector of what is now Wilkes County. The church was commonly called "Coffey's Meeting House" and although this church was built and operated by the Baptist Association, it was attended by many of other beliefs from the area.

No. 209, Jan Term 1787, INVENTORY, James Coffee, Senr. decd by John Coffey, 620 acres of land, Melatto wench and 2 children (not named) money due estate: One note on Samuel Slone, Rice Coffey, Benjamin Stroder, Cleveland Coffey, John Townson, Thomas Coffey, James Coffey, Junr. -- Wilkes County, North Carolina Will Abstracts, Book One, 1778-1799, Published by Wilkes County Genealogical Society, Inc., PO Box 1629, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659.

On the Wilkes County Tax List for 1787, Captain Ferguson's District, several Coffee names are listed: John Coffee, 25 acres, 1 poll, stud horse; Thomas Coffee, 185 acres, 1 poll; Reuben Coffee, 150 acres 1 poll; Reuben Coffee 620 acres, 1 poll, Estate of James Coffee, deceased; Elender Coffee 60 acres, no poll; Benjamin Coffe, 104 acres, 2 polls, Stud Horse. Jane Coffee, 104 acres, 2 polls. - 1787 Wilkes County Tax List , Courtesy of Jeff Weaver

Rev. James Coffey served in the American Revolution War and his brother-in-law, Benjamin Cleveland was a Colonel, commanding a regiment known as "Wilkes County Bull Dogs."

Third Generation

Children of James Coffey (1729-1786) and Elizabeth Cleveland (1727-1827)
Elisabeth Coffey (1752) m. Robert Whitesides (1738-1810) (lived in Wayne Co., KY, then settled in Nashville, TN)
John W. Coffey (1753) m. Mary "Polly"
Archelius Coffey (1755-bef. 1786) m. Eleanor Wade
James Coffey Jr (?-1775) (served during Rev. War)
Reuben Coffey (1759-1842) m. Milly Morris
Ambrose Coffey (1762) m. Mildred (Milly) Moore, d/o Jesse Moore; 2) Elizabeth Rice
Eli Coffey (1764-1847) m. Hannah Allen
Rice Coffey (1766-1853) m. Sally Bradford (1776-1840), d/o Bennet Bradford of Wilkes Co, NC
Martha Coffey (?-1826) m. Mastin Durham
Joel Coffey (1770-1789) m. Martha "Patsy" (?-1839)
Lewis Russell Coffey (1772-1850) m. Bedunt "Biddie" Moore (1775-1851) [name corrected May 16, 2016], d/o Jesse and Mildred Moore

Fourth Generation

Children of Elisabeth Coffey and Robert Whitesides
James Whitesides
Jonathan Whitesides (1776-1860) (buried on Lookout Mountain)
Mary Whitesides
William Whitesides
Joel Whitesides
Lewis Whitesides


Children of John W. Coffey and Mary unknown
Levi Coffey (1774-bef 1850) m. Dorothy (Dolly) Edmondson
Lewis Coffey (1777-1852) m. Elizabeth unknown
Sarah (Sally) Coffey (1779-1842) m 1800 Michael Isreal Jr
Elizabeth Coffey (1782) m. 1802 Archelaus Strange
E.William Coffey (1784-aft.1850) m. Sarah
James Coffey (1786)
Celia Coffey (1789-bef 1825) m. Mr Smith
Nancy Coffey (1791-1818) m. Thomas Pendley
Eleanor Coffey (1793/4) m. Jesse Crumpton (m. 1819)
John Coffey (1796)
Polly Coffey (1799)


Children of Archelius Coffey and Eleanor Wade
James M. Coffey m. Frances Lane
John W. Coffey m. Polly Harbord
Jane Coffey m. William Harbord Hezekiah Coffey
Bailey Coffey


James Coffey (b. 1755) moved to Wayne County KY with other members of his family in the early 1800s. Because he was "dissatisfied" with the country, he traded his land grant to Lewis Russell for a plot of land he had remaining in NC and returned to Wilkes Co, NC


Children of Reuben Coffey and Sally Scott
James Coffey (1790) m. Sarah (Sally) Sumter


Children of Ambrose Coffey and Mildred Moore
Jessie Coffey
Thomas Jefferson Coffey (1805) m. Malinda Groves
Washington Coffey
America Coffey m. Samuel Lusk of McMinnville, TN (lived near the Brazos River in Texas)

(Ambrose was in the Rev. War and they lived in Chatanooga TN and then emigrated to Boonesboro KY by 1779. They finally settled in Madison County, KY)


Children of Rice Coffey and Sally Bradford
Hamilton Coffey
Jerush Coffey (1792)
Elvira Coffey (1794)
Henry Bradford Coffey (1795) m. Sarah Edmondson
Mary G. Coffey (1797) m. John Kendall
Weighstill Avery Coffey (1801-1837) did not marry
Alexander Hamilton Coffey (1803-1864) m. Mary E. (Nancy) Weatherly
Martha Coffey (1806-1845) m. Alexander Yell
Benjamin B. Coffey (1809-1864) m. Mary E. Roache
Rice Aber Coffey
John Reid Coffey (1814-1896) m. Mary Ann Cross (1831-1887)
(John Reid Coffey was a Brigadier General of the Alabama Militia)

No. 488, 8 April 1796, BILL SALE from Kenneth McKenzy of Burke County, NC to Rice Coffey for 62:10:0, negro slave girl Clersey, aged 8 years. Wit: Lewis Coffey, Charles Gordon, signed, K. McKenzie

(December 23, 1812 - Rice Coffey from Wilkes Co NC purchased one parcel of land including 658 acres of land from Andrew Jackson (surveyed by Jno. Coffey, Jacksons' nephew by marriage) for 2,000.00, Deed Book E, page 494 and 495.)


