Memoir of Mary Ann Holland Jarvis

Our departed Sister Mary Ann Jarvis late Holland, was born here at Salem, Oct. 8th, 1813 and as an infant was dedicated to the Lord in holy baptism. Her parents were our Br. & Sr. John Frederick & Mary (Holland), late Hamilton, the latter of whom alone survives her only daughter. The deceased attended school at this place & in the sequel, she was confirmed in her baptismal covenant & on the 8th of Apr., 1830, partook for the first time of the sacrament of the Lord's supper. She continued to live under the parental roof, until after the death of her father, which took place Dec 25th, 1843.

On the 23rd of Apr., the following year, 1844, she entered into the state of matrimony with the widower James Jarvis, residing near our meeting house in Hope, in this county, to which congregation she accordingly transferred her membership. Their union was blessed with two children, both daughters.

The family, in the course of last season, were grievously afflicted with sickness, both the parents being taken with the fever then prevailing & dropsical symptoms supervening in the case of our deceased Sister, whose situation was truly alarming, & her recovery altogether doubtful. But, it pleased the Almighty Disposer of events first to take away her husband, who departed this life on the 3rd of Febr. last, only about two weeks after the birth of her youngest child, thus leaving her a widow with two little ones, under circumstances very distressing, (from the testimony of her friends) but which as we have reason to hope, were sanctified to the salvation of her soul in every respect. She was permitted to recover so far, as to accompany her widowed mother to Salem, who, in attending upon the afflicted daughter, had likewise, been taken seriously ill, but who was now enabled to return to Salem, where the deceased, together with her two young & feeble children, again found a temporary home.

On being visited she, of her own accord, observed, that, during her late several illnesses she had not expected to survive, & had endeavored to prepare for her approaching dissolution, but as it had pleased God to spare her, & take her husband, she now desired without further delay to present her little ones in holy baptism to Him, who had entrusted them to her charge. Before this solemn duty would be performed, she sank under the pressure of sickness & affliction. After a restful night, she was, on the morning of Thursday, the 15th, of this month (Apr, 1847) seized with violent convulsions until midnight, when she became more easy, but evidently sinking into the arms of death. While yet conscious at intervals, as we are informed, she feverishly prayed to the Lord, to have mercy upon her; but subsequently, every attempt to address a word of comfort, proved in vain, as she seemed on longer sensible, nor conscious of what passed around her. She was, repeatedly together with her widowed mother & only brother, & with her fatherless babes, commended (in several prayers) to the merciful Saviour of her soul, that He would receive her departing spirit [for the sake of her meritorious death] and approve himself to the services as the friend of the afflicted, the comforter of the widow, & the father of the orphans. The last blessing was imparted in the evening & suitable hymns were sung at intervals by the friends, gathered around the dying bed. She lingered, however, until 5 'oclock in the afternoon of the 16th, when her spirit leaving the clay tabernacle, she gently fell asleep. Her age was 33 years, 6 months & 8 days.

May this afflictive event be sanctified to the surviving relatives, & the 2 little orphans prove the special objects of the surviving guardian care. (The thanks of the family are returned to the sympathizing friends, who showed so much kindness to them & to the deceased, in their time of need.)

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