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Vance Family

First Generation

The will of Andrew Vance, d. 1754 Frederick Co. VA, names sons Samuel, Andrew, and Alexander. This line can be traced back to Ireland. Samuel Vance (1726-1789), thought to be Andrew's son, came to NC before 1784, from Opecquon Creek, Winchester VA, which is given as the birthplace of several of his children. He received a 640 acre land grant near what is now the Guilford/Forsyth county border. He is buried at Old Union Church, Oak Ridge, Guilford Co. NC. His wife's name was Alice.

Second Generation

Children of Samuel and Alice Vance
John Vance (1772-1839) m. Lucrecey (Lucretia?) Whicker? (1772-1859)
David Vance (1745-1820) m. Priscilla Brank 1775, Rowan Co. NC
Nathaniel Vance (1753-1812) m. Mary Dunbar
Samuel Vance (1754-1838) m. Elizabeth Gilmore 1787, Guilford Co. NC
Sarah Vance m. ? Endsley
Hannah Vance (1769-1849) m. John Lowery (1749-1849); m. 1787, Surry Co. NC
Alice Vance
Elizabeth Vance m. ? Cummings
James Vance m. Betsy ?

Third Generation

Children of John and Lucrecey Vance
Ailsey Carr Vance (1794-1861) m. Thomas Albert Sullivan (1795-1873)
Samuel Vance (1796-?) m. Sarah Voss
John Vance (1799-1878) m. Mary A. Marshall (1799-1883)
Nathaniel C. Vance m. Chloe Odum
Sarah Vance m. David L. Whicker
Mary Vance m. 1) James Abram Marshall, 2) Jesse Gibson
Benjamin Franklin Vance m. Elizabeth Hester
Hannah Vance (1809-?) m. Matthew Sullivan
Mariah Vance (1814-1900) m. Col. William Henry Marshall (1809-1892)
William Vance m. Sarah Samuel
Tandy Vance

Fourth Generation

Children of John Vance and Mary Marshall
William Martin Vance (1819-1901) m. Hepsa Jane Smith (1821-1888), d/o Adam Smith and Eunice Starbuck
Lucretia E. Vance (1821-1879) m. Thomas Crews Dean (1818-1906), s/o Archelous Dean and Elizabeth Crews
Elizabeth G. Vance (1823-1909) m. Elijah L. Veach (1816-1883)
John Franklin Vance (1825-1914) m. Sarah E. Barham (1831-1902)
Nathaniel Decalb Vance (1829-1910) m. Eunice Elizabeth Odell (1831-1911)
Maria Jane Vance (1832-1901) m. Solomon Franklin Dean (1825-1899), b, s/o Archelous Dean and Elizabeth Crews
Mary Volinda Vance (1835-1905) m. Israel Roberson (1832-1905)
Sarah Aulena Vance (1838-1910) m. John Alfred Fulp (1835-1914)

Fifth Generation

Children of William Martin Vance and Hepsa Smith
John Smith Vance (1843-1916) m. Susan Melissa Teague (1848-1920)
Laura Ann Vance (1846-1919) m. William Walker Fulp (1839-1899)
Virgil Pitt Vance (1849-1926) m. Laura Jane Dwiggins (1851-1928), d/o Ashley and Sarah Dwiggins
Joseph Addison Vance (1851-1927) m. 1) Adelaide Fogle (1859-1894), 2) Annie L. Pittman (1861-1918), 3) Minnie Kennedy Cole
Mary Louise Vance (1854-1920) m. William Stephen Linville (1852-1927), s/o Moses Linville and Elizabeth Hester
Dewitt Martin Vance (1857-1932) m. Florella Augusta Crews (1862-1959)
Alice Elizabeth Vance (1863-1936) m. Frederick Hubbard Morris (1857-1944), s/o Reuben Morris and Christina Kerner


Children of John Franklin Vance and Sarah Barham
Samantha B. Vance (ca. 1849-?) m. A.F. Robertson
Martha F. Vance (ca. 1851-?)
Walter B. Vance (ca. 1855-?) m. Demaris Elizabeth Farrar
Eliza C. Vance (ca. 1857-bef. 1870)
Mary D. Vance (ca. 1859-bef. 1870)
Augusta M. Vance (ca. 1861-?)
Samuel J. Vance (ca. 1863-?) - did he marry Sally Fulton?
Arcelia Vance (ca. 1866-?)
James Vance (ca. 1868-?)
Mary C. Vance (ca. 1872-?)
Carrie M. Vance (ca. 1875-?)


Children of Nathaniel Vance and Eunice Elizabeth Odell
John W. Vance (1853-1887)
Mary L. Vance (ca. 1856-?)
Marion Vance (ca. 1858-?) (female)
Hepsy Vance (ca. 1862-?)
Martin Vance (1864-1938) m. Carrie L. Cambpell (1863-1907)
Addelie Vance (ca. 1867-?)
Zellar Vance (ca. 1871-?) (female)

Sixth Generation

Children of Joseph Addison Vance and Adelaide Fogle
Clara Vance (1880-1960) m. Charles Shober Siewers (1878-1932)
Lucinda L. Vance (1883-1961) m. W. Ledoux Siewers
Horace Vance (1886-1930) m. Kate Huske
Charles Vance m. Margaret Vaughn

Children of Joseph Addison Vance and Annie L. Pittman
Kemp Pittman Vance (b. & d. 1897)
Anna Rosina Vance (1899-1948)
Joseph Addison Vance (1901-1970)

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Other sources include the Forsyth County census, marriage and cemetery records.

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