The Jarvis Family and Other Relatives

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Zadock Jarvis Family

Continued from James Jarvis Family

Zadock Jarvis, son of James Jarvis and Sarah Kelly was born about 1745. Zadock's brother, Elisha, was born in Maryland in 1757 and I am assuming that Zadock was also born in Maryland. They, along with another brother, James, came to Rowan County, North Carolina in 1781. Zadock, Elisha, and James are among those listed in 1776 Montgomery Co., MD Militia. Previously on this site we listed three or four children of Zadock Jarvis. I have now identifed 11 children belonging to Zadock Jarvis, Sr. Zadock appears in the 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820 Rowan NC census records. His name disappears from Rowan records in 1830. I assumed that Zadock Jarvis, Sr. died in Rowan, NC before 1830. I was wrong. In 1830 he is living in Union Co. Indiana and the census information suggests that Zadock, Sr. is between 80 and 90 years of age!. Another correction is the parent of Valinder Jarvis. Until now, I listed Valinder as a daughter of Zadock, Jr. She was not. She is the daughter of Zadock Sr. as is Nancy Jarvis. Valinder married Abraham Douthit, Jr. and Nancy Jarvis married Abraham Douthit, Sr. I was also able to identify Nathan Jarvis as a son of Zadock, Sr. Nathan married Sally Peck in Rowan Co., NC in 1811. I believe Nathan died before 1829. Click Here to check out the census worksheet that helped me conclude and name Zadock, Sr.'s children.

Ina Douthit states in a booklet on Andrew Douthit (dated 1976): "Abram Douthit Jr, his wife, Valinda Jarvis Douthit, and their seven children.... left Hope, NC in a covered wagon. They joined other families who were going "west." They stopped at different places along the way, staying a while in some places. They stopped in Indiana (wonder if at Orange County or Montgomery County where there were large colonies of Douthits and Elrods?) when Valinda became ill and died. Place of her burial is not known to her descendants. When they reached Arkansas, the Douthit and Alburty families stayed. After two years in Arkansas some of them came to Missouri; among them was Abram Douthit and his family. They settled in the Van Buren Community northeast of Ritchey, Newton County, Missouri." In Here Comes the Douthits

Second Generation:

Children of Zadock Jarvis and his wife
Benjamin Thomas Jarvis (1780-1862) m. 1) Lucinda Job (1778-1797); 2) Sarah Job (1781-1858)
Photo and History of Benjamin Thomas Jarvis
James Lewis Jarvis (abt. 1785-aft. 1856) m. Ruthy Stallings (1787-1872), d/o John Stallings and Elizabeth Cheshire; granddaughter of Burch & Jane Cheshire
Nathan Jarvis, Sr. (?-bef. 1829) m. Sally/Sarah Peck (1793-1865) (m. 1811), d/o Samuel Peck and Rachel
Zadock Jarvis, Jr. (1783-1852) m Lucy Owens (1792-1883) (Lucy d. Cass Co., MI)
Nancy Jarvis (abt. 1793-aft. 1828) m. Abraham Douthit, Sr. (1762-1828) (m. 1818)
Margaret Jarvis (abt. 1795-aft. 1870) m. Conrad Myers (?-bef. 1847)
a daughter is in Zadock, Sr. household in 1790, but not there in 1800.
Valinda Jarvis (abt. 1798-1839) m. Abraham Douthit, Jr. (m. 1816)
unknown son who appears on census records in 1820 (-10)

Third Generation:

Children of Benjamin Thomas Jarvis and 2) Sarah Job
Thomas Jarvis (1799-1860) m. Sarah Davenport (abt. 1810-aft. 1862) (m. 1824 Wayne Co., IN)
Samuel Jarvis (1804-1888) m. Anna Gray
Matilda Jarvis (abt. 1805-abt.1850) m. William Moore (m. 1825 Wayne Co. IN)
Ruth Ann Jarvis (1812-1892) m. John Jasper Smithmeyer (abt.1817-aft.1870) (m. 1848 Wayne Co. IN)
Lucinda Jarvis (1814-1891) m. Charles Hunt (bio) (1813-aft. 1850) (m. 1835, Wayne Co., IN)
Melinda Jarvis (1815-aft. 1850) m. Michael Annson/Anneser (m. 1857 Wayne Co. IN)
Cynthia Ann Jarvis (abt. 1817-?) m. William B. Gray (m. Wayne Co. IN 1837)


