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William Coe Family

Francis Peter Coe was living in Loudoun County, VA in 1772 and by 1790 removed to Pittsylvania County, VA. In 1805 he and his wife Nancy (maiden name unknown) gave their consent for the marriage of their daughter Mary. His son William moved to Surry County, NC between 1805 and 1810.

First Generation

Children of Francis Peter Coe and Nancy
Pearson Coe (1766) m. ? (moved to Kentucky)
Jacob Coe (abt. 1770)
William Coe (1779-1837) m. Lavica (Vicie) Barrett (moved to Surry Co., NC)
Sarah Coe (abt. 1781) m. William Dunning
Mary Coe (abt. 1783) m. Daniel Elder
Anna Coe (abt. 1785) m. Joel Shelton (1788), s/o Claiborn Shelton and Saludy Mustain

Second Generation

Children of William Coe and Lavica (Vicie) Barrett
Thomas Pearson Coe (1797-1866) m. Amy Bray (1796-1879)
John L. Coe (1799)
Nancy Coe (1804) m. Henry Butcher (1800)
Mary (Polly) Coe (1808-1869) m. Moses Marion, Jr., s/o Moses Marion
William H. Coe (1814-1875) m. 1) Jane (Jencie) Dudley; 2) Rachel Holyfield (m. 1847);
3) Elizabeth (Betty) Gentry (1828-abt. 1890), d/o Robert R. Gentry and Nancy Hodges
Jesse Coe (1816-1860) m. Sarah Wood (1822-?)
Andrew Jackson Coe (1822-1913) m. Juliet Stanley (1835-1876), d/o Garrett Stanley and Jemima (Mimy) Smith

Third Generation

Children of Thomas Pearson Coe and Amy Bray
Jones Coe (1821) (disappeared in 1842)
Henry C. Coe (1823-1903) m. Caroline Elizabeth Spainhour (1827-1903)
Letitia Coe (1825-?) m. Drewrey D. Tiller (one child, Mary L. Ann Tiller who m. Andrew Jackson Chandler)
Mary H. Coe (abt. 1826) m. Robert T. G. Parker
Matilda Golden Coe (1828-1915) m. Simpson (Sim) Westbury Snow (1825-1907)
Leander Armsur Coe (1830-1904) m. Elizabeth Frances W. Ligon (1838-1917)
Amy Coe (1839) m. James A. Fleming
Sarah Jane Coe (1843) m. John Thomas Hinshaw


William H. Coe and 1) Jane (Jencie) Dudley
Pantha Merritt Coe (1833) m. Peter Wood (1831)
Andrew (Jackson) Coe (1835-1913) m. 1) Juliet Stanley (1835-1876); 2) Adaline Stanley
Arnold Coe (1836-1915) m. 1) Nancy Childress (abt. 1840-abt. 1862),
d/o Jonathan Childers & Rebecca C. Wood; 2) Columbia Myers (1845-1906)
Dudley Coe (1841-1863) m. 1) Mary F. Williams (?-1862); 2) Lucy Ann Hudson (1836-1887)


William H. Coe and 2) Rachel Holyfield
Hasten (Hastey) Coe (1848-abt. 1909) m. 1) Sarah (Sally) Stanley (abt. 1843-1883);
2) Laura Mooney (abt. 1860-1906); 3) Mildred Amelia (Amy) Stanley
Obediance (Beddy) Coe (1848-1927) m. William (Albert) Edwards (1842-abt. 1926),
s/o Levi Edwards and Mary (Polly)
Priscilla Coe (1850-1881) m. James Emory (Henry?) Watson (abt. 1830-?),
s/o Shemiah Watson, Sr. and Mary (Polly) Farthing
Joseph Dobson (Joe) Coe (1852-1926) m. 1) Louzina (Deen) Stanley (1845-1917);
2) Martha Jane Bates (1864-1928), d/o William M. (Billy) Bates and Martha Jane McBride
William M. (Bill) Coe (1855-1920) m. Rebecca Wilmoth


William H. Coe and 3) Elizabeth (Betty) Gentry
Miley Coe (1857-1925) m. 1) May Campbell; 2) Martha M. Tickle (1879-1938)
Elizabeth Lydia (Liddie) Coe (1863-1903) m. Thomas David Davis, Sr. (1857-1931),
s/o Thomas David Davis, Sr. and Hannah E. Smith
John Henry Coe (1865-1938) m. 1) Huldah Frances Hardy (abt. 1868-bef. 1892); 2) Alice Ellen (Alley) Draughn (1865-1948)
Laura Ann Coe (abt. 1867-abt. 1885) m. John W. Wood
Sanford F. Coe (abt. 1869-abt. 1885)
Rose Ann Coe (1872-1952) m. Madison Augustus (Gus) Whittington (1866-1930)


