Foster Family of Wilkes County, NC

Foster Family of Wilkes County

Dr. Bill G. Foster has researched the Foster family for several years and continues to collect information. He has helped several Foster researchers with their lines and has come forward to help others. Bill has an extensive database on southern Foster families and will be glad to help. You can email Bill Foster at:

Dr. Foster has provided information on the Foster Immigrant(s)

First Generation

Children of Richard/James Foster
Robert Foster (1651-1716) m. Elizabeth Garnett (?) (born and died in Virginia)
John Foster (abt. 1665-1735) m. Ruth in 1683 in Gloucester County, VA.
Richard Foster (?)

Second Generation

Children of Robert Foster and Elizabeth Garnett (?)
Robert Foster (abt.1685 -1720) m. Ann Lloyd (no known children)
James Foster (abt. 1687)
John Foster (abt. 1689 - after 1760) m. Isabella Golding
Barbary Foster (abt. 1691-after 1763, VA) m. Richard Loving
Richard Foster (abt. 1693-1783) m. 1) Sarah "Sally" (Fox?)
George Foster (abt. 1695-1789) m. 1) Mary Singleton
Thomas Foster (abt. 1696-1769) m. 1) Elizabeth Meadors, 2) Caroline/Carolyn Rogers (Thomad died in South Carolina)
William Foster (abt. 1698-abt. 1767) m. Ann Booker
Anthony Foster (abt. 1699-1763) m. 1) Martha Taliaferro, 2) Mrs. Sarah Sparks
Margaret Foster (abt. 1701-abt. 1716) (died in Virginia
Elizabeth Foster (abt. 1703-bef. 1777) m. William Golding (died in South Carolina

Third Generation:

Children of John Foster and Isabella Golding

Sarah Foster (abt. 1713-1801) m. Thomas Crutcher Jr. (died in Kentucy)
Thomas Foster (abt. 1716-1791) m. Ann Garnett (Thomas died in Virginia)
John Foster Jr (abt. 1719-abt. 1764) m. Averilla Haskew (John died in Virginia)
Philadelphia Foster (abt. 1722-1786) m. John Snell, Jr. (died in Kentucky)
Anthony Foster (abt. 1727-1812) m. 1) (Sarah?) Tinsley, 2) Sarah Golding (died in South Carolina)
Judith Foster (1731-aft. 1830) m. Spencer Bobo (died in South Carolina)


Children of Thomas Foster and 1) Elizabeth Meader
William Foster
Thomas Foster (abt. 1724-1786)
George Foster (abt. 1726-abt. 1788) m. Susannah Pollard
James Foster (abt. 1728-abt. 1750) m. Martha Fowlkes (?)
Jane Foster (abt. 1730)
Richard Foster (abt. 1731-1819)
Alexius Meador Foster (abt. 1742-?) m. Ann Glenn (died in Virginia)


Children of Anthony Foster and Martha (Taliaferro?)
Edmund Foster (?-1748) m. Tabita Collins (a sister of Mrs. Ann Widsom)
Thomas Foster (?-1763) m. Dorothy Gatewood
Anthony Foster (1741-1816) m. Rose Coleman
John Foster m. Elizabeth Elley

Fourth Generation

Children of Thomas Foster and Ann Garnett
Sarah Foster (abt. 1743-1830) m. William Kindall
Nancy Ann Foster (abt. 1745-1833) m. William Robins (?-1773/74)
Mary Foster (abt. 1747/48-after 1831) m. Capt. Thomas Robins (moved 1815 to Bedford Co TN)
Thomas Foster Jr. (1750-1831) m. 1) Mary Sawyer (d. before 1777);
2) Frances Jones, d/o Hugh Jones, Sr. of Orange Co. VA
Frances Foster (abt. 1752-1844) m. Morton Jones (abt. 1747-1841) (moved in 1818 to Bedford Co TN)
Phoebe Foster (abt. 1754-1827) m. George Garnett Jones
Elizabeth Foster (abt. 1756-1848) m. Maj. Benjamin Jones (1750-1820)
Lucy Foster (1760-1834)
Mildred Foster (1761/1762-1855) m. Thomas Goforth (?-1819) (a native of New Jersey)
John Foster (abt. 1763-1824) (did not marry)

Fifth Generation

Children of Thomas Foster Jr. and Frances Jones

Anthony "Jack" Foster (1781-1813) m. Lucy Goforth (his first cousin)
John Foster (1782-1860) m. Ann Vannoy (1790-1873) (fifteen children)
Achilles Foster (1784-1843) m. Lavinia Goforth (his cousin)
Mary Foster (1786-1840/50) (see notes below) m. Joseph Dike Jones
Ambrose Foster (abt. 1787-1832) m. 1) Frances/Fanny Jones,
2) Mary Ellen Miller (abt. 1797-1878)
Thomas Foster III (1790-after 1850) m. Nancy Case (left Wilkes County after 1820)
Benjamin Foster (1792-bef. 1860) m. Phoebe Case
Hugh Edmund Foster (abt. 1795-after 1860) m. Sarah

(Note: Mary Foster (b. 1786) is presumed to be the mother of a natural daughter, Lucinda Foster, born ca. 1804, who was reared by her grandparents. Lucinda Foster married Thomas Northern in 1825.)


