The Jarvis Family and Other Relatives

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Doub Family, continued

Third Generation

Children of Peter Doub and Elizabeth Brantley
William C. Doub (1824-1896) m. 1) Laura Blake, 2) Susan Duty
Mary F. Doub
John Doub
Martha Elizabeth Doub (1829-1913 error in death date corrected 9/19/10) m. Charles Yates
Mary Margaret Doub (1835-1855)
Peter Doub m. Martha Doub, d/o John Wesley Doub and Elizabeth Dull

From Olin Doub's records, quoted by Eva Holder Doub

"Peter was very strong in his young days. His brothers said they could hardly keep him in tools on the farm - he would break them as fast as they could make them. He also had a strong, pleasant voice. When in his prime he could be distinctly heard half a mile away when preaching. He often preached four hours at one time.. In 1820 he was ordained Deacon by Bishop George at Richmond VA, and in 1822 he was ordained Elder at New Bern. He was a temperance lecturer in 1854. He was perhaps better known in his day than any other man in North Carolina, for he traveled the state over, preaching, lecturing and founding Methodist churches. Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him in 1854 at Trinity College (now Duke University) and he was Professor of Biblical Literature there from 1867 to 1869 when he died."

Fourth Generation

Children of William C. Doub and Laura Blake
William Blake Doub (1852-1896) m. Josephine Byron
Landon L. Doub (1853-1932) m. Pattie Anderson
Bennett F. Doub (1855-?) died in infancy

Children of William C. Doub and Susan Duty
Laura G. Doub (1865-1941) did not marry
Rebecka B. Doub (1867-1886) did not marry
Fletcher Harris Doub (1869-1952) m. Maria Susana Matino
Agnes Duty Doub (1872-1935) m. Samuel Allen Kerr


Children of Peter and Martha Doub
Charles Doub
Octavia Doub

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