Before 1651 - John Mansell of Newtowns Hundred, St. Marys County, MD, married Ann Peake

1651 - John Tennison witnessed the will of Nathaniel Stiles. St. Mary's County

1656 - In 1656 John Tennison bought land from Richard Preston in St. Mary's Co., on Leonard's Creek called "Stratupt."

1656 - Emma Shanks, dau, of John Shanks of St. Clement's Bay, niece of William Johnson who died in 1656, St. Mary's County.

Before 1656 - William Johnson married Emma Langworth, age 32 (age in 1661), sister of James Langworth. William died in 1656 and Emma married 2) Thomas Turner, who died in 1663; married 3) William Roswell of St. Wynfried, St. Marys County, MD

1659 - John Maunsell, father of John Maunsell, the father lately deceased, leaving his son an orphan of age 16-17. He chose as his guardian Capt. William Evans who took out letters of administration. 1659

1659 - St. Mary's County Will of Diniard Thomas, St. Mary's Co.,
1st Nov., 1659; 28th Dec., 1659.
To Henry Thomas, son of Robert Thomas, Thomas Thomas' 2 child., Charles Delahey, Arthur Delahey, John Hamon, son of Benjamin Hamon, Furfer Hocker, wife of John Hocker, Thomas Salmon, son of Stephen Salmon, Mary Shipps, wife of Richard Shipps, Vincent MANSELL and Rev. Mr. Fitzherbert, (priest), personalty. Exs.: Wm. Assiter, Chas. Maynard. Test: Barth. Phillips, Robt. Thomas, Robt. Joyner, David Boing, John Burrows. (1. 82)

1664 - Charles County Court Records - John Denison to be paid tobacco (#00100) for one wolf's head.

1667 - John Tennison bought additional land from Thomas Gerrard. His homplace was known as "Persimmon Point" and there is a creek in St. Clement's Hundred called "Tennisson's Creek" named for his property line.

By 1670 - Col. John Coad married Susanna Gerard, daughter of Dr. Thomas Gerard of St. Clements Manor and widow of Robert Slye. 1673 - St. Mary's County - John Tennison came before the court and "desired the earmark of his cattle and brand mark for horses" to be a " fire fork with three prongs."

1674 - St Marys County - Justinian Funnis (Justinian Tennyson/Tennis) and Richard Edelen appointed appraisers for the estate of Jno. Place, late of St. Marys County. Sworn in as appraisers by Capt. Wm. Boreman of St. Mariese County. Justinian Tennis is brother in law of Jno Place. Testamentary Proceedings #6.333, Maryland State Archives

1676 - Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1, page 169
Hunt, Robert, St. Mary's Co., 13th Apr., 1676; 20th Apr., 1676. To Anne Murphy, personalty.
Robert Carvill, ex. and residuary legatee of estate (personal).
Test: Saml. COOKSEY, Robt. Bing. 5. 16.

1681-1682 - Lashley, Eliza:, widow of Robert Lashley,Calvert Co.,
13th Nov., 1681; 15th May, 1682.
To dau. Katharine Brightwell, Philip COOKSEY, grandchild. Henry COOKSEY and Richard Southerne, personalty.
Dau. Mary Truman, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal.
Test: Jno. Burras, Thos. Trottman, Thos. Trueman. (2. 196)

1682 - St. Mary's County, MD - John Tennison was summoned to court on 25th Oct to hear Elizabeth's (his wife's) complaints against her husband.

1682 - St. Mary's County, MD John Tennison's Will, 1682

By 1682 - St. Marys County, MD, Elizabeth Tennison widow of John Tennison, married James Green. 1683 - John Tennison died, St. Marys County. Children: John, Matthew, Justinian, Mary Cheshire, and Absolom. Widow Elizabeth married 2) James Greene. Elizabeth died 1684.

1687 - Jane Tennison, who was married to Vincent Mansell, died in 1687

1690- Martha Dennis marries Richard Lemaster, (email query dtd July 31, 1998)

By 1694- Widow of Absolom Tennison, Elizabeth, married 2) Charles Watts. St. Marys County, MD

By 1695 - Charles Watts, m. by 26 March 1695, Elizabeth, relict and admx of Absolom Tennison of SM Co. (INAC 13A:251).