Children of James Lewis Jarvis and Ruthy Stallings
Mary "Polly" Jarvis (1805-1879) did not marry
John Burch Jarvis (1807-1884) m. Charlotte W. Burgess (1807-1873)
Zadock Jarvis (1809-1886) m. 1) Jane Gardner (?-1844), d/o of Hugh Gardner & Mary McFadden;
2) Charlotte Spafford (1828-aft. 1856), d/o Orlando O. Spafford and Jane Patton
Mary Jane Jarvis (1812)
William J. Jarvis (1816-1859) m. Margaret Hannah Owings (abt. 1827-?) (m. 1846)
Elizabeth Jarvis (1818-1904) m. Jonathan B. Hunt (bio)
James Lewis Jarvis, Jr. (1821-1870) m. Elizabeth Blair (1829-1924), d/o W. P. Blair
Myers Jarvis (1825-1900) m. Jane Blair (abt. 1829-?), d/o W. P. Blair
Franklin Jarvis (1827-1903) m. Sarah Martha Dryden (1832-1916) (m. 1850)

Who is James Jarvis that married Sarah Simpson in Wayne Co., IN 1844?

In about 1822 this family moved to Wayne/ Union County, IN where they farmed for about 20 years. In 1847 the family moved "lock, stock and barrel" to Louisa County, Iowa. Zadock had moved to Iowa in 1837. They camped on the bank of the Mississippi River for three weeks to cut trees and build a raft to cross the river to their new home.

In the 1856 Census of Louisa County, Iowa James Jarvis and Ruth Stallings Jarvis state they were born in Maryland.


Children of Nathan Jarvis and Sarah Peck
Nathan Jarvis (1820-aft. 1879) m. Nancy Jane Alberty (1845-1923), d/o John Alberty and Susannah Douthit (moved to Newton Co., MO)

Nathan Jarvis letters

Sarah Peck Jarvis had three children after the death of her husband, Nathan Jarvis.

Children of Sarah Peck Jarvis
Bryan Alexander Jarvis (1829) m. 1) Rebecca Livengood (1830-1855); 2) Susan Hanes (1825-1896)
Hogan Jarvis (1830-1863) m. Emily Berryman
Sarah Ann Jarvis (1832-aft. 1866) m. Erasmus Phelps (abt. 1832-died during Civil War)

The will of John Davis in 1835 names his children by Margaret (nee Maddox) and then names Sarah Jarvis and her three children Byrant, Hogan, and Sarah Ann. They received money and Sarah was to live on the plantation and off the land that it produces. In the original will it states Sarah and my children. The "my children" was crossed out and rewritten Sarah's children. We think that these three children are really John Davis's. Margaret's brother who had moved to Putnam Co., GA, came to NC and took the children, James, Caroline, and Emeline Davis after John's death. We never understood why when Margaret's sister, Elizabeth Maddox Helton Jones was living in Davie County. Maybe it was to get the children away from Sarah and John's children, Bryant, Hogan and Sarah Ann.

Also Ransom Ellis was the guardian of John and Margaret's children and also the guardian of Sarah Jarvis's children after the death of John. We think this speaks volumes about the parentage of these Jarvis children.


