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Linville Family

Thomas and William Linville were sons of John and Ann Linville from the Chichester township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. John Linville was one of the first settlers on the Tyger River, South Carolina and by 1753, both sons had moved to Rowan County. Thomas purchased 206 acres on Belews Creek (near present-day Kernersville) and William Linville was the original owner of Tanglewood Park (near present-day Clemmons, North Carolina). Alyee Linville was likely (no definitive proof, just fascinating circumstantial evidence) the daughter of John Linville, who was also father of William (killed at Linville Falls, NC).

First Generation

Children of John and Ann Linville
Thomas Linville (1706/08-1773) m. Hannah
William Linville (?-1766, killed at Linville Falls, NC by Indians) m. Elender (Elinor) Bryant (1729-?),
d/o of Morgan Bryan and Martha Strode
John Linville (lived in VA)

Second Generation

Children of Thomas and Hannah Linville
Thomas Linville Jr (1735-1817) (went west after 1767)
Richard Linville (ca.1740-ca.1821) m. unknown
David Linville (1740/42-1786/87)
Aaron Linville (ca. 1750-1824) m. Charity Hutchins
Moses Linville (ca. 1754-1826)


Children of William Linville and Elender (Elinor) Bryant
Lucretia Linville m. John Brinegar (ca. 1755-1833) moved to Clark Co. KY

Ann "Nancy" Linville (1744-1814) m. George Boone (1739-1820) (died in Shelby Co.KY

Third Generation

Children of Richard Linville and his wife
Moses Linville (1760/170) (moved west)
David Linville (1769-1810) m. Dorothy Fair, d/o of Barnabas and Elizabeth Fair
Richard Linville (1773-1821) (no issue)
Robert Linville (1776-1860
[dates corrected 3/3/04]) m. 1) unknown, but likely, 2) Alice Fair (ca. 1793 [1785?]-1873), d/o John Fair and Alice
(John Fair is son of Barnabas Fair, above)
John Henry Linville (1775-1802) m. 1) Barbara, 2) Whicker
Lydia Linville m. 1) William Brandon, 2) Mr. Thornton
Charity Linville m. Thomas Campbell, s/o Archibald Campbell
dau. Linville m. Mr. Studdard


Children of Aaron Linville and Charity Hutchins
William Linville m. Elizabeth Preston

Fourth Generation

Children of William Linville and Elizabeth Preston
Elijah Linville m. Nancy Marshall (?-1892)
Smith Linville (1806-aft. 1855) m. Louise King (1808), d/o Nathan King and Aley Lee of VA.


Children of David Linville and Dorothy Fair
Betty Ann Linville (1786-1870) m. Talley Whicker (1784-?)
George Linville (1786-?) m. Elizabeth Barrow
Nancy Linville (1789-?) m. Elijah Whicker
Moses Linville (1792-1853) m. Catherine Crim (1804-1883), from Culpepper, VA.
John Linville (1796-1875) m. Frances Crim (1799-1876)
Charity Linville (1797-1877) m. Lewis Crim (1797-?)
Barbara Linville (1797-1820) m. Joseph Hester
David John Linville (1799-1840) m. Lucy Hester
*Fuel Benjamin Linville (ca. 1805-1887/1889?) probably m. 1) Mary Halbrook in 1826, 2) Ardena Frances Watson in 1860
Dorothy Linville

*identity not entirely certain, but seems consistent with census and other records


Children of Robert Linville
Dora Linville (1805-?)
Lucy T. Linville (1807-1887) m. William Marshall in 1861; he probably d. before 1870
dau. Linville (1805/10)
Robert Fair Linville (1822-1892) m. Martha Emily Longworth (1831-1906)
(The first three children are likely from a first marriage, while Robert F. is son of Alice Fair)

Is Robert also the father of John Linville who married Lucy Hester in 1828? Or is this couple David John Linville and Lucy Hester, listed above under David Linville and Dorothy Fair?

Fifth Generation

Children of Elijah Linville and Nancy Marshall
Jasper Albert Linville (1835-1872) (died in IN of typhoid pneumonia)
Mary A. E. Linville (1836-1908)
Elias Burton Linville (1839-1940) m. Martha Caroline Crews (1842-1922)
Lucetta Linville (1841-?) m. James Self (or Sapp?)
Edward W. Linville (1848-1916) m. Jenette Self
Sebron/Seborn Linville (1849-?)
Elijah Linville (ca. 1853-?)
Julia Lora Linville (ca. 1856-?) m. George Peagram

Previously we listed another son, Russell Linville (1847-1918). He does not appear with Elijah and Nancy in the 1850 or 1860 census. Is this a confusion with Edward or with Seborn, who is 8 months old in 1850?