Children of Jesse Coe and Sarah Wood
William Coe (abt. 1837)
Adaline Coe (abt. 1840-1862) m. Hiram Stanley (1832-1904)
Chambers Coe (1841-1915) m. Sarah Ann Edmonds
Samuel Houston Coe (1843-aft. 1919)
Delilah Coe (abt. 1845) m. George Bullin (abt. 1845)
Serena Coe (1849-1932)
Matthew Madison (Matt) Coe (1853-1926) m. Clementine Stanley (1851-1928)
James E. Coe (1853-1931) m. Martha E. Golding (1851-1924), d/o Thomas Golding and Azzina Butcher
Jesse (Luster) Coe (1854-1920) m. 1) Sarah A. (Sally) Golding (abt. 1853-1876); 2) Plutina J. Coe (1857-1946)
Sarah Coe (abt. 1857)

Fourth Generation

Children of Henry C. Coe and Caroline Elizabeth Spainhour
Leander T. Coe
Amy F. Coe
William H. Coe
John F. Coe
Edwin Coe
Mary L. Coe


Children of Andrew (Jackson) Coe and Juliet Stanley
Martin Buren Coe (1856-1858)
Plutina J. Coe (1857-1946) m. Jesse (Luster) Coe (1854), s/o Jesse Coe and Sarah (Sallie Wood)
Y. M. Coe (1859-1863)
Andrew Coleman (Ace) Coe (1861-1937) m. Adaline Doss (1856-1931),
d/o William Doss and Sabra (Sabey) Wood
Milton Young (Dock) Coe (1862-1949) m. Janie F. Jordan (1865-1949)
Henry Coe (1864-1865)
Leonard Moses Coe (1866-1929) m. Fannie Whitaker (1879-1969)
Hiram Ephriam Coe (1868-1949) m. Frances (Fannie) Pearson Snow (1867-1943)
Jemima Lynn Coe (1871-1939) m. William Riley Hudson (1871-1954)
James Monroe (Jim) Coe (1872-1952) m. Mildred Malinda Poindexter (1874),
d/o William Jiles Poindexter and Letitia Stanley
Thomas Wilson (Tom) Coe (1874-1934) m. Eliza Colista Hardy (1877-1950),
d/o Charles Pinkney Hardy and Nancy Jane Whitaker


Children of Arnold Coe and 1) Nancy Childress
Rebecca C. Coe (1859-1890) m. Joseph S. Mabe (abt. 1855-aft. 1910),
s/o Pleasant Mabe and Hannah Warner
William Alexander (Sandy) Coe (1860) m. Mary E. Hinshaw


Children of Arnold Coe and 2) Columbia Myers
Sarah Jane Coe (1865-1946) m. Jeremiah Wilson
James Henry Coe (1869) m. Mary Carrie Dianah Weaver (1873-1934),
d/o James Weaver & Martha Burton
Garrett Coe (1870-1904) m. Rebecca J. Anderson (1876-1929)
Novella Coe (abt. 1873)
Doctor Alexander Coe (1875)
Rosa Coe (1876) m. Dan Marion (1875)
William S. Coe (abt. 1877) m. Cora Whitely (m. in Greensville Co, VA)
Mary F. Coe (1879) m. Charles Isom (m. in Grayson Co., VA)
Laura Betty Coe (1881) m. 1) Joseph Sanford (Joe) Butcher; 2) L. Luluck
Arnold Coe (1883)
Richard Coe (1887)
Lutitice Coe


Children of Dudley Coe and 2) Lucy Ann Hudson
Dicy Ann Coe (1864) m. John W. Brown (1868), s/o James Pigg Brown, Jr. and Elizabeth Collins


Children of Hasten Coe and 1) Sarah Stanley
Richard (Garrett) Coe (1869-1901)
William Henry (Will) Coe (1873-1952) m. Sarah E. Bullin (1878-1943)
Alice Elizabeth (Betty) Coe (1875-1900) m. Jesse James (Jim) Mooney (1869-1931)
Robert Mc. Coe (1876-1913)
Emery M. Coe (1879-1907) m. Mattie Tickle