Children of Zadock Jarvis, Jr. and Lucy Owens
Sarah Jarvis (1815-1889) m. James Moore (1812-1892) (m. 1833 Wayne Co.IN)
Burton Jarvis (1816-1902) (Bio) m. Elizabeth Sparks, d/o David Sparks and Mary Little
Mary (Polly) Jarvis (abt. 1818-1851) m. Joseph Sparks (1814-1905), s/o Cornelius Sparks and Suzannah Stephens
Norman Jarvis (1821-1903) (Bio) m. Margaret Simpson (1825-1909), d/o Elias Simpson and Rachel Taylor
Benjamin Jarvis (1824-1879) was a boatman, m. Frances A. Alexander (1834-1915)
Zadock Jarvis (1827-1909) m. 1) Rebecca Simpson (1831-1867), d/o Elias Simpson and Rachel Taylor; 2) Margaret Cudderback
Edith Jarvis (1831-1859) m. Jonathan P. Roe (1827-?) (married in 1851)


Children of Abraham Douthit, Jr. and Valinda Jarvis
Nancy Douthit (abt. 1818) m. Henry Alburty (1815-1888) (m. 1835 Wayne Co., IN)
Thomas Douthit (1819-?) m. Sarah Alburty in 1842, d/o Frederick Alburty (settled in Arkansas)
Henry Burton Douthit (abt. 1823-aft. 1880) m. Matilda (abt. 1830-aft. 1880) (Newton Co., MO, 1880)
Susan Douthit m. John Alburty, s/o Frederick Alburty
Zadock Douthit (1831-aft. 1880) m. Mariah (abt. 1844-aft. 1880) (born in NC, living in Newton Co., MO, 1880)
3 other children

Fourth Generation

Children of Thomas Jarvis and Sarah Davenport
William Jarvis (abt. 1825-1865) m. Ann Rebecca Taylor (m. 1851 Wayne Co. IN)
Elizabeth Jarvis (abt. 1829-aft. 1860) m. John Moss (abt. 1831-aft. 1860) (living in Harrison, Union, IN, 1860)

Caroline Davenport, age 7, is living with this family in Boston Township, Wayne Co., Indiana, 1850. Who is Caroline?


Children of Ruth Ann Jarvis and John Jasper Smithmire
Sarah Elizabeth Smithmeyer (1849-1915) m. John McCormick (1842-aft. 1888)
Mary Gertrude Smithmeyer (1850-1921) m. James Smith McMullen, Sr.
Joseph W. Smithmeyer (abt. 1852-aft. 1870)
Henry Benjamin Smithmeyer (abt. 1854-aft. 1870)
Rachel Ann Smithmeyer (abt. 1856-aft.1870)
John C. Smithmeyer (abt. 1858-aft. 1870)
Thomas Frederick Smithmeyer (abt. 1863-aft. 1884) m. Rachel S. Hill

Jasper and Ruth Ann moved to Mississippi (after 1870), where Jasper died. Ruth Ann moved to Springfield, Missouri, and lived with her son Henry Benjamin Smithmier (my Great Great Grandfather) where she died was buried. Jasper and Ruth Ann Smithmier's oldest daughter Sarah Elizabeth Smithmier married John McCormick. One of John and Sarah McCormick sons (a twin) was Shuler McCormick (1886-1953), and he wrote a book titled "Who Am I?". This book includes genealogy of the McCormicks, Jarvis, and other related families. Have you heard of this book? I wonder if it may contain information about the Jarvis family that cannot be obtained from other sources? From:


Children of Nancy Jane Alberty and Nathan Jarvis
Lucinda Sarah Jarvis (ca. 1866-1932) m. Joseph H. Beck
Elizabeth Jarvis (abt. 1866-aft. 1870) m. Will Yeoman
Martha Jane Jarvis (1869-aft. 1880) m. Ulysses Grant Stotts
Alice Susan Jarvis (1871-1955) m. Jonathan M. Yeoman
Jonathan Hogan Jarvis (1873-afat. 1880) m. Mary Alice Binney
Alonzo Nathan Jarvis (1876-1950) m. Bertha Loama Harvey (1874-aft. 1930), d/o John Harvey and Louisa Thorn
Theodore George Jarvis (1879-aft. 1930) m. Mrytle Ingram (abt. 1882-aft. 1930)
This family living in Newton County, MO 1870, 1880. Alonzo and George moved to Oklahoma.