Children of Mildred Foster and Thomas Goforth
Lucy Goforth (1789-1855) m. Anthony Foster (her first cousin)
John Goforth (abt. 1790-aft. 1850) m. 1) Rhoda Parsons (?-1830); 2) Elizabeth Kendall (no issue)
William Goforth (abt. 1792-1850/60) m. Sarah Foster (abt. 1788-1880)
Lavinia Goforth (1795-aft. 1880) m. Achilles Foster
Philadelphia Garnett Goforth (abt. 1798-1846) m. Wyatt Rose (1813-1901)
Amelia Goforth (abt. 1800-abt. 1877) m. Rev. Edmund Tilley (abt. 1807-?) (no issue)
Nancy Dollins Goforth (1803-after 1880)
Phoebe Goforth (1805-after 1880)


Chiildren of John Foster and Ann Vannoy
William B. Foster (1810-?) m. Mary Ann Jones
Thomas Foster (1811-1887) m. Barbara Perlina Fyffe (1810-1890)
Jesse Franklin Foster (1812-1887) m. Hulduah E. Rhamo England
John Foster (1814-1897) m. Sarah Jane Julian (1824-1907)
Mary Susan Foster (1816-1885) m. Nathan Ward (1809-1873)
Achilles Foster (1817-1892) m. Martha J. Bookout (1836-1910)
Francis Elinor Foster (1818-1904) m. William Bourne Johnson (1817-1856)
Hugh A. Foster (1821-?) m. Matilda Lusk
Elisabeth Foster (1822-1897) m. Alfred M. Foster (1817-1867)
Ambrose Foster (1825-1861) m. Mary McMenamy (1832-1873)
John J. Foster (1822-1892)
Joel Edmund Foster (1828-1907) m. 1) Eleanor Davis (1826-1893),
2) Elisabeth Anne Neal (1899-1982)
Ance Foster (1831-1890)
Jane Emaline Foster (1833-1885) m. 1) John W. Bowman (1827-1864),
2) William Locke Johnson (1841-1928)
Benjamin Franklin Foster (1836-1906) m. Sarah Forrester (1842-?)

Sixth Generation:

Children of Ambrose Foster and Frances Jones
Frances "Fanny" Foster (1815- bef. 1890) m. Lindsay Triplett


Children of Ambrose Foster and 2) Mary Ellen Miller
Alfred Miller Foster (1817-1867) m. Elizabeth Foster, d/o John Foster and Ann Vannoy
Rebecca Foster (1820-1865) m. Andrew Jackson Jones
John J. Foster (1822-1892) m. Sarah Ann Foster, d/o John Foster and Ann Vannoy
William M. Foster (1824-1876) m. Paulina Wages
Thomas Jones Foster (1826-1906) m. Frances Ann Tate
Edmund Franklin Foster (1829-1910) m. Ellen Coreen Murchinson
Maryan Elizabeth Foster (1832-1889) m. 1) Hezekiah Thurman Dyer; 2) Boliver Hubbard; 3) Mr. Herren

Seventh Generation

Children of Thomas Jones Foster m. Frances Ann Tate
Mary Ellen Foster (1861-1877) did not marry
Thomas Jones Foster Jr (1863-1905) m. 1) Margaret Jane Walker; 2) Eliza Willet Dowdle
William Edmund Foster (1865-1936) m. Minnie Pulliam
John Calvin Foster (1867-1936) m. Minnie Ella Hanson
Marcus Columbus Foster (1869-1946) m. Jeffie Lona Thompson
Jerome Kearby Foster (1871-1956) m. Mattie Lee Downs
Marshall Alexander Foster (1873-1881)
Alfred Matthew Foster (1876-1968, CA) m. Irene Cargill (died in California)
Robert Lee Foster (1878-1880)
Jesse Miller Foster (1881-1964) m. Roxie Olivia Farmer
Grover Blount Foster (1884-1960) m. Allatia Flake
Tate Ross Foster (1886-1919) m. Annie Velma Bolin
(With the exception of Alfred Matthew Foster, this family lived and died in Texas)

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Pam Reid is a Foster family researcher and has her own web site Branches and Roots Genealogy that follows other lines in this Foster family and several other surnames.

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