Tennyson/Tennison Family

Sixth Generation:

Children of Abraham Tennisson and Mary Stevens (moved to Rowan County, NC in 1765)
Abraham Tennisson, Jr. (abt 1760-abt 1825) m. Jane Adams (1760 - abt 1831)
d/o Hopewell Adams and Elizabeth Smith
Joseph Tennisson (abt. 1764-aft. 1827) m. Sybella Brandon (sued his brother, Reuben, in 1827, Edgecombe Co, NC)
Thomas Tennisson (1765-?) m. Elizabeth Walker, d/o Solomon and Lydia Walker
Mary Tennisson (abt 1765-bef. 1810) m. Richard Kent (bef. 1765-aft. 1820) (lived in Iredell Co., NC)
Jacob Tennisson (bef. 1770-bef. 1820) m. Lavinnia (bef. 1770-bef. 1840) (Livinnia living in Buncombe Co., NC, 1820)
Benjamin Tennissson (1772-1847) m. Phoebe Cooper (abt 1772-?) (mentioned in the 1827 lawsuit againist his brother.)
Matthew Tennisson (abt 1777-1850) m. 2) Sarah Hill Reaves (no children) (died in Williamson Co., TN)
Samuel Tennisson (abt 1778-aft.1840) (in Rowan Co, NC, 1800)
Reuben Tennisson (abt 1780-bef.1840) m. Nancy Scott (abt 1790-bef.1850), d/o Thomas and Nancy Carothers Scott of Burke, NC
2 other daughters (names unknown)

Seventh Generation:

Children of Abraham Tennison, Jr. and Jane Adams
Levisa "Lucy" Tennison (abt 1783-aft. 1860) m. Samuel Fulks (1772-1860)
Margaret(?) Elizabeth Tennison (1783-1851) m. Hugh Carnahan (1784-1824), s/o Andrew Carnahan and Elizabeth Billingsley
Mary Pheobe Tennison (1787-bef 1866) m. Cornelius Brandon (1783-1853)
Solomon Tennison (1791-1882) m. 1) Catherine (1796-1856) m. 2) Elizabeth Carson (1810-?)
Edmund Tennisson (abt 1793-1876, Rutherford Co, TN) (never married)
Sarah (?) Tennison (abt 1794-?) m. James Helton (resided in Rutherford Co, TN)
Rebecca Tennison (abt 1795-?) m. Britton Pace (is she the Rebecca Pace living in Sumner, TN in 1830
Nancy Adams Tennison (abt 1798-aft 1850) m. James King (abt. 1794-bef. 1850) (moved to MO after 1832)
Archibald Tennison (1802-1883) m. Ruth Jones (1806-1890)
Hiram (Olney or Abraham?) Tennison (1805-1863) m. Sarah Winfred Vawter (1815-1870), d/o Richard and Cynthia McGuire Vawter
(Henry, W. M., Thomas, and Hiram Tennisson served in the Twenty Sixth Mississippi Regiment


Children of Benjamin Tennison and Phoebe Cooper (lived in Mississippi)
James Robert Tennison (abt. 1808-aft 1850) m. Catherine Mock (abt. 1813-?)
Isaac Tennison (abt 1802-aft 1857) m. 1) Susanna Smith (abt. 1808-bef. 1844) m. 2) Rebecca A. Reynolds

Eighth Generation

Children of Levisa "Lucy" Tennisson and Samuel Fulks
Betsy (Elizabeth) Fulks (1815/1820-?) m. Bragg
Nancy Fulk m. ? Parker
Eleanor Fulk m. ? McMahan
Carolina Fulk (1817-?) m. Thomas Allen Jameson (1811-1873)
John Fulk
Samuel Fulks (1810/1815-?) m. Sarah (Rebecca?) Bell (married in Warren Co., KY)
Jane Adeline Fulks (abt 1819-1864) m. Evan Evins Nelson (1833-1865), s/o James Madison & Elizabeth Evins Nelson

Samuel and Lucy Fulks living in McCrankins, Rutherford Co., TN in 1850


Children of Solomon Tennisson and Catherine
John H. Tennisson (1821-1908) m. Nancy Maxwell (1823-1892)
Permelia Anne Tennison m. John P. Ramsey
Catherine J. Tennison (abt 1826-aft. 1850) m. Phillip F. Bryan
Nancy S. Tennison (abt 1828-aft. 1850) m. Francis M. Ramsey
Mary Tennison (abt 1833-aft. 1850)
Rufus Solomon Tennison (abt 1840-aft 1850)
Martha Tennison (1842-1854)