Children of Bryan Alexander Jarvis and Susan Hanes
Thomas Jarvis (1860-1917) m. Esther Anne Evans (1862-1943)
Bryan Jarvis (1863-1921) m. Sallie Cornish (1867-1954), d/o Jacob Cornish and Fannie Miller

Bryan Jarvis built this two-story log house with an exterior and brick chimney about 1880/85. The house was expanded and altered by successive generations of the Jarvis family, but the architectural fabric remains largely intact. A log kitchen with a central chimney stands in front of the house. In the cemetery across the road is where Bryan Jarvis, his wife and several members of the Hanes family are buried.

Bryan Jarvis - 1884 Indenture - Davidson County, NC


Children of John Burch Jarvis and Charlotte W. Burgess
Walter S. Jarvis (?-bef. 1850)
Carolina M. Jarvis (1837-1866) (not at home in 1850)
Sarah E. Jarvis (1839-1871) m. Eugene C. Lyman (1829-1900) (m. 1857)
James M. Jarvis (1841-1877) m. Susan Ishmael (1856-1883)
John Logan Jarvis (1843-aft. 1880) m. Samantha Siverly (1846-1910), d/o E. W. Siverly and Nancy Jordan of Ohio


Children of Zadock Jarvis and 1) Jane Gardner
Mary Jane Jarvis (abt. 1837) m. James N. Chapmann (m. 1857)
Ruth A. Jarvis (1839-aft. 1870) m. James Thomas Gawthrop (abt. 1833-aft. 1870) (m. 1858)
3 other children

Children of Zadock Jarvis and 2) Charlotte Spafford
Margaret L. Jarvis (1849-aft. 1870) m. John N. Wood (abt. 1837-aft. 1870) (m. 1866 in Iowa) (did they move to Nebraska?)
John Reed Jarvis (abt. 1850-1915) m. Lucretia (abt. 1853-aft. 1870) (listed as divorced in 1880)
Leander M. Jarvis (abt. 1857-aft. 1870)
Edward E. Jarvis (abt. 1863-aft. 1880)


Children of James Lewis Jarvis, Jr. and Elizabeth Blair
Anderson D. Jarvis (abt. 1851-aft. 1870)
James Leander Jarvis (1852-1928) (did not marry)
Amanda Jarvis (abt 1855-aft.1880)
Arrilla Jarvis (abt 1857-aft. 1880)
Austin M. Jarvis (abt 1859-aft. 1880)
Elmer Parker Jarvis (abt. 1862-aft. 1880) m. Della Ellis (1866) (1862-1954) (m. 1886)
Ulysess Grant Jarvis (1864-aft, 1880) m. Erminnie Jane Niccols
Fannie Jarvis (abt. 1868)
Nevada Jarvis (abt. 1869)


Children of Myers Jarvis and Jane Blair
Ruth Jarvis m. Samuel Stephens (not at home in 1870)
Miranda Jarvis (abt. 1855-aft. 1880) m. Levi Wolfe (abt. 1851-aft. 1880)
James A. Jarvis (1858-1928) m. Flora/Laura Ellen Kirk (1862-1928)
William. J. Jarvis (abt. 1860-aft. 1870)
Zadock (Zeddah) H. Jarvis (1863-1955) m. Maude Eads
Myers Jarvis (1867-aft. 1880) m. Minnie M. Wheeler (1868-1947), d/o Elisha Wheeler and Catharine Hunter
John Wesley Jarvis (1869) m. Joan Virginia Herrick (1868), d/o Henry Herrick and Deliah Herkins,
(John W. Jarvis was first Postmaster of Morning Sun Township, Louisa Co, IA)
Samuel Jarvis (1872-1952) m. Sophia Casten (1875-1952), d/o Samuel Casten and Lottie Lind (?)

Myers Jarvis moved his family to Louisa County, Iowa in 1847. Myers and Jane chartered the Virginia Grove Church, one of the first west of the Mississippi River. Later, in about 1870, they built a small room in Morning Sun which was added to and still stands as the Methodist Church.


