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Kirby Family

First Generation

The Kirby ancestry is traced on the WorldConnect page of Kathi Wiley ( The first Kirby (also Kerby, Kerbey, Kearby) in the Stokes County area was probably Henry, whose will was probated in 1790, Stokes County. The will names wife Susannah; children Jesse, Pleasant, Sarah Davis, Edmond, Samuel, Sillia Williams, and Dorcas Cunningham; and a granddaughter, Patsy Childress. More details on this family are taken from the aforementioned WorldConnect page.

update, August 12, 2010:. Previously we named Henry's wife as Susannah Wright. She was actually the wife of a different Henry Kirby, who died in Smith Co. TN in 1827 (1829 in some treatments of this family). Probably the two Henrys were related, but we don't know how.

Children of Henry Kirby and Susannah
Jesse Kirby (1768-?)
Sarah Kirby (1758-?) m. ? Davis
Edmund Kirby (1760-?) married, but wife's name unknown
Samuel Kirby (1762-?)
Sillia Kirby (1764-?) m. ? Williams
Dorcas Kirby (1766-?) m. ? Cunningham
Pleasant B. Kirby (1770-1819) m. Elizabeth Hollimon (1770-1842)

The will also names a granddaughter, Patsy Childress. Whose daughter was she?

Second Generation

Children of Edmund Kirby (from WorldConnect page by Tom Buchanan)
Francis Kirby (1774-1854) m. Mary Barry Lawson (1787-1853), lived Chattooga Co. GA
Henry Kirby (1776-1854)
Jesse Kirby (?-1834) m. Jean Martin in 1802
Edmund S. Kirby
Sarah Kirby (ca. 1780-aft. 1850) m. Joel Flanegan (ca. 1780-1826) in 1811, Morgan Co. GA
James Kirby
John Kirby
Patsy Kirby (ca. 1785-?) m. Henry J. Williams


Children of Pleasant Kirby and Elizabeth Holliman (from WorldConnect page by Kathi Wiley)
William H. Kirby (1793-?)
Jesse B. Kirby (1799-1861) m. Elizabeth S. Young, lived Tennessee (this line continues on Kathi's page)
Martha (Patsy) Kirbey (1801-?)
Pleasant Green Kirby (1806-bef. 1860) m. Patience Shore in 1825
James Green Kirby (1814-?)
Edmond Shepherd Lafayette Kirby (1819-?)

Third Generation

Children of Pleasant Green Kirby and Patience Shore
Jesse Lee Kirby (1829-1863) m. Susan Hunter (1829-1901); who were her parents?
Susanna P. Kirby (ca. 1832-?) m. Alexander Smitherman in 1854
Catherine Kirby (ca. 1835-?). Did she marry J. Setliff in 1855?
Martha Kirby (ca. 1838-?)
Pleasant Burke Kirby (1838-1913) m. Martha Ann Felicia Hauser (1837-1910)
Henry R. Kirby (ca. 1841-?)
Patience Emma Malinda Kirby (1845-bef. 1900) m. Henry Benton Hauser (1835-1913)

Who is Jesse Kirby who married Sally Briggs in 1815 and died in 1819?

And then there is Drucilla Kerby or Kirby, b. 1808, who married Isaac Hauser. Who were her parents?

Fourth Generation

Children of Jesse Lee Kirby and Susan Hunter
Patience E. Kirby (ca. 1852-?) m. John D. Loggins
Jane Paulina Kirby (1853-1845) m. Lazarus Shore Grabs (1855-1938)
Mary Malinda Kirby (1856-1916) m. Henry Thomas Moser (1853-1900)
John P. Kirby (1860-1932) m. Addie M. Kiger (1866-1920)
Thomas Kirby (1863-1912) m. Mollie Kiger (1868-?)


Children of Pleasant Burke Kirby and Martha Hauser
Reuben Howard Kirby (1862-1950)
Henry L. Kirby (1864-1935)
Cora Ann Kirby (1867-1946) m. James M. Wall (1859-1945)
John Edwin Kirby (1869-1942)
Columbus Jefferson Kirby (1871-1932) m. Minnie E. ? (1872-1913)
Mary Kirby (1874-1911)
Henrietta Kirby (1876-1938)
Charles Edgar Kirby (1880-1964) m. Doskie Turner


Stokes and Forsyth County NC census, cemetery and estate records

Stokes County Heritage, articles 609 and 610 by Robert Carroll

WorldConnect pages by Tom Buchanan and by Kathi Wiley

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