1769 Apr 16 - Dorchester Co.,Md - Joseph Standley is a witness to the marriage of Isaac Linager and Rosannah both of Dorchester, Md.

1775 Feb 24 - Guilford Co,NC, Deed 1:315-316 - Micajah Mills to Joseph Standley 50 acres on the Piney Branch of the north fork of Deep River. Witnesses: Strangeman Stanley and Thomas Mills Jr. This property part of the Hur Mills tract. Joseph to pay the backquitrents due on this property.

1778 Aug 4 - Hillsboro, Orange Co.,NC - Nicholite Petition:"To the Generall Assembly and Authority of the State of North Carolina we the Subscribers haveing understood that we was made no mention of in the house of Assembly as a Separate people from other Sosciates and that we had not a proper right to the Affarmation provided for the Quakers administered to us according to thelaw Except we get a grant from your authority for it, we have thought it Convenient to lay our case before you. We being a people known by the name of Nicholites, not that we gave our Selves the name but the man who was first in this perswation who lived in the lower parts of pennsylvania Government on Delaware bay and First First Generation died in same place, his name was Joseph Nichols and as he believed in the light thatShines in the understanding of man and woman that Discovers to them betwixt good for well Doing to be the only Meanes of Grace to enable us to work out our Salvation,and as he believed so he preached and we amongst many other Soules became believers in the light and in a reproachful revileing manner was Called Nicholites,as much as to say followers Nicholsess Light, but as our name or religion it maketh no matter to us what name we hear if we can but be found in the true Nature thereof, is our greatest aim, we do profess and confess the same principals that the Quakers Doth, but for Some reasons which we could render if required we hitherto have not thought it best to Joyn Membership with them, so as we have given Some small Discription that the Affarmation is not at our refusal according to law and how we came by our Name and what we profess,we do humbly beg your authority to Consider us a people who with Sincerety of Hearts Desires to live a Just honest peacible quiet inafensive life before god and man and that it is not in our hearts to make any resistance against your authority nor to assist Any other authority against you, but in all things are both ready and willing to Submit our Selves to the ordinences of men in as much we Can Answer a good Conscienceboth before god andan, We do humbly petition and pray you in your authority to excludeus from such things as we believe we can't be Justified before god in, which we humbly pray God almighty the great authority of both heaven and earth to give you a Sence of the honesty of our hearts in this petition it is for no other Cause the lord we pray be our Witness but purely that we may be able to Answer a good Conscience both towards God and man which things are those we believe we can't be Just before God to bear arms or lift the sword against our fellow Creature, in Justification of which we could Mention Sundry Sayings of Christ and his appostles, and by a liveing Sence of Gods laws written on our hearts bearing witness to the Same we fear to offend him: another thing we believe we Could not be Clear in, that is to Answer the law as a Witness against any person that thereby for us in the two above mentioned perticulars - We Desire to ever be Thankful, hopeing the Lord will add to your peace for the Same, in Consiquence of which we desire to Submit ourSelves - peacible Subjects under whatsoever Powers hath the rule over us in Case whereof we humbly how and pray the great God and father of all good Gifts to endue you with this gifts that you may be Justified in the Makeing and we in the Full filling, amen, in Witness whereof we have heirunto. Subscribed our Names this fourth day of the 8th Month, 1778.
James Caldwell
Leavin Charles
William Charles
Paris Chipman
James Horney
William Horney
Valentine Pegg
Joseph Standley
William Wheeler

1778 Aug 13 - Hillsboro, Orange Co.,NC - From Volume #3 of Moravian Diaries: During these days men came from Guilford bringing a Petition; they have separated from the Quakers and call themselves Nicholites. They ask for certain privileges which, to their joy, the Assembly did not fully comprehend.

1778 Aug 14 - Hillsboro, Orange Co.,NC - From Volume #3 of the Moravian Diaries: The Petition of the Nicholites was presented immediately after ours, was received with much less attention, and was referred to the same Committee, but told our friends not to allow our cause to be combined with that of the Nicholites, which was probably what the enemy wanted.

1778 Aug 15 - Hillsboro, Orange Co.,NC - From Volume #3 of the Moravian Diaries: There was an unfounded report that the Regulators in Guilford had risen, 2000 strong. Men talked about the Brethern, but as soon as we came in they changed the subject to the Nicholites.

1783 May 20 - Guilford Co.,NC - Joseph Standley proves a deed from John McCoy to Levin Wright for 47 acres.

1783 Aug 11 - Guilford Co.,NC, Deed 2:351 William Charles to Joseph Standley 50 acres on the Hur Mills tract. Witnesses: Valentine Pegg and Loven Wright. This property includes the home of Joseph Stanley and appears to be the same piece of property as in 1:315-316. Joseph sold this property to Charles and then he sold it back to him.

