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Delashmutt Family

Family name also spelled de la Chaumette

First Generation

Elias Delashmutt (?-ca.1752) m. Elizabeth Nelson (m. bef. 1743)
John Delashmutt, a brother to Elias, married Sarah Nelson (a sister to Elizabeth?)

Second Generation

Children of Elias Delashmutt and Elizabeth Nelson
Elias Delashmutt Jr.
Basil Delashmutt (bef. 1752-?)
Lindsey Delashmutt (?-1791) m. Sarah Trammell, d/o John Trammell. Sarah married Ralph Briscoe in 1792 after Lindsey's death
Ann Delashmutt m. unknown Warfield
Rachel Delashmut m. unknown Lemaster
Elizabeth Delashmutt m. Edward Bolter
unnamed daughter m. Mr. Noland

Third Generation

Children of Elias Delashmutt and (?)
Elias Delashmutt (abt. 1760-?) m. Maria Padgett (1771-1843)

Elias Lashmit name is found on a "Marriage License Purchase List" in Surry County, February 23, 1790. (From T & C Papers: County Settlements-Marriage Licenses, Boxes 11-97, at the NC State Archives. Compiled by Dr. Charles R. Holloman, for The NC Genealogical Society Journal, Volume III, No. 3, August 1977.


Children of Lindsey Delashmutt and Sarah Trammel
Trammel Delashmutt

Fourth Generation

Children of Elias Delashmutt and Maria Padgett
Benjamin Lashmit (1794-1858) m. 1) Sarah Harder (?-bef. 1835); 2) Nancy Alspach (?-bef. 1842); 3) Sarah (Sally) McBride (1814-aft. 1860)
Jane (Jennie) Lashmet (ca. 1795-?) m. Joseph Spaugh
Lidia Lashmet (1796-?) m. Peter Moss, s/o Henry Moss (Maas) and Milca Peddicord
John Lashmit (abt.1798-1865) m. 1) Pauline "Polly" Huff; 2) Sally Wood; 3) Lucretia Rucker
Elias Delashmutt (1800-aft. 1870) m. Betsy Lane (?-bef. 1850)
Mary M. Lashmit (abt. 1802-1860) m. Abraham Wood (1802-1845)
Elizabeth Lashmet (1805-1863) m. Rev. John Alspaugh
Sally Lashmet (1807-1872) m. Jonathan Orrell (1815-1880), s/o John Orrell and Nancy Coleman Cheshire
Thomas A. Lashmit (1809-1877) m. Elizabeth Thomas (1816-1896?)
Nancy Lashmet (ca. 1813-?) m. Washington Green (ca. 1817-?)
Isar Lashmet
(Note: Documentation for Lidia and Isar has not been located but we believe they are children of Maria and Elias Delashmutt)

Fifth Generation

Children of Benjamin Lashmit and Sarah Harder
Benjamin Franklin Lashmit (1824-1874) m. Maria Louisa Transou (1828-1872)
John Lashmit (1826-1887) m. Paulina Henrietta Transou (1833-1876); 2) Mary Ridings
Thomas A. Lashmit (1831-aft. 1850) m. Rebecca Ketner (1833-?)

Can anyone confirm Sarah Harder's name for us? Hartman family researchers record a Catharina Hartman who married Benjamin Lashmit. The ages would be about right - could Sarah Harder really be Catharina Hartman?

Children of Benjamin Lashmit and Nancy Alspach
William E. Lashmit (1838-aft. 1850)
Abigail Lashmit (1840-aft. 1850) m. George Michael Sides (1834-?)

Children of Benjamin Lashmit and Sarah McBride
Catherine Samantha Lashmit (1846-aft. 1860)
Lusetta Lashmit (abt. 1850-aft. 1860). Did she marry a Boner?
Jesse Albert Lashmit (1852-1910) m. Carrie Cornelia Rominger, d/o David Rominger and Phoebe Stewart
Mary J. Lashmit (abt. 1858-aft. 1860)


Children of Elias Delashmutt and Betsy Lane
Sarah C. Lashmit (1832-aft. 1850)
John W. Lashmit (1833-aft. 1880) m. Elizabeth (abt. 1839-aft. 1870); 2) Nancy Orrell (?-1918)
Mary L. Lashmit (1835-aft. 1850) m. John D. Vogler
Nancy Emily Lashmit (1837-aft. 1880)
Wesley M. Lashmit (1838-1870)
Francis M. Lashmit (1843-aft. 1860)

In the 1880 US Federal Census, Forsyth Co., NC, J. W. Lashmit identifies Sarrah Lashmit, age 70, as his mother. In the same household is Emily Lashmit, age 40, identified as John's sister. -------------

Children of Thomas A. Lashmit and Elizabeth Thomas
Margaret L. Lashmit (1840-aft. 1860)
William F. Lashmit (1841-aft. 1870) m. 1) Lydia Hier (ca. 1838-bef. 1880); 2) Madora Sarah Robinson (abt. 1859-aft. 1880)
Martha J. Lashmit (1843-1922) m. William Renatus Schneider (1841-1910)
Sarah Lashmit (1845-1890) m. William F. Burk (1847-1891)
Adeline Cynthia Lashmit (1847-1912) m. Frank R. Nifong (1838-1918)