Children of Franklin Jarvis and Sarah Martha Dryden
Joel S. Jarvis (1845-1925) m. Flora (Joel not found on the 1870 US Federal Census)
Catherine Jarvis (1851-1852)
Elizabeth M. Jarvis (1854-1887) m. James S. Hewitt (1850-1894)
Mary E. Jarvis (1856-aft. 1870)
Emma J. Jarvis (1858)
Ellsworth S. Jarvis (1861-1943)
William Jarvis (1861-1861)
Harriet (Hattie) Margaret Jarvis (1864-1943)
Nettie A. Jarvis (1865-1868)
Loretta Jarvis (1868-1942) m. Robert D. Mundell
Frank Oscar Jarvis (1872-1943) m. Mae Alice Scott (1884-1962), d/o James F. Scott and Roziella Walker

This family living in Morning Sun, Louisa Co., IA, 1870


Children of Burton Jarvis and Elizabeth Sparks
Lucy Ann Jarvis (1842-1886) m. Frank H. Berrick, M.D
John Jarvis (1844-abt. 1868) was in the hardware business, St. Joseph, MI
Ezra H. Jarvis (1846-abt. 1853)
Zed (Zadok?) Jarvis (1848 -1876) (died in Berrien Co.)
Matilda Jarvis (died in infancy)


Children of Joseph Sparks and Mary "Polly" Jarvis
Liddy M. Sparks (1841)
Lucy Helen Sparks (abt. 1845-aft. 1870)
George E. Sparks (abt. 1847-bef. 1850) (probably died young)
Ira Eldon Sparks (1848-1943) m. Leona Joseph Allen Sparks (1851-1907) m. Margaret Craig

After Mary Jarvis Sparks died in 1851 Joseph married 2nd Caroline Flanegin

Children of Joseph Sparks and Caroline
Levi Carlton Sparks (abt. 1854-1915) m. Bertha Crum Ludwig
Charles Flanigan Sparks (abt. 1856-aft. 1880) m. Minna Ray
Mary E. Sparks (abt. 1860-1896) m. Milton Valentine Nicholson
Netta Sparks (abt. 1866-bef. 1880)


Children of Benjamin Jarvis and Frances A. Alexander
Alice Jarvis (1851-1924) m. Randolph Allen (1846-1926)
Alexander or Allen Jarvis (1853-1857)
Edith Adell Jarvis (1855-1924) m. Frankie "James" Colby (1853-1923)
Margaret Jarvis (1861-1948) m. Charles Avery (1861-1943)
Norman Jarvis (1863-1879) (accidently shot)
Lucy A. Jarvis (1864-1948) m. James B. McCoy (1856-922
Charles Jarvis (1867-1870)
Ida A. Jarvis (1868-1956) m. William J. Parks
Mary (Molly) Jarvis (1870)
Jennie Jarvis (1872 -1873) (died in Cass Co.)


Children of William J. Jarvis and Margaret Hannah Owings
James M. Jarvis (abt. 1848)


Children of Norman Jarvis and Margaret Simpson
Mary (Polly) Jarvis (1843-1913) m. Jacob Springstein (?-1936)
William Jarvis (1844-1924) m. Arvesta Rosella Park (1849-1904)
d/o John and Fannie Park
Lorraine Jarvis (1847-1921) m. Sherwood Thomas (died 1890)
Rachael Jarvis (1850-1923) m. Napoleon B. Makyes (1842-1892)
Franklin P. Jarvis (1851-1920) m. Clara Cooper (1862-1936), d/o Cicero and Hannah Reams Cooper
Jennie Jarvis m. Clinton J. Cribbs (1852-1927)
Thomas Jaspar Jarvis (1857) m. Lena Mabel Hilton
Ella Jarvis (1860-1945) m. Lewis Townsend (1855-1927)
Lucy Helen Jarvis (1863-1943) m. John R. Watson (1858-1929
Mrytle "Mertie" Jarvis (1871-1960) m. 1) Smith McCoy (1868-1892); 2) Clark Churchill (1871-1957)

(Homeplace of Norman Jarvis, La Grange, Michigan)

Norman Jarvis became a boatman and farmer; devoting the summer months to ferrying and in winter, working as a farm hand. The farm consisted of 270 acres of fertile land and all but 60 acres were cultivated or improved. He was a self-made man and an architect of his own fortune. The points in his character were industry and honesty. -----"Portrait and Biographical Record of Berrien and Cass Counties, Michigan," published in 1893.


