First Row - Thomas Cook, Woodrow, Sarah and Lucy Womack (Jim's children) at right Mollie's two boys and Georgina's girl Grace.

Second Row - Mr. Blakely, Frank Cook, Bettie (Jim's wife) Drawary and Ruth Sala Anna and Lucile Womack, back Evelyn Sale, Ruth Brown, Francis Womack, Loa Lash and Wilson in his arms, Sallie, Uncle Jim, Aunt Eliza, Lucy, Mollie, Ross, Jim, Georgia - Right back Mr. Sale, Mrs. Kirk, Mr. Cost Nelson and wife, Mr. Kirk and Fleta, Ethel Brown and Sid.

Back Row - Left to right, Uncle Ross, Mrs. Nancy Cook, Mr. Keller, Ed and Bettie Strupe, Adelia Cook, Nannie and Eliza Douthit, Jim Nelson, Miss Teague, Maude Blakely and Will Sid.