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Matthew Crews Family

Note: probably all the Crews families of Forsyth County are related somewhere back in Virginia, but there seem to be several branches who came separately to this area. Until we can tie them all together, we have kept them on separate pages. You may also want to look at the pages for David Crews and Thomas and Reuben Crews.

In an e-mail dated Aug 25th, 2001, Patricia Anne Crews Nelson identified Matthew Crews' father as Ephraim Crews who was born in Halifax County, VA in about 1760. Ephraim married Rachel McHaney about 1785 and died in Halifax County in 1820.

First Generation

Children of Ephraim Crews and Rachel McHaney
Polly/Patsy Crews m. Samuel Richardson (m. 1804)
Sarah (Sally) Crews m. 1) ?Tucker; 2) Thomas Crews (m. 1810)
Rebecca Crews m. Benjamin Lax (m. 1813)
Matthew Crews (1786-1857) m. Susanah Reeves (m. 1814)
Ephraim Crews, Jr. (1790-1860/69) m. Martha (Patsy) Bruce, d/o John Bruce
Rachel Crews m. Edmund Morefield (m. 1816)
Joseph McHaney Crews m. Elizabeth Bomer (?-1845) (m. 1816)

Second Generation

According to census records, Matthew Crews was born about 1786 in Virginia, and died in January 1857 in Forsyth Co. NC. His wife was Susan or Susannah Reeves, listed in the 1850 census as born in North Carolina about 1794. However, their sons appear in census records as born in Virginia, suggesting that they may not have settled in the Forsyth County area until after about 1824 (but prior to 1834, when oldest son James married in Stokes Co. NC). Susan died in August 1856. Matthew's will, dated May 1856, names four sons.

Children of Matthew and Susan Reeves
James W. Crews (ca. 1815-?) m. 1) Anna Eliza Pryor (ca. 1815-?), 2) Katie Web Hall, d/o Ezekiel Web and Rebecca Fortis (m. 1877)
Charles Edward Crews (1819-1900) m. Susan Marshall (1817-1905), d/o Thomas Marshall and Milly Wagoner
Joseph Lafayette (Lee) Crews (1824-1894) m. Mary E.Rebecca Morris (1836-1910), d/o Frederick Morris and Mary Horn
Matthew John Crews (ca. 1824-?) m. Mary B. Banner (ca. 1823-?)

Third Generation

Children of James W. Crews and Anna Eliza Pryor
Abner H. Crews (1835-?) m. Emily Brown in 1854
Matthew J. Crews (1837-?) m. Martha J. Caudle in 1856
Montford S. Crews (1839-1920) m. Charlotte T. Jones (1840-1901)
William A. Crews (1842-1919) m. Nettie Hendrix (1848-1914), d/o Brantley Hendrix and Martha Jane Riddick
Ephraim W. Crews (1845-?)
George O. Crews (1848-?)


Children of Charles Edward Crews and Susan Marshall
Susan Catherine Crews (1843-1924) m. James Madison Flynt
Rufus W. Crews (1845-1923) m. Susan Frances Guthrie (ca. 1848-bef. 1895), d/o Jackson Guthrie
Joseph E. Crews (1847-1904) m. Mary Ann McMillian, d/o William Millian and Minerva Smith
James Sidney Crews (1849-1929) m. 1) Selena (Lena) Waggoner (ca. 1847-?), d/o Joseph Waggoner and Elizabeth Crews; 2) Sarah Wilson
Matthew John Crews (1851-1900) m. Mary V. Kirby, d/o William and Mary F. Kirby
Milly Ann Crews (1853-1953) m. Abraham Allen Styers (1852-1924)
Walter Crews (1857-?) m. Cora Rothrock (d. 1985), d/o Samuel J. Rothrock and Bashie Tysinger
Mary E. Crews (1861-1939) m. Thomas Jefferson Crews


Children of Joseph L. Crews and Mary Morris
Thomas William Crews (1857-1899) m. Susannah Lucinda Krause


Children of Matthew John Crews and Mary Banner
Alice C. Crews (1848-?)
Albert L. Crews (1850-aft. 1880) m. Elizabeth
Rachael Crews (1852-?)
Mary Crews (1854-?)
Adelaide Crews (1857-?)
Shubal Crews (1860-?)

[These children from Forsyth County census records. There is a World Family Tree entry that gives a very different set of children for this couple.]

Fourth Generation

Children of Montford S. Crews and Charlotte Jones
James M. Crews (ca. 1857-?)
Mary B. Crews (ca. 1859-?)


Children of James S. Crews and Selena Waggoner
Joseph E. Crews (ca. 1871-1945)
Matthew L. Crews (ca. 1873-1944)
John S. Crews (ca. 1874-1941)
Susan A. Crews (ca. 1875-?)
Mary E. Crews (ca. 1878-?)
Delpha A. Crews (1880-?)

Fifth Generation

Children of Thomas William Crews and Susannah Lucinda Krause
Jasper Wade Crews (1882-1913) m. 1) Anna Coleman; 2) Flossie Nevada Tate
Hattie Cleveland Crews (1885-1910) m. John Coleman Shouse
Martha Aider (Mattie) Crews (1880-1953) m. John William Ogburn (1873-aft. 1930)
Susan Carrie Belle Crews (1878-1955) m. William T. Grubbs
William (Willie) Ernest Crews (1887-1892)
Thomas Franklin Crews (b. & d. 1889)
Eva Ethel Crews (1893-1895)
Mary Ola Crews (1895-1966) m. Reuben Grubbs
Harvey Russell Crews (abt. 1900-aft. 1930) m. Maude Norman (abt. 1887-aft.1930)

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We are very grateful to Patricia Anne Crews Nelson who provided us with the early generation of Ephraim Crews. Patricia's e-mail address is:

Information on this family was derived primarily from Forsyth and Stokes County census, marriage, wills and cemetery records.

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