Children of Smith Linville and Louise King
Mary Linville (died young)
John Madison Linville (1832) m. Elizabeth Bishop
Romulus S. Linville (1837-1922) m. Caroline Calhoun
Alley Linville (1845)
Elizabeth Linville (1842)
Jenette Linville
Pinkney Smith Linville (died in 1845, Russ Co., Indiana)
Ann Eliza Linville (1850)
Julius Alonzo Linville m. Salllie Davis Medearis


Probable children of George Linville and Elizabeth Barrow
Dorothy Linville (ca. 1811-?) m. Jacob Halbrook
Frances Linville (ca. 1815-?) probably didn't marry, living with Dorothy in 1880, listed as her sister
Nancy Linville (ca. 1823-) m. Hasten Preston (ca. 1816-?)

These three women are living with George and Elizabeth in 1850 (as is Hasten Preston).
Were there other children as well?


Children of John Linville and Frances Crim
Mary (Polly) Linville m. Stephen Hester


Children of Fuel Benjamin Linville and Mary Halbrook
Jno F. Linville (moved to Indiana; not with Fuel and Polly in 1850)
Moses Linville (1831-?) m. Elizabeth Hester, d/o of Stephen Hester and Mary Linville
Dorothy Linville (ca. 1833-?)
James Linville (ca. 1836-?). Did he marry Milly Hester in 1855?
Barbara Linville (ca. 1837-?) m. William R. Hutchens in 1857
George Linville (ca. 1840-?)
William Linville (ca. 1843-?) m. Jane Lock
Sarah Linville (ca. 1845-?)
Nancy Elizabeth Linville (ca. 1848-?)

Children of Fuel Benjamin Linville and Ardena Frances Watson
Eliza Ann E. Linville (ca. 1862-?) m. Andrew Linville
Elijah W. Linville (ca. 1867-?)
Romula? Caroline Linville (ca. 1874-?) "unable to care for herself"


Children of Robert Fair Linville and Martha Emily Longworth
Emily Jane Linville (1855-1857)
Mary E. Linville (1859-1898)
Theresa A. Linville (1861-1909) m. William Cornelius Crews (1856-1926)
Erasmus Linville (ca. 1864-1936)
Boadicia B. Linville (1865-1875) (died of diptheria)
Cranmer D. Linville (ca. 1868-1953)
Bogatsca X. Linville (1870-1930)
Eolia M. Linville (1872-1875) (died of diptheria)
Robert Linville (ca. 1875-1939)

(Eolia and Boadicia Linville were the first interred in the churchyard at Saint's Delight Meeting House.)

This family was revised 3/3/04 based on the 1870 and 1880 census records and Robert's will.
His obituary (People's Press, 1892) says he was survived by his wife and six children.
His will names Robert F. as the youngest child and states that son B.X. Linville is a cripple.

Sixth Generation

Children of Elias Burton Linville and Martha Caroline Crews
Aaron Linville (ca. 1864-?) Gaither Linville (1865/1866?-1883) (died of brain congestion, went in water while overheated)

Curtis Brogden Linville (ca. 1867-?) Nannie M. Linville (ca. 1872-?) Arthelius J. Linville (ca. 1873-?) Prudence Linville (ca. 1879-?)

Who is the Moses Linville, born 1802/3, died at his residence on Tom's Creek in Surry County of pneumonia in 1881??

Who is William Linville (1821-1890) married to Angelina Mock, d/o Jacob Mock and Sarah Spach?

Who is Aaron Linville who married Patsey (Martha) Preston in Stokes Co. NC, 1819?


Will of David Linville, 1811 Stokes County, NC

Will of Fleet Longworth, Forsyth County. W-285, Page 237, Prob. 22 Dec 1875, Dtd 31 May, 1875

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Carolina Cradle, Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier, 1747-1762, Robert W. Ramsey

This page was revised on March 3, 2004, with additional information deduced from census records.

, 2001-2007 Faye Jarvis Moran

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