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Zevely Family

First Generation

Henry Zevely (1736-1795) was an early settler of Rowan Co. NC. He was born Heinrich Zoblei in Appenzell, Switzerland, and immigrated in 1748 on the Patience. He was in North Carolina by 1760, and married Eleanor Enochs (ca. 1740-1787), daughter of John Enochs and Margaret Van Immen, in 1762. They had several children, among them Vaniman (i.e. Van Immen) Zevely, who stated that he was born in Tiger River, South Carolina, in 1780, but that he was baptized in Salisbury NC. We don't know yet why his family was in SC at the time of his birth, and whether they were living there or merely visiting. In any case they seem to have returned to the Rowan County area eventually.

Second Generation

Children of Henry Zevely and Eleanor Enochs
Margaret Zevely (1764-1845) m. Michael Beard (1765-1841)
John Henry Zevely (1765-bef. 1830) m. Permelia Pendelton (ca. 1797-ca. 1856)
Susanna Zevely (1768-bef. 1812) m. David Miller (1768-?) s/o George Miller and Glory Litsler
Vaniman Zevely (1780-1863) m. 1) Johanna Sophia Schober (1786-1821); 2) Anna Rebecca Holder (1785-1825); 3) Susanna Elisabeth Peter (1786-1873)
Catherine Zevely
Esther Zevely (ca. 1783-ca. 1857) m. Andrew Lopp (1780-1833)
Alexander Martin Zevely (ca. 1786-aft. 1850) m. Rebecca Elizabeth West (ca. 1798-ca. 1825), moved to Missouri about 1818
James Alexander Zevely (ca. 1789-aft. 1860) m. Jane Ross Lankin (1813-1854), moved to Missouri about 1818

By 1797 both Henry and Margaret Zevely were dead, and Vanniman was in the care of his uncle, Isaac Enochs. The Moravian records on July 11, 1797 state: "An outside boy, Vannimmen Zively by name, has come for a while to Br. Wohlfahrt in the cabinet shop. Before her end his mother expressed the wish that when she died he might be brought to the Brethren." Vanniman seems to have done well, since he asked in January 1798 to become a resident of Salem, and the request was granted: "There is no objection because of his conduct; the congregation rules have been read to him and he promises to follow them."

By 1807 Vanniman Zevely was the master joiner in the Single Brothers House. In 1809 he married Johanna Sophia Schober (1776-1821). This marriage seems to have taken place without permission of the church leadership, although both husband and wife were members of the Moravian community, and they were temporarily dropped from membership. They were reinstated as "outside" members in 1810, suggesting that they must have been living outside Salem at the time. Johanna Sophia died in 1821, leaving six young children, and in 1822 Vanniman married Anna Rebecca Holder, who lived only until 1825. His third wife was Susanna (or Sarah?) Elisabeth Peters (1786-1873). Vanniman became a Moravian minister and missionary, and made numerous trips to the Cherokee missions in northern Georgia, and to southwestern Virginia. He died in Salem in 1863.

Third Generation

Children of Vanniman Zevely and Johanna Sophia Schober
Malvina Theresa Zevely (1810-1826)
Nathaniel Alexander Zevely (1813-1888) m. Susan Caroline Larkin (ca. 1837-ca. 1888)
Augustus Theophilus Zevely (1816-1872) m. Lucinda Paulina Blum (1820-1870)
Edmund Samuel Zevely (1818-1884) m. Charlotte Hill Hinkle (1820-1885)
Eleonora Magdalena Zevely (1820-1822)
Johanna Sophia Zevely (1821-1863) m. Albert Israel Butner

Fourth Generation

Children of Nathaniel Alexander Zevely and Susan Caroline Larkin
Anna L. Zevely
Bartrum Zevely
Mollie Zevely
S. Douglas Zevely


Children of Augustus Theophilus Zevely and Lucinda Paulina Blum
Mary Melvina Zevely (1842-?)
Ann Lavinia Zevely (1844-1862)
John Henry Zevely (1848-1936) m. Sarah Elizabeth Pfohl
Ellen Sophia Zevely (1850-1899) m. Charles Buford (1849-1906)
Adelia Elizabeth Zevely (1852-?) m. Thomas R. Purnell

Augustus and Lucinda Zevely's home in Salem is now The Augustus T. Zevely Inn


Children of Edmund Samuel Zevely and Charlotte Hill Hinkle
John Henry Zevely
Sophia Malvina Emma Zevely
Sabina Sophia Zevely
Van Alexander Zevely
Caroline May Zevely

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Faye Jarvis Moran


We are indebted to Patte Wood for information on this family. Patte's ancestor is Vanniman's sister Susanna Zevely, who married David Miller.

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Forsyth County census, cemetery and death records

Additional information on this family was obtained from a WorldConnect page whose contact address is .

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