1697- St. Mary's County, Justinian Tennison files suit against Col. John Coode/Coad. Tennisson charges he was assulted by force and arms and imprisoned unlawfully for 8 days. Justinian claimed damages of 20,000 lbs. of tobacco. He requested a writ of attachement against Coode/Coad estate and it was granted.

1698 - Elizabeth Tennyson Watts, widow of Charles Watts dies, St. Marys Co., MD

1699 - Justinian Tennison's Will, Charles County MD, 1699

1699 - Justinian Tennison dies in St. Marys County, MD. Children Justinian (died in 1687) & Jane Manssell (1687). Widow, Elizabeth, daughter of John Shanks and Abigail Brook Shanks Simmons, m. 2) Giles Hill who died in 1702.

1706 - Daniell Gerrard. Admr/Ex: Samuel Cooksey. (Acct 26.5;----;14 Sept 1706)

1708-1709 - Samuell COOKSEY. In his will he left to three sons, Jestinian, John and William and their hrs. 400 acres, COATE BACK and 70 acres PREVENTION, equally. To dau. Priscilla, personalty. To son Samuel and daus. Mary and Elisabeth, personalty to be paid out of a judgement of Capt. JERRATT's estate. To wife Christian (TENNYSON), extx, plantation. (Will: 12.330; 8 Jan 1708/9; 7 Feb 1708/09) Approvers: James Williams, Elizabeth Cooksey. (Inv.: 29.245 14 Feb. 1708)

By 1709 - Col. John Coad/Coode married Elizabeth who married 2) William Hooke. William Hooke married 2) by 1729, Susanna Price, daughter of William and Joanna Price of St. Marys County, MD

1711 - Samuell COOKSEY. Legatees: Mary SHORT (daughter) wife of George Short, Elisabeth Cocksey (Cooksey). Extx. Christian LEMASTER, wife of John LEMASTER (Acct: 32B.267; 30 July 1711)

1712 - Samuel SMALLWOOD (carpenter) of Baltimore County and Martha his wife conveyed on 17 April, 1712 parcel called STRIFE, cont. 135 acres.

1719 - John SCOTT, Sr. age 60 odd years. Deposition 12 xber 1719, regarding tract called SALISBURY; refers to a tract called FERRY (Berry?) formerly belonging to John Piles, grandfater of Joseph Piles (Chas. Land Comm: M2.75)

1720 - Abraham LEMASTER, son of John and Sarah Lemastre, age ca. 81, swore, 27 June 1720, he was born in the Old Jerseys in the Parish of St. Maries. (Ct & Land: 2.415)

1722-1723 - Abraham LEMASTER, To son John, ex. Dwelling plantation. To son Isaac, tract where he now lives. To dau. Sarah TENESON and Mary BARRON, tract called BERRY, equally. Wife to have use of dwel. plan. Dau Ann to dwell on some part of land during her husband's absence. (Will: 18.10, 20 Sept, 1722 - 11 Dec. 1722) Next of kin. Isaac Lemaster. (Inv.: 8.104; 21 March 1722/3)

1725 - John SCOTT, Sr. Next of kin: John Scott, Jr., William Scott. Exec. (Name not given) (Inv.10.347------; 19 April 1725).

1726 - John NOE and his wife Sarah (TENNYSON) on 27 Feb 1726, a tract called LOMLEY, lying on s. side of the main Swamp that falls in Piles Fresh, cont. 125 acres, and on 25 Sept., 1727, part of tract called LOMLEY, cont 100 acres (Land:L#2.335, 389)

1731-1732- John LEMASTER and his wife Christian (TENNYSON). To their three sons and one dau. Justinian, John, and William COOKSEY and Priscilla Barran, tract called SINKIN AND CROWBACK. Signed 2 Feb 1731/2. (Land: M#2.275)

1732- Charles County, MD Deposition John Tennison states his age as 65. (born ca. (CHLR R #2 37:157)

1733 - "a Still shipped on Board the Three Brothers to John Dennis but was kept by (Anthony) Gott $25.7.8 and Sails and Pumps for a Sloop $36.7.5

1733 - Charles County Tax List:

