According to his obituary, Benjamin Jarvis removed to Indiana from North Carolina and settled in Wayne County, Boston Township in about 1806. Benjamin's second son, Samuel was born in North Carolina in 1804 and Benjamin appeared on the lists in a poll book dated 3 April 1809 for the 7th District of Indiana Territory (later organized as Wayne, Randolph and Union Counties). Benjamin served in the War of 1812 and was a Lt. in the Indiana 8th Regt. militia in 1818.  He sat on the first grand jury in Wayne County on 11 March 1811.  He was said to be a staunch Democrat and voted for Thomas Jefferson in 1804.

Benjamin purchased 80 acres from Samuel Job in 1816 in Boston Twp. (E 1/2, SW 1/4, S4, T12, R1). He purchased the W 1/2 from Samuel Job in 1820 and later sold it to his son Thomas in 1834 for $1000. Benjamin also purchased 57 3/4 acres and 28 perches, not adjoining the above 160 acres, from Jeremiah Meek in 1844 (part of NW 1/4 S 17, T13, R1 and of part of SW 1/4, S8, T13, R1). He and his wife Sarah sold 4 acres, a part SW 1/4 of S8 in 1854.  The remainder of the parcel, 54 1/4 acres, was sold in 1861 for $4000.  Then in 1861 he bought a house and lot (N1/2 lot 18) in Richmond, IN for $2,000 where he lived until he died. Benjamin drew up his will July 3, 1862 and died 20 November of the same year. 

His will was filed 28 November.  Under the provisions of the will he gave his four daughters, Melinda Anneson, Lucinda Hunt, Ruth Ann Smithmire and Cynthia Ann Gray $500 each; to Sarah Jarvis, widow of his son Thomas, $30; to Emily Rebecca Mullen $5 (relationship not stated); to the heirs of Sarah Ann Imel (relationship not stated) $1 each.  The residue after the sale of property was to be divided into 6 parts and were distributed as follows: 1 part to son Samuel, 4 parts to each daughter, 6th part divided equally between Elizabeth Jarvis and Zirmi T. Gray (relationships not stated). The $500 left to his daughter Cynthia Ann Gray was to be invested in real estate to ensure a home for her and her children.

Benjamin Jarvis's name appears in the US Federal Census Records, Wayne County, Indiana in 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.

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