Children of Zadock Jarvis and 1) Rebecca Simpson
Sarah E. Jarvis (1853-1854)
Henry W. Jarvis (1851) m. Adell Hastings
Helen R. Jarvis (1849-aft. 1880) m. Samuel Bowling (1845-aft. 1880)
Mary Frances Jarvis (1856) m. William Atlee
Almanson Jarvis (twin) (1858)
Almira Jarvis (twin) (1858-aft. 1880) m. Charles Breves

Children of Zadock Jarvis and 2) Margaret Cudderback
Bertie Jarvis (1870-1879)
male infant (1872-1872)
Zadock J. (Zed) Jarvis (1874-1949) m. Myrta Babcock (1875-1965)
John A. Jarvis (1876-1918) m. Ida Bell


Children of Thomas Douthit and Sarah Alburty
William Douthit (1848)
George Douthit (1856-1924) m. Mary Elizabeth Fields

Fifth Generation:

Children of James A. Jarvis and Flora E. Kirk
James Albert Kirk (1895-1962)


Children of William Jarvis and Ann Rebecca Taylor
Elizabeth Jarvis (c.1855)
Charles Leander Jarvis (1857) m. Nancy Jane Miles
Alva Perman Jarvis (1865-1903) m. Grace Houston


Children of James Jarvis and Susan Ishmael
Harriet Jarvis
Virginia Caroline Jarvis (1879) m. Frederick Schoeneman
John Logan Jarvis (1882) m. Ann Harriet (1885-1953) (male) Jarvis (1883)

These children were left by James Jarvis and raised in the Christian Children's Home in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The "Portrait & Biographical Album of Louisa County, Iowa, published 1889, by Acme Publishing Co., Chicago, states that "James M. Jarvis is presently in Pueblo, Colorado". Why did James leave his children in the orphanage? Did he go on to have another family? If you have information on this branch of the Jarvis family, please contact Howard Johnston. Howard's email address is:


Children of John Logan Jarvis and Samantha Siverly
first child died in infancy
Charlotte Izola Jarvis (1871-1895)
Amanda M. Jarvis (1873-1893)
John H. Jarvis (1874-1895)
Wilbur Logan Jarvis (1880-1933) m. Bessie Viola Danielson (1883)
Austin C. Jarvis (1881-1910) m. Bessie Viola Danielson (1883-1973), d/o John Peter Danielson and Mary Waddell
Wesley Ray Jarvis (1884-1884)


Children of Ruth A. Jarvis and James Thomas Gawthrop
Charles Zeddock Gawthrop (1860) m. Laura Bernice Wright (1857)
James Franklin Gawthrop (1862)
Edwin Dallas Gawthrop (1864)
Emily Jane Gawthrop (1866)
William Nesbit Gawthrop (1868)
Sarah Daisy Gawthrop (1875)
Mary Lulu Gawthrop (1877)


Children of George Douthit and Mary Elizabeth Fields
Zed Dave Douthit
11 other children, names unknown at this time


Children of William Jarvis and Arvesta Rosella Parks
John Parks Jarvis (1873-1948) (did not marry)
William Jarvis, Jr. (1882-1936) m. Susan Brunner (?-1950)
Bessie Jarvis (1888-1938) m. George Holladay (1908-1936)


Children of Franklin P. Jarvis and Clara Cooper
Burton (Bertie) Jarvis (b. & d. 1878) died in infancy
Norman Jarvis (1880-1943) m. Alice Fowler (1886-1925)


Children of Thomas Jarvis and Esther Anne Evans
Joseph Robert Jarvis (1892-1943)
Sarah Samatha Jarvis (1897-1983) m. Estell William Gilmore

Photographs of the Thomas Jarvis Family

Thomas and Esther Jarvis lived in Brandon, Texas. The Cowboy and the Heiress is their story, written by Betty Gilmore Hodge, a direct descendant.