Baron, Thomas, 1 taxable, number 60, Newport West, Lower Part

Birch Edward, 4 taxables, number 27, Newport West, Upper Part
Birch John, 3 taxables, number 101, Port Tobacco West, Lower Part
Birch John, Capt., 5 taxables, number 49, Newport West, Upper Part
Birch Jonathan, 1 taxable, number 18, Newport East Side
Birch Thomas, Jun., 1 taxable, number 17, Newport East Side
Birch Justn., Sen., 3 taxable, number 40 Newport West, Upper Part
Birch Thomas, Sen. 1 taxable, number 16, Newport East Side

Cooksey, John - 2 taxables, number 56, Newport West, Lower Part
Cooksey, Justn - 2 taxables, number 48, Newport West, Lower Part
Cooksey, Thomas, 1 taxable, number 13, Newport West, Upper Part
Cooksey, William - 5 taxables, number 31 Newport West, Lower Part

Lemaster, Isaac, 1 taxable, number 27, Newport West, Lower Part
Lemaster, John 2 taxables, number 52, Newport West, Upper Part
Lemaster, John, 5 taxables, number 50, Newport West, Lower Part
Lemaster, Richard, 2 tazables, number 28, Newport West, Lower Part

McFerson, Alexander, 4 taxables, number 53, Port Tobacco West, Lower Part
McFerson, Daniel, 2 taxables, number 81, Port Tobacco West, Lower Part
McFerson, Daniel - 1 taxable, number 19, Newport West Lower Part
McFerson, William - 3 taxables, number 47, Port Tobacco West, Lower Part
McFerson, Wm - 2 taxables, number 20, Newport West Lower Part

Noe, Widow, 1 taxable, number 27 Newport East

Scot, John, 2 taxables, number 32, Newport East
Scot, William, 2 taxables, number 33, Newport East

Short, Daniel, 1 taxable, number 29, Newport West, Lower Part

Teneson John, 2 taxables, number 16, Newport West, Lower Part
Teneson Justn., 2 taxable, number 24, Newport West, Lower Part
Teneson Jun. John, 1 taxable, number 30, Newport West, Lower Part

1735 -- Charles County administration accounts 1708-1738: Daniel Short deceased account of Catherine Short admx 3 Sept 1735 Wm COOKSEY & Danl McPherson of Charles Co. Surer.

1741 - John SCOT. Mentions: Joseph Simpson, Christian (TENNYSON) Lemaster, Christian Scott, William Scott. Admr. Ex.Elisabeth Scott (Inv. 25.417; 25 Sept 1740; 9 April 1741)

1745 - Sarah TENNISON. Her sons Jesse TENNISON and Ignatius TENISON, of Prince George's Co., conveyed on 24 July 1745, part of tract called STRIFE, 135 acres, Sarah TENNISON to remain on part of the land. Releases of dower by Rachel Tennison, wife of Jesse Tennison, and Elizabeth Tennison, wife of Ignatius Tennison (Land: Z#2.67)

1752 - Hopewell Adams marries Elizabeth Smith in St. Mary's County. (This information from Emma at: ENC6@AOL.COM. Email dated January 10, 1998

1754 - 10th March, St. Mary's County, St. Andrew's Parish, John Tennyson born, son of Absolom Tennyson and Susanna

1758 - October 10th, St. Mary's County, St. Andrew's Parish, Susanna Tennyson born, d/o of Absolom Tennyson and Susanna

1759 - Thursday, 21 August, 1759 - A few weeks ago in Charles County, Mr. Burrows "a very imprudent young Man," went to the house of John COOKSEY in order to Shoot Cooksey's dog. He shot Mrs. Cooksey (in her foot), the infant in her arms, three other children and Mr. Cooksey. It appears all will survive. (Maryland Gazette)

By 1759 - Abraham Tennison married to Mary Stevens, dau. of John and Elizabeth Stevens, St. Marys Co., MD

1760 - John Tennisson's Will, 1760

1763 - October 10, St. Mary's County, St. Andrew's Parish, Eleanor Tennyson born, d/o of Absolom Tennyson and Susanna

1763 - Who is the Thomas Tennison that married to Mary (Polly) Dehart (born ca. 1763)? (Amherst County, VA) d/o Aaron Dehart and Malinda Dennis?