1783 Aug 18 - Guilford Co.,NC, Deed 2:347-348 John McCoy,merchant of Caswell Co., NC to Joseph Standley 138 acres adjoins the Salisbury Road and Mills land. Witnesses: Loven Wright and Jesse Talbot.

1784 Mar 2 - Guilford Co, NC Joseph Standley proves a deed from John McCoy to Valentine Pegg.

1784 Apr 20 - Guilford Co., NC - Deed 3:114-116 Reuben Mills to Joseph Standley 98 acres on north side of Deep River. Witnesses: Valentine Pegg and Mary Pegg.

1785 - Guilford Co,NC - Joseph Standley received a tavern license.

1787 May 16 - Guilford Co.,NC - Deed 5:26 - State of North Carolina land grant to Joseph Standley for 350 acres on Reedy Fork. Chain Carriers: William Stafford and Issac Jones. Land Entry for this property made on 10 Feb 1778, entry #1119.

1787 May 16 - Guilford Co.,NC - Deed 5:136 State of North Carolina Land grant to Joseph Standley for 100 acres on Reedy Fork. Chain Carriers: William Starbuck and Issac Jones. Land Entry for this property made 18 May 1780.

1787 May 20 - Guilford Co, NC Joseph Standley served on the grand jury.

1788 Aug 16 - Guilford Co.,NC - Deed 5:292 Joseph Standley to Benjamin Shaw 280 acres on Reedy Fork. Witnesses: John Shaw and Joseph Coffin.

1790 - Rowan Co.,NC - Joseph is on the census showing 2 males 16+ and 3 females.

1790 Dec 24 - Rowan, now Davidson Co.,NC - Deed 12:550-551 Frederick Miller of Rowan to Joseph Standley of Rowan 170 acres on Abbots Creek. Witnesses: William Standley and Jacob Houk.

1793 May 21 - Guilford Co,NC - Deed 5:434-435 Thomas Henderson of Rockingham County to Joseph Standley of Rowan County 10 1/2 acres near Valentine Peggs. Witness: John Hamilton Clerk of Court.

1795 Aug 19 - Guilford Co.,NC - Deed 6:30 Joseph Standley to Sylvanus Gardner 170 acres on Reedy Fork. Witnesses: Daniel Fisher and Molestin Fisher.

1796 Dec 27 - Rowan Co, now Davidson Co.,NC - William is a witness to the will of Ralph Pickett. Other witnesses were John Hyatt and Abraham Taylor.

1796 - Rowan Co.,NC - Joseph is the signer of a petition along with his son Reuben on a petition to form a county east of Rowan (Davidson). 1796 Nov 19 - Rowan,now Davidson Co.,NC - Deed 24:534-535 Joseph Standley to Reuben Standley - 170 acres on Abbotts Creek - a sale to be made after the decease of Joseph Standley. Witnesses: Simon Lindley and Mary [Mock]Stanley Junior.

1797 Jun 17 - Guilford Co,NC - Deed 6:23 Joseph Standley of Rowan County to William Stafford 216 acres on Deep River(the Mills family property). Witnesses: Sarah (X) Masten and Mary Standley.

1798 - Rowan, now Davidson Co., NC Joseph is on the tax list paying on 170 acres of land and NO poll. No poll means that he has turned age 50. Also his sons Thomas, Reuben and William Standley are on this tax list.

1798 - Rowan now Davidson Co.,NC - William is on the tax list paying on 296 acres of land and one poll tax. Also on this list is his father Joseph, and his brothers Reuben and Thomas.

1798 May 7 - Rowan Co.,now Davidson Co.,NC - William is a witness on a deed between Benjamin Ferebee and Jacob Motsinger.

1800 - Rowan County, NC Joseph is on the census in Rowan County as head of household and his wife.

1800 - Rowan Co.,NC - William is on the census showing 1 male age 26-45, 1 female age 26-45 and 1 female age 10-16.

1801 Feb 9 - Rowan, now Davidson Co., NC - Deed 17:699-700- Frederick Wilheim Marshall Esquire of Salem 146 1/2 acres on Abbotts Creek to William Stanley of Rowan County. Witnesses: John Monroe and Lewis Meining.

Joseph Stanley's Will, 1804, Rowan County, NC

1807 Oct 29 - Rowan, now Davidson Co.,NC Deed 21:442-443 - William Standley to William Delap 50 acres on waters of Abbotts Creek.

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