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Matthaeus Krause Family

First Generation

Matthaeus Krause was born in 1720 in Roscnitz, Liegnitz, Silesia, and married Barbara Böhner on May 24, 1743, in the Great Wedding at Herrnhaag. They immigrated as part of the "Second Sea Congregation" on the "Little Strength", arriving Philadelphia 26 Nov 1743. They settled initially in Nazareth PA, and moved to Wachovia in November 1755, leaving their three oldest children behind in the nursery at Nazareth. Their daughter Anna Johanna (born May 1756) was the first child born to the Wachovia settlers. Barbara died in September 1761, and, Matthaeus married Elisabeth Schmid, the widow of Matthaeus Witke of Bethlehem, in July 1762, but he died in October of the same year.

Second Generation

Children of Matthaeus Krause and Christina Barbara Bohner
Anna Christina Krause (1745-1812) did not marry, died in Nazareth PA
Matthaeus Krause (1747-1808) m. Anna Benigna Partsch (1749-1808), lived Nazareth PA
Samuel Krause (1749-1781) did not marry, died in Lititz PA
Maria Elisabeth Krause (1752-?) m. Peter Goetje (1747-1786), lived in NC
Anna Johanna Krause (1756-1815) did not marry
Johann Gottlob Krause (1760-1802) m. 1) Maria Magdalena Meyer (1767-1791), 2) Christina Boeckel (1771-1846)

Third Generation

Johann Gottlob Krause was left an orphan by the death of his father in 1762, and was adopted by Gottfried Aust and his wife Felicitas Grosch. Johann Gottlob studied pottery making under Aust, who was a master potter, and soon became the master potter at Bethabara. He then became a builder and a master mason, doing pottery work in between building jobs. He contracted and built four of Salem's extant buildings, the Boys School (1794), the Christoph Vogler house (1797), the Winkler Bakery (1800), and the Vierling house (1802).

Children of Johann Gottlob Krause and Maria Magdalena Meyer
John Krause (1787-?)
Samuel Benjamin Krause (1790-1791)

Children of Johann Gottlob Krause and Christina Boeckel
Joseph Krause (1792-1853) m. Anna Rosina Vogler (1794-1850)
Samuel Krause (1794-1835) m. Anna Maria Leinbach (1793-1865)
Johanna Elisabeth Krause (b. & d. 1797)
Thomas Krause (1798-1843) m. Susanna Elisabeth Loesch (1796-1865), d/o John Jacob Loesch and Susanna Leinbach
Benjamin Krause (1800-1880) m. Susanna Rebecca Butner (1808-1846)
Matthaeus Krause (b. & d. 1802)

Fourth Generation

Children of Joseph Krause and Anna Rosina Vogler
Mahala Elisabeth Ray (1812-1863), the daughter of Rebecca Ray, an unmarried woman; adopted by Joseph and Anna Rosina Krause. She married John Christian Butner (1809-1844)


Possible child of Thomas Krause and Susanna Elisabeth Loesch
Susan Krause (ca. 1836-?) m. Edward Alexander Hein (1836-1854)


Children of Benjamin Krause and Susanna Rebecca Butner
Edward L. Krause (1827-1907) m. Emily Lawrence (1828-1908), d/o John Lawrence and Lacy Walker
Louisa Hortensia Krause (1833-1862) m. A. Mitchell Denny
Florina Lucinda Krause (1836-?)
Samuel A. Krause (ca. 1839-?). Did he marry Nancy Knott in 1860?
Benjamin Joseph (Josiah?) Krause (1842-?)
Anna Eliza Krause (1845-?)

Fifth Generation

Children of Edward Krause and Emily Lawrence
John B. Krause (1856-1908) m. Amanda E. Marshall (1865-1945), d/o Tandy and Mary Marshall
Mary Lacy/Lucy Krause (1858-1928) m. Frederick Leonard Ziglar (1856-1918)
Susannah Lucinda Krause (1860-1934) m. Thomas William Crews (1857-1899) m. 2) Grubbs
Frances Krause (1862-1932) m. William Henry Shouse (1857-1938), her sister's widower
Betty Krause (1864-1887) m. William Henry Shouse (1857-1938), s/o John Shouse and Harriet Beck
Luvinia Krause (ca. 1867-?)
Martha P. Krause (1869-?)
Della Krause (1872-1905)

This family updated March 31, 2009, thanks to Don Beck


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Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

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