This family living in Bellview, Washington Co., MO in 1850


Children of Nancy Adams Tennison and James King
Solomon King (abt. 1830)
Rebecca King (abt. 1832-aft. 1850)
Samuel King (abt. 1834-aft. 1850)
Elizabeth King (abt. 1834-aft. 1850)
Martha King (abt. 1836-aft. 1850)

Nancy King and her children are living in Madison Co., MO in 1850. Solomon and Rebecca were born in Tennessee


Children of Archibald Tennison and Ruth Jones
Edmond Tennisson (1828-?) m. Elizabeth McMurtry
Jones Tennisson (abt 1830-?)
daughter Tennisson born by 1830
Rebecca Tennisson (abt 1832-?) m. John Hutchings
Jonathan Johnson Tennisson (abt 1835-?) m. Mary F. Maxwell
William Harrison Tennyson (1840-1914) m. Mary Jane Bressie (1840-1897)
Ann Eliza Tennyson (1844-1936) m. Pleasant Theodore Ramsey

This family living in Bellview, Washington Co., MO in 1850


Children of Hiram Abraham Tennisson and Sarah Vawter
James Henry Tennisson (1834-1872) m. Amanda Martin (1838-?)
Lucinda Jane Tennisson (abt 1836-1868) m. Charles Pinkney Malone (1835-1912)
Nancy Lee Tennisson (1838-1920) m. George Milford
Cynthia Elizabeth Tennisson (1840-1925) m. Marshall Henry Jernigan (1834-1922), s/o Arthur and Sarah Ann Howell Jernigan of TN
Hiram Franklin Tennyson (1842-1910) m. Julia Ann Deaton (1846-1887)

Ninth Generation:

Children of William Harrison Tennyson and Mary Jane Bressie
William Yancy Tennyson (1864-1948) m. Octavia Beall (1879-1950, OK)
Malina Jane Tennyson (1866, MO-?) m. T. Keith Neely


Children of Caroline Fulks and Thomas Allen Jamison
John W. Jamison (b. 1837) m. 1) Sarah Coleman, 2) Betty Jones
William Robert (1837-1923) m. 1) Martha Arnette, 2) Mary J. Shelton
Martha J. Jamison (abt 1840-?) m. Shelton
Nancy L. Jamison (1847-?) m. Andrew Peter Helton (1845-1910)
Joseph Jamison (abt 1847-bef. 1860)
Andrew Jamison m. Esther Brandon (1851-1905)
Edmund Howard Jamison m. Phoebe Elixabeth Bowling
Sarah E. Jamison m. I. S. Parker
Calvin Jamison (abt 1855-?)


Children of James Henry Tennisson and Amanda Martin
Lugenia Tennisson (abt 1856-bef 1870)
William R. Tennisson (abt 1858-bef 1870)
Cynthia Tennisson (abt 1860-bef 1870)
Josephina Tennisson (abt 1861-?)
Henry D. Tennisson (abt 1863-?)
William A. Tennisson (1865-?)
John Horton Tennisson (1865-?)
Fannie Belle Tennisson (abt 1867-1935)
Ella Tennisson (abt 1870-?)


Children of Hiram Franklin Tennyson and Julia Ann Deaton
Charles Preston C. Tennisson (1866-1923, TN) m. Frances Wood (1868-1905)
d/o Sampson and Elizabeth Graham Wood
Robert Lee A. Tennisson (1868-1934) m. Kezziah Rushing (1881-1941) no known children
Thomas W. B. Tennisson (b. 1871) died in infancy
Ujean E. F. Tennisson (b. 1873) died in infancy
John Wesley Edgar Tennisson (1874-1963) m. Parmelia Cornelia Crum (d. 1960, MS)
Jobe Bell Tennyson (1879-1950) m. Martha Jane Burrow (1886-1968),
d/o Joseph Eli & Cordelia Matthews Burrow
Margaret Cora Bell Tennyson (1879-1953) m. Joseph Washington Coleman (1875-1949)

Tenth Generation:

Children of Charles Preston C. Tennisson and Frances Wood
Laura Essie Tennisson (1895-1976) m. Robert Taylor Talley (1885-1923)
Flora Tennisson (1891-1964) m. John Wilson (no known children)
Charles Hugh Tennisson (1896-1972) m. 1) Edna Moor (1922-?), 2) Ruth Mitchell (1895-?)


Children of William Yancy Tennyson and Octavia Beall
Isla Beall Tennyson (1889-1951) m. Albert Lachwegs
Elsie May Tennyson (1892-?) m. Neil Lydick
Harry Langley Tennyson (1898-1962) m. Mary Waldine Perkins

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