Children of Hasten (Hastey) Coe and 2) Laura Mooney
Ida Coe (1891-1968) m. Abram Thurston Coe, s/o Andrew Coleman Coe and Adaline Doss
Lydia A. Coe (1896-1993) m. Job M. H. (Job) Collins (1893-1947), s/o Andrew Jackson Collins and Carolina Elizabeth Bates
Ada Coe (1894-1954) m. Julius Harden Doss (1890-1975), s/o Andrew Doss and Lucretia Brown


Children of Priscilla Coe and James Emory (Henry?) Watson
Joseph (Turner) Coe (1869-1946) m. Sarah (Sallie) Butcher (1865-1953)
Malecia Etta (Lecia) Watson (1874-1913) m. John William Badgett (1875-1956), s/o John R. Badgett and Sarah E. Hancock
William (Lacy) Watson (1875-1949) m. Sarah Elizabeth Butcher (1882-1955)
James Emmett (Pete) Watson (1880-1964) m. Fannie E. Hudson (abt. 1876-1946), d/o John William/Martin Hudson and Mary (Leanna) Mooney


Children of Joseph Dobson Coe and 1) Louzina (Deen) Stanley
John William Coe (1874-1947) m. Eldora (Dora) Coe (1874-1910),
d/o Matthew Madison Coe and Clementine Stanley
Hiram (Rufus) Coe (1875-1932) m. Matha Ardella Whitaker (1881-1970)
Milton Green (Genie) Coe (1878-1957) m. Emily Mae Coe (1879-1963), d/o Jesse Coe and Pluntia J. Coe
child Coe (abt. 1880-bef. 1900)
child Coe (abt. 1882-abt. 1900)


Children of William M. Coe and Rebecca Wilmoth
Louisa Coe (1872) m. William Jiles (Coolie) Poindexter, Jr. (1864-1942), s/o Rebecca P. Poindexter
James Richard Coe (1877) m. Flora Elizabeth (Flora Bet) Hardy (1883-1916), d/o Charles Pinkney Hardy and Nancy Jane Whitaker
Joseph (Hillary) Coe (1879-1932) m. Christina Elizabeth (Betty) Hudson (1881-1967), d/o J. Aaron Hudson and Martha Elizabeth (Betty) Hardy
Jesse Ernest Coe (1888-1911) m. Ada Hazel Coe (abt. 1893-1962), d/o Jesse (Luster) Coe and Plutina J. Coe
Earlie Coe (1892) m. Cora Lee McCormick (1890-1968), d/o Jonas F. McCormick and Nancy Jane Collins


Children of Chambers Coe and Sarah Ann Edmonds
James Clingman Coe (1875-1922) m. Viola E. Coe (1888-1968), d/o Milton Young (Dock) Coe and Janie F. Jordan


Children of Matthew Madison (Matt) Coe and Clementine Stanley
Eldora (Dora) Coe (1874-1910) m. John William Coe (1874-1947)
Martha M. Coe (abt. 1876-1900)
Mary (Emma) Coe (1879-1943) m. Levi Edwards (1869-1938), s/o William (Albert) Edwards and Obedience (Beddy) Coe


Children of James E. Coe and Martha E. Golding
George Coe (abt. 1874)
Serena (Emma) Coe (abt. 1877)
Richard Boston (Boss) Coe (1880) m. Almeda Ella Wood


Children of Jesse (Luster) Coe and 2) Plutina J. Coe (1857-1946)
Ardella (Della) Coe (1878-1962) m. Joseph Wilson (Joe) Stanley (1875-1955)
Ada Hazel Coe m. Jesse Ernest Coe (1888-1910)

Fifth Generation

Children of James Henry Coe and Mary Carrie Dianah Weaver
Minnie Ida Coe (1895-1913)
Martha Lela Coe (1898-1950) m. 1) John Roger Tate (1886-1978), s/o George and Dora Tate; 2) M. V. Grim (m. 1898)
Emma Coe (a dancer, disappeared in the 1920s)
William Alexander Coe (1906-1907)
Geogria Calvin Coe (died in infancy)
Grady James Coe (1908-abt. 1975)
Mary Elizabeth Coe (1911-1993) m. William R. Linville (1904-1970), s/o Benjamin and Clara Linville
Edgar William Coe (1914-1984) (lived in Maryland)

Sixth Generation

Children of John Roger Tate and Martha Lela Coe
Frances Tate (1919-1995) m. Earlie Columbus Aaron (1919-2005)
Hazel Tate (abt. 1917-?) (lived in Washington)

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The Coe Families of Maryland and Virginia by Carl Robert Coe, Volume Two, Limited Edition, Privately Published, Marysville, Ohio, 2001

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