Anthony J. Collins Family

Anthony J. Collins was born about 1765 in Patrick County, VA and died in Surry County, North Carolina in about 1835. In 1809 Anthony married Mary Elizabeth. He is buried in the Collins Family Graveyard.

First Generation

Children of Anthony J. Collins and Mary Elizabeth
Aaron Collins (1790) m. Peggy Campbell
Mary Collins (1793) m. Thomas A. Bills (abt. 1796), s/o William Bills and Susannah Hutchins
William K. Collins (1795) m. Catherine
Eve Collins (1797) m. William Hammonds
Obediah Collins (abt. 1802) m. Elizabeth Vanhoy (abt. 1812)
John Collins (abt. 1805) m. Susannah Elmore (abt. 1807)
Anthony J. Collins, Jr. (abt. 1805-1884) m. 1) Nancy Franklin (abt. 1808-1873),
d/o Walter Franklin and Susanna Wright; 2) Elizabeth E. Shugart Reece (abt. 1832-1908),
d/o Enoch Shugart and Carolina Davis

Children of Mary Collins and Thomas A. Bills
Jonathan D. Bills (abt. 1816) m. Catherine
Lucinda Bills (abt. 1817) (born in Surry County, NC)
John G. Bills (abt. 1822) (born in TN) m. 1) Jane Elizabeth Robbins; 2) Sarah F. (Houston) Caruthers
Rachel Bills (abt. 1823)
Daniel W. Bills (abt. 1824)
Matthew W. Bills (abt. 1826) m. Esther E. King
William J. Bills (abt. 1829)
Sally K. Bills (abt. 1832)
Alsey/Alsie M. Bills (1838) m. A. I. (Irwin/Erwin) Patton
John C. Bills (abt. 1842)


Children of William K. Collins and Catherine
Richard Collins (abt. 1835)
James Collins (abat. 1837)
Mary Collins (abt. 1838)
Sarah Collins (abt. 1840)


Children of Obediah Collins and Elizabeth Vanhoy
Thomas Collins (abt. 1838)
Nancy J. Collins (abt. 1842)
Elizabeth Collins (abt. 1844)
John Collins (abt. 1846)
James Collins (abt. 1848)


Children of John Collins and Susannah Elmore
James Collins (abt. 1830)
Anthancius Collins (abt. 1833)
Janetta Collins (abt. 1835)
Mary A. Collins (abt. 1839)
William A. Collins (abt. 1840)
John Collins (abt. 1842)
Elbert M. D. Collins (abt. 1846)
Susannah Collins (abt. 1848)
Hannah C. Collins (abt. 1850)


Children of Anthony J. Collins, Jr. and Nancy Franklin
William K. Collins (abt. 1831) m. Catherine Hough
Ambrose Rufus Collins (1832-1862) m. Sarah Jane Hutson, d/o Joseph Hutson and Emily Brichhouse
John W. Collins (abt. 1834-1896) m. Susan
Hezekiah W. (Kiah) Collins (abt. 1836-abt. 1886) m. Mary Jane Hardy (1840-1880),
d/o John Henry Hardy and Christina Vernon; 2) Sarah C. Nichols (abt. 1857),
d/o Jefferson Nichols and Nancy Franklin
James M. Collins (1839) m. Christina Johnson; 2) Elizabeth Norman (1849)
Elizabeth E. Collins (1841-aft. 1900) m. 1) James Pigg Brown, Jr. (1843-1873),
s/o William Pigg Brown and Martha Revels; 2) Absalom Davenport (1822),
s/o Mr. Davenport and Annie Davenport
Sarah J. (Sally) Collins (1843-1903) m. Matthew (Matt) Marion (1847-1914),
s/o Isaac Marion and Amy Whitaker
Almedia Ann (Median) Collins (1845) m. 1) William Marion (abt. 1842-abt. 1875),
s/o Isaac Marion and Amy Whitaker; 2) William Ashburn (1805), s/o William Ashburn, Sr. and Anna
Martin C. Collins (abt. 1846-bef. 1870)
Walter Franklin Collins (abt. 1848-1892) m. Regina Whitaker (1846),
d/o Wesley Whitaker and Sarah Holyfield
Susan Collins (abt. 1849-bef. 1860)
Burrell Collins (abt. 1851-bef. 1870)

Third Generation Hezekiah W. (Kiah) Collins and 1) Mary Jane Hardy
Nancy Jane Collins (1862-1923) m. Jonas F. McCormick (1851-1930),
s/o Peter McCormack and Willie D. Anderson
Mary Louisa (Lou) Collins (1865-abt. 1907) m. David Franklin Jenkins (1859-1935)
John (Anthony) Collins (1868) m. Frances Emmaline (Fannie) Chaney (1873),
d/o Abram Chaney, Jr. and Mary Ann Richardson
Andrew Jackson Collins (1870-1925) m. Carolina Elizabeth Bates (1870-1928),
d/o William M. Bates and Martha Jane McBride
Joseph Milton (Joe) Collins (abt. 1873) m. Mollie Holt (1875), d/o William Holt and Martha Cox
Rufus (Early) Collins (1876-1940) m. Alice (Eulala) Davenport (1879-1952),
d/o Ira Thomas Davenport and Josephine Katherine Blackwood
Christine Elizabeth (Bettie) (1880-1908) m. Mecajah Woodruff (Cajah) Steel (1860-1917),
s/o Dr. Franklin Steele and Prudence Nicholson


Children of Hezekiah W. (Kiah) Collins and 2) Sarah C. Nichols
Walter Collins (1888-1961) m. Nellie S. Nichols (1890), d/o Peter Nichols and Susan (Susie) J. Hull


Children of Elizabeth E. Collins and 1) James Pigg Brown, Jr.
William A. Brown (1866-bef. 1900) m. Martha Jane Bates (1864-1928),
d/o William M. Bates and Martha Jane McBride
John W. Brown (1868) m. Dicy Anne Coe (1864)
Elizabeth E. Brown (1870-1934) m. James J. Hudson (1863-1943), s/o Nancy Hutson


Children of Sarah J. (Sally) Collins and Matthew (Matt) Marion
Bird Lee Marion (1872)
Richmond A. Marion (1877-1880)
Cora Reece Marion (1879-1885)
Doctor B. Marion (1881)
Riley M. Marion (1887)


Children of Almedia Ann (Median) Collins and William Marion
Mary (Lillie) Marion (1872-1947) m. James Wesley Wall (1860-1947), s/o Achilles Wall


Children of Walter Franklin Collins and Regina Whitaker
Julius E. Collins (1879) m. Sarah Lucy Reid
Daniel B. Collins (1880)


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