Copied from Original document in Archives, Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC

Our happily departed Sr. Mary Hamilton was born in Maryland Frederick County, March the 5th 1751. She was baptized in the English church.

About her 14th year she lost her mother by death and being the eldest of the daughters she had to take the housekeeping upon herself, which she performed faithfully and willingly to the satisfaction of the rest.

She moved with her father, her brother Horatio, etc. to this state in the year 1765.

After her father's death she kept house for her brother until his marriage with his first wife, but as she was of a peaceable and quiet deportment it was agreeable to keep her as an inmate of the family. Having been disappointed in a premeditated marriage by circumstances, she concluded to remain single, and entered upon a religious life; in which situation she became acquainted with the Society of the Brethren here in this place (Hope) and found in the meetings here which she attended in the doctrine of the atonement made by Jesus Christ comfort and rest for her soul, so that she joined this Society, and was received as a member of the congregation the 11th May 1788.

In the year 1790 May 29th she became a communicant of the Lord's supper. Since this time she never missed these Sacramental seasons but with great reluctance in cases of the utmost necessity; her heart lived in the enjoyment of these blessings; she was in general an examplary attendant on the public meetings, and in her younger years thought nothing of walking such a distance to attend meetings. She knew in whom she believed, and made her call and election sure. When anything happened amiss in the congregation, which she thought was not to the glory of the Lord, she was grieved, and made it a point for her private prayer. Some years ago, when it seemed as if some members were for the discontinuation of a resident minister here, she took it much to heart and often grieved about it, therefore she was rejoiced to find that it did not come to pass. Likewise was she always foremost when any thing was to be done at the meeting house to which she could lend a hand.

When her Br. Horatio lost his first wife, she took again the care of the house and acted a mother's part to his children, who all loved her to the last as a mother. After he married the 2nd time, she was still retained in the family and was always thankful in her situation.

Her earthly warfare has lasted 70 years, 2 months and 12 days.

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