Thomas Cheshire Family

According to 1850 census records Thomas Cheshire was born in Davidson County, NC in 1804. He married Sarah Richardson in Davie County, NC January 7, 1832. By 1853 several of their children are living in Montezuma Township, Poweshiek County, Iowa. John W., the eldest son of Thomas and Sarah was founder of the Montezuma Republican which was a weekly newspaper that began publishing in 1856.

Children of Thomas Cheshire (abt. 1804-aft. 1850) and Sarah Richardson (abt. 1809-aft. 1850)
John W. Cheshire (1833-1877) m. Grace M. Vestal (1831-aft. 1900), d/o Bartholomew Vestal and Martha (Patsy) Davis
Francis A. Cheshire (abt. 1834-1882) m.1) Rachel E. Tucker (?-bef. 1855); 2) Mary Gowan (1838-bef. 1860),
granddaughter of Tennison Cheshire and Mary Shaw; 3) Cerintha Marlow (abt 1841-aft. 1880), d/o William Marlow
Sarah E. Cheshire (abt. 1835-aft. 1850) m. James Spillman (abt. 1833-aft. 1850)
Mary Ann Cheshire (abt. 1838-aft. 1880) m. Thomas Breadford Tucker (abt. 1830-aft. 1880)
Nancy Louise (Lou) Cheshire (abt. 1840-aft. 1850) m. Nathan Smoot (1835-1863), s/o Alexander Smoot and Temperance Neely
Martha M. Cheshire (1843-1919) m. Edward M. Anderson (1836-aft. 1900) (moved to Montezuma, Iowa after 1860)
Rachel Elizabeth Cheshire (abt. 1844-aft. 1880) m. James M. Ijams (moved to Iowa, then Kansas)
Emily M. Cheshire (abt. 1848-aft. 1860)
Thomas Marion Cheshire (abt. 1851-aft. 1860)

ANDERSON, Mrs. Martha. Died March 31, 1919, age 70. Sister of John Cheshire, founder of Montezuma Republican, Montezuma, Iowa. Mother of eight children, four survive: Lee; James; Frank; Cecil. Sisters: Mrs. Elizabeth James of Kansas; Mrs. N.A. Tucker of Marshalltown, Iowa; and a brother, Marion of S.D. and John Cheshire, deceased.

Second Generation

Children of John W. Cheshire and Grace M. Vestal
Sarah (Sallie) M. Cheshire (abt. 1853-aft. 1870) m. Joseph E. Shipley
Thomas Abbot Cheshire (1854-1931) m. 1) Virginia Belle McClellan (1862-1880); 2) Harriett Louise (1865-1932)
Milton Finley Cheshire (abt. 1858-aft. 1910) m. 1) Eliza; 2) Blanche (abt. 1858-aft. 1910) (moved to Chicago)
Carey A. Cheshire (abt. 1862-aft. 1901) (did not marry)
Addie Grant Cheshire (1866-aft. 1900) m. Frank Randolph (1866-aft. 1900)
Charles Coffey Cheshire (abt. 1868-aft. 1880)

John W. Cheshire taught school in the court-house in the year 1852-3. Mr. D. Deane, Miss Carter, Mr. Byer and W.R. Lewis were among the early teachers. Then came S.W. Bosley, Roderick Rose, Miss Belle Patterson and Roderick Rose again, who is now mayor of the city of Davenport.

Cheshire, John W. Age 29. Residence Montezuma, nativity North Carolina. Enlisted Aug. 22, 1862. Mustered Oct. 1, 1862. Discharged for disability May 26, 1863, Mound City, Ill.


Children of Francis A. Cheshire and Cerintha Marlow
Mary E. Cheshire (abt. 1874-aft. 1880)
Sallie E. Cheshire (abt. 1875-aft. 1910) (not married in 1910)
Charles F. Cheshire (abt. 1878-aft. 1900)

John W. Cheshire and his brother Francis A. Cheshire are found in the 1870 US Federal Census, Montezuma, Iowa. Both are Clerks in the District Court.


Children of Nancy Louise (Lou) Cheshire and Nathan Smoot
Neely Smoot
Walter Smoot (1857) m. Maggie Steel
Mattie Smoot (1862) m. John Henry Dwiggens


Children of Martha M. Cheshire and Edward M. Anderson
Doctor John L. Anderson (abt. 1859-aft. 1880)
Emily J. Anderson (abt. 1861-aft. 1900)
James E. Anderson (abt. 1863-aft. 1870)
Thomas L. Anderson (1866-aft. 1880)
Mary J. Anderson (abt. 1870)
Francis W. Anderson (1876-aft. 1900)
Cecila Anderson (1880-aft. 1900)

Third Generation

Children of Thomas A. Cheshire and Virginia Belle McClellan
Virginia C. Cheshire (1880-aft. 1900)

Children of Thomas A. Cheshire and Harriett L.
Henry H. Cheshire (1890-aft. 1910)
Everett E. Cheshire (1893-aft. 1910)

CHESHIRE, THOMAS A.- Jackson Twp.-pg 645-6. Born in Pleasant township, this county, April 2, 1854; remained on the farm ten years, during which time he attended school at the old log school-house that stood for years at Blue Point. After removing to Montezuma he attended the graded school there until the course of study had been completed, then went to Iowa College, and afterward to the State University located at Iowa City. Owing to ill health he did not take a regular college course. When he was seventeen years old he entered the Republican printing office and served an apprenticeship of three years. Having a natural inclination for the legal profession, at the age of twenty he entered the law school at Ann Arbor, Michigan, and after two years study received a diploma and the degree of LL.B. He then opened a law office in Montezuma, and practiced his profession for a year, at the end of which time, his father's death made it necessary for him to abandon his profession and take charge of the Republican. He edited the paper for three years, and then again entered his chosen field-the law-and is now one of the firm of Lewis, Clark & Cheshire. Mr. Cheshire was married September 18, 1879, to Miss Virginia Belle McClellan, who was born May 25, 1862, at Montpelier, Williams county, Ohio, and died August 3, 1880, eight days after the birth of a daughter.

Mr. Clark retired and his place was taken by Thomas A. Cheshire and the firm became Cole, McVey & Cheshire. This partnership was dissolved in 1896 when Judge McVey formed a partnership with his son, Edmund H. McVey.


Children of Milton Finley Cheshire and Eliza
Artie W. Cheshire (abt. 1875-1912)

Children of Milton Finley Cheshire and Blanche
Chester Ward Cheshire (1882-aft. 1910)
Daisy Cheshire (1883-aft. 1910)
Nellie Cheshire (1885-aft. 1910)
John W. Cheshire (1888-aft. 1910)


Deed of Indenture, Thomas Cheshire, Davidson County, NC
Most of the records used to create this page were found on
1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, US Federal Census Records

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