Several dates and spouses were added to this family on December 29, 2003

Sixth Generation

Children of Benjamin Franklin Lashmit and Maria Louisa Transou
Flavius L. Lashmit (1851-1896) m. 1) Sarah Ann Rominger (ca. 1848-bef. 1890); 2) Mary Brown (abt. 1857-?)
Frances Matilda Lashmit (1853-1872)
William Emory Lashmit (?-bef. 1860)
Ellen V. Lashmit (1858-1893) m. Ingram Young Clodfelter (1858-1951)
Cornelia A. Lashmit (1871-1947) m. Dewitt C. Clodfelter (1843-1911)
Mary Elizabeth Lashmit (1863-1934) m. George W. Williard (?-1943)
Henry Theophilus Lashmit (1866-1895) m. Mary Catherine Miller (1870-1924)
Wiley Samuel Lashmit (1871-1926) m. 1) Julia Ladora Dillworth (1876-1926), d/o A. Jackson Dillworth and Susan Lancaster; 2) Sarah White Sappenfield


Children of John Lashmit and Paulina Henrietta Transou
Julius F. Lashmit (1852-1923) m. Lucy Emeline Rominger (1851-1945)
[error corrected 12/29/03]
Hasiltine Lashmit (1854-1920) m. Emanuel Smith (1837-1912), s/o James L. and Elizabeth Smith
Rebecca Lashmit (1857-1887) m. 1) Enoch Myers; 2) Henry W. Payne (1857-1887)
Alexander (Sandy) Lashmit (1860-1887) m. Mary Ellen Flynt
John Emery Lashmit (1863-1925) m. Mary Eliza Lee (1865-1945)
Mary Maria Lashmit (1866-1951) m. James E. Petree (1859-1945)
Wilamenia Lashmit (1868-?) m. Frank Brewer
William Madison Lashmit (1872-1893)

Children of John Lashmit and Mary Ridings
Henry E. Lashmit (?-1956)


Children of Jesse Albert Lashmit and Carrie Rominger
Martha E. Lashmit (abt. 1887-aft. 1900)
Harvey H. Lashmit (1889-1956)
Julius Frankin Lashmit (1892-1964) m. Augusta Ellen Brinkley (1895-1964), d/o Samuel P. Binkley and Emily (Emma) Boyer
Lula/Lelia A. Lashmit (1893-1958) m. Joseph Luther Hicks (1890-1958)
Nora L. Lashmit (?-1968) m. Boyer

Children of John W. Lashmit and Elizabeth
Martha Lashmit (abt. 1867-aft. 1880)
Martin Lashmit (abt. 1869-aft. 1870)

Children of John W. Lashmit and Nancy Orrell
Augusta L. Lashmit (abt. 1877-1932)
John J. Lashmit (abt. 1879-aft. 1880)


Children of William F. Lashmit and Lydia Hier
Enoch Lashmit (abt. 1869-aft. 1880)
James Luther Lashmit (abt. 1872-1975) m. Mary Snow

Seventh Generation

Children of Flavius L. Lashmit and Sarah Ann Rominger
Lucy L. Lashmit m. Robert Crutchfield (?-1968)


Children of Wiley Samuel Lashmit and 1) Julia Ladora Dillworth
Earshlie Myrtlene Lashmit (1896-1988) m. Robert Armstrong
Eva Frances Lashmit (1898-1988) m. Gaither Cebon Transou, Sr.
Clyde Lancaster Lashmit (1900-1970) m. Bessie Dunlap


Children of John Emery Lashmit and Mary Eliza Lee
Mary Alice Lashmit (1887-1936) m. H. Thomas Clayton
Charlie Seber Lashmit (1889-1975) m. Percy Holder
John Emery Lashmit (1892-1893)
Oscar Lee Lashmit (1894-1969) m. 1) Sarah Yates; 2) Valley Anderson
Rosa B. Lashmit (1897-1988) m. William Henry Harrison Johnson
Henry Sidney Lashmit (1898-1967)
Louella Lashmit (1900-1960) m. Dewey Clinton Brewer (?-1954)


Person communications with (Ms.) Berry Sink. Berry provided the information for Wiley Samuel Lashmit's family and her e-mail address is:

1850 Census Records, Forsyth County, NC

Pioneers of Old Monocacy, The Early Settlement of Frederick Co Maryland, 1721-1743, Grace L. Tracey & John P.Dern

Moravian Families of Carroll's Manor, Frederick Co MD, written by George Ely Russell, pub 1989, Catoctin Press

Frederick County, MD Equity, Liber JS-1, Folio 439-447  dtd 21 Oct 1817, Christian Kemp  vs  Charles Cunningham. In John Trammell's will, he left 100 acres of timberland to his grandson Trammell Delashmutt, tract "Trammell's Conoy Islands."  John Trammell also gave his grandson, Trammell Delashmutt, his slaves, negro Isabella and her seven children:  Morris, George, Tom, Clary, Loyd, Daniel and Rachel.  His will was signed 1 Jan 1784.

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