Children of Joel Coffey and Martha "Patsy"
Cleveland Coffey m. Elizabeth
James Coffey
Joel Coffey
Nathaniel Coffey (?-1784) m. 1) Louisa Durham; 2) Nancy Clark
Alvina (Elvira) Coffey m. Martin Wright
Carolina Coffey m. Mr. Summers
Martha L. Coffey m. Perry M. Stacy
Frances Coffey m. Andrew Jackson Jones
Henry B. Coffey m. Sara Ann Isbell

No. 134., 27 July 1784 ADMINISTRATION BOND - Elizabeth Coffee, 200 pds. Specie as adrx. estate SALATHIEL Coffee, decsd; Joel Coffee and Nathan Coffee, bondsman.

No. 260 - Will of Joel Coffey, 27 April 1789; July Term 1789
Wife: Martha
Sons: Cleveland, James, Joel and Nathan
Children: Cleveland, James, Joel, Nathan, Cathy, Jane, Sealy & and if wf presently with child....remainder my negroes divided equally. Mentions til youngest child comes of age or marries.
Execr: Nebuzaradan Coffey, Cleveland Coffee (son), John Barlow
Wit: John Barlow, Anaias Allen, John Welch


Children of Lewis Russell Coffey and Jidant Moore
Elizabeth (Betsy) Coffey m. Richard Northcraft Cullom
Rachel Coffey m. Thomas Jefferson Jones
Mary (Polly) Coffey (1800-1855) m. Joshua Oatts (1791-1853)
James Lewis Coffey (1802-1855) m. Sarah Alloway Strange (1807-1885)
Henderson Coffey (1804-1868) m. Minerva Alexander (1805-1881)
Edward Northcraft Cullom Coffey m. Rachel Isaacs
Jessie Moore Coffey (?-bef. 1850) m. Eliza Griffin
Shelby Coffey (1811-1863) m. Zerilda Emarine Meadows (1822-1900)
Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Coffey (1854-1900) m. Cleveland McKendree Coffey (1836-1921)
Cleveland L. Coffey (?-bef. 1850) m. Saphronia Oatts
Benjamin Franklin Coffey (1816-1868) m. Mary Ann Worsham (1826-1886)
Thomas Coleman Coffey (1819) m. 1) Mary (Polly) Havens (?-bef.1848) m. 2) Patience Jane Miller (1828-1855)

Fifth Generation

Children of James Coffey m. Sarah (Sally) Sumter
Nelson N. Coffey (1811-1878) m. Kiziah Watters (1810-1885)
Lewis Coffey (1813) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Watters (1816)
Elizabeth Coffey (1816)
John Coffey (1818) m. Rachael Barrier (1825)
Harden Coffey (1822)
James Coffey Jr. (1823)
Polly Coffey (1826)
Reuben Coffey (1827)
Joseph Coffey (1829) m. Betheda Strunk
Emaline Coffey (1832-1855)

(In about 1815, James Coffey and Sarah moved to Elk Spring Valley, KY to live. Then in 1824, he received a 100 acre land grant located on the waters of the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River (KY) and it was here that their last four children were born.)


Children of Levi Coffey and Dorothy (Dolly) Edmondson
Rice Coffey (1802)
Mary Ann Coffey (1804)
James Coffey (1806)
Robert Coffey (1807)
John Coffey (1809)
Keziah Coffey (1812)
Enoch Coffey (1812)
Elizah Coffey (1814)
Levi Coffey (1817)
Nancy Coffey (1820)


Children of Alexander Hamilton Coffey and Mary E. (Nancy) Weatherly
Rice Coffey (1833-1896) m. 1) Mary Ann Coffey, d/o Benjamin B. Coffey and Mary E. Roache; 2) Sarah Jane (Sally) Helton


Children of Benjamin B. Coffey and Mary E. Roache
Mary Ann Coffey (?-1864) m. Rice Coffey, s/o Alexander Hamilton Coffey and Mary E. (Nancy) Weatherly


Children of Lewis Coffey and Elizabeth
Louney (ca. 1806)
Sarah Coffey (1812-1893) m. Jesse Brawner
Catherine Coffey (not proven)
Webster Coffey (not proven)
Edmond Coffey (not proven)


Children of Sarah (Sally) Coffey and Michael Isreal Jr.
James Israel (1802)
Mary Israel (1804)
Elizabeth Israel (1805)
Celia Israel (1807)
John C. Israel (1811)
Sarah Israel (1814)
Arminta Israel (1818)


Children of Elizabeth Coffey and Archelaus Strange
John Strange (1803)
William Strange (1805)
Abraham Strange (1808)
Lewis Strange (1810)
Archelaus Strange (1812)
Mary Strange (1814)
Levi Strange (1817)
Larkin Strange (1819)
Winston Strange (1821)
Elizabeth Strange (1823)
Ellen Strange (1826)


Mic Barnett furnished the information for John Coffey (born 1753) and Mary (Polly/Molly) line. Mic's e-mail is:

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