Children of Bryant Jarvis and Sallie Cornish
Mary Jarvis (1888-?) m. W. L. Watkins
Suzie/Susie Jarvis (1897-aft. 1920) m. W. H. Shannon (1881-1966)
Fanny Lillian Jarvis (1899) (age of 4 months)


Children of Alonzo Nathan Jarvis and Bertha Harvey
Lloyd Jarvis (1896)
Blanche Minnie Jarvis (1898-1988) m. Verdy Lonzo "Bert" Walker
Theodore Harvey Jarvis (1900-1973) m. Gertrude Folk
Bailey Durard Jarvis (1902-1996) m. Marie Wallen
Alicia Anita Jarvis (1905-1990) m. Elmer Lee Ellsworth
Leeta Beryl Jarivs (1908-1980) m. Merle Harvey Welch
Frankie Lovetta Jarvis (1910-1969 m. Tom D. Lett
Freda Marie Jarvis (1913) m. Cecil Calbert Hestand, s/o James Hestand and Marinda Sanders
Floyd Jarvis (1915)
Gladys Irene Jarvis (1916) m.Oscar Lee "Bill" Hestand, s/o James Hestand and Marinda Sanders Alonzo Nathan Jarvis, Jr. (1919) m. Agnes Lorene Dixon, d/o Leonlis Dixon and Mary Booth


Children of Theodore George Jarvis and Myrtle Ingram
Oris Eldon Jarvis (1901-1904)
Emitt Jarvis (abt. 1908-aft. 1930)
Earl Jarvis (1904-1904)
Georgia Jarvis (abt. 1917-aft. 1930)
George Jarvis (abt. 1919-aft. 1930)

Sixth Generation:

Children of Norman Jarvis and Alice Fowler
Charlie Jarvis (1906-1936) Alice Elaine Jarvis (1925) m. 1) Clovis Greenwood (1923-1949); 2) Harold McCollum


Children of Charles Zeddock Gawthrop and Laura Bernice Wright
Jessie Bernice Gawthrop (1883-1964) m. Charles Rudolph Linder (1881-1954)
Ray Wright Gawthrop (1888)
Giles Gawthrop (1890)
Howard William Gawthrop (1893-1937)
Mary Gawthrop (1899)

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran

Contacts and Sources:

Thanks to Laura Linder for giving us the Gawthrop line. Laura's e-mail address is:

Thanks to Irma J. Bowman of Eustis, Florida for filling-in many of the gaps!

Many thanks to Joanne Gorham of Cassopolis, MI and a direct descendant of William Jarvis and Arvesta Park. Joanne filled in and corrected several generations for this line. Joanne's e-mail address is:

Laura Linder is researching this Jarvis branch and is a direct descendant of the Jarvis/Gawthrop. Her e-mail is:

Words are not enough to thank Julie LeHunt for the photograph of Benjamin Jarvis. If you are a Jarvis researcher, you need to thank her too! Julie's e-mail address is: e-mail:

Many, many thanks to Christina LaVonne for furnishing the line of Benjamin Jarvis and Sarah Job! Christina's email address is:

Personal communications with Larry Jarvis. Larry provided lots of information and documentation for the Myers and James Lewis Jarvis lines. Larry's e-mail :

Personal communication with Paul Moore. Paul is especially interested in the Jarvis/Moore lines. His email address is:

Personal communications with Howard Johnston. His email address is:

Personal communications with James Jarvis of Chicago, IL., a direct descendant of Zadock Jarvis

Research efforts of Anne Hood

Privately published papers of Jarvis Family

The Maryland Militia in the Rev. War, S. Eugene Clements and F. Edward Wright

A 20th Century History of Cass Co., L. H. Glover, 1906

1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 Census Record, Berrien Co, Michigan

Rowan County, NC Marriage Records

Cass County Cemetery Records for Dewey Cemetery, Prospect Hill Cemetery and Riverside Cemetery

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