1765 - St. Mary's County, Jesse Tennyson is born, s/o of Absolom Tennyson and Susanna

1766 - May 26th, St. Mary's County, St. Andrew's Parish, Ann Tennyson born, d/o of Absolom Tennyson and Susanna

By 1767 - Christian Tennison married James White, St. Mary's County, MD

1768 - St. Mary's County, Margaret Tennyson is born, d/o of Absolom Tennyson and Susanna

1768 - St. Mary's Co., MDAbsolem Tennison's Will, 1768

1768 - Absolom Tennison dies from cancer of his leg, laid up in bed months before his death. Left widow Joanna; grandson Absolom, son of John; sons: Justinian, Thomas and Joseph. Daughters: Ann, Sarah Doxey, Christian, wife of James White and Sabra Dorsey. St. Marys County, MD

By 1775 - Absolom Tennison's daughter, name unknown, married to George Mills. St. Marys Co., MD

By 1775 - Absolom Tennison's daughter, name unknown, married to Jeremiah Mills. St. Marys Co., MD

1776 - Ignatius N. Dennis, age 31; his wife, Lucrecia, age 33; one son, age 1; 2 daughters, age 8 and 4. Prince George's County, 1776 MD Federal Census. Living two doors away from Samuel and Ruth Mullican, both 27 years of age.

1776 - James Dennison, age 30, 1776 Harford County, MD, 1776 Census.

1777 - Charles County, MD - Benjamin Tenisson living in Charles County MD, Capt. Alexdr. McPherson Company.

1786 - Fauquier Co, VA - Ann Tennison m. Nathaniel Maddux, March 9, 1786

1786 - Bertie County, NC - Matthew Tennison m. Milly Hedgpeth, June 10, 1786

1787 - Norfolk, VA. - Hannah Tennis m. Matthew Colvert, June 14, 1787

1787 - Absolom Tennison (son of Absolom) found in Edgecomb County, 1787-1791. His name mentioned in State Gazette for "stealing horses, cattle and hogs and for breaking open and plundering houses, kitchens."

1787- Abraham Sr, Abraham Sr, and Jacob Tennison found in Edgecomb County, 1787-1791. Their names are mentioned in State Gazette for "stealing horses, cattle and hogs and for breaking open and plundering houses, kitchens." 1787-1791- Pitt County, NC - James White, husband of Christian Tennison (dau. of Absolom Tennisson), found in Pitt County, 1787-1791. His name mentioned in State Gazette for "stealing horses, cattle and hogs and for breaking open and plundering houses, kitchens."

1790 Rowan Census Records: Thomas Tennisson with 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16 and 4 females)

1792 - Amherst VA - Margaret Tennison m. Patrick Higgins, March 20, 1792

1792 - Catherine Tennison is born, St. Marys Co., MD. Died 1857, age about 65.

1793 - Rowan County, NC Petition for a seperate election - Signers: - Joseph Tineson, Benjamin Tenenson, Jacob Tinenson, Abraham Tinenson (these first four signed next to one another) and Abraham Teneson (this Abraham signed next to William Harper and John Wood, Senr.)

1794 - Will of Tennyson Cheshire, Cumberland County, Virginia, 1794

1795 - Franklin, VA - Catherine Tennis m. William Mattox, Nov. 1, 1795

1795 - Rowan County, NC - Joseph Tenerson married Sibella Brandon, Feb. 5, 1795

1796 - Bedford, VA - Fanny Tennison m. John Goff, Jr., Feb 13, 1796

Map showing location of Abraham Tennison's land, 1797, NC

1798 - Caswell County, NC - Betsey Cheatwood m. John Tennison, March 3, 1798 - Elizabeth (Betsey) Cheatwood, born 1783/84, is the daughter of William Cheatwood and Jean (Flournoy?) of Powhatan County, Virginia.  Her first husband, John Tennison, appears to have been in the Caswell County, NC, area for several decades before his death in 1807.  County records spell his name a variety of ways: Tennison, Tennis, Tenneson, Dennis, Dennes, Dinnis.  The family of Ignatius Tennison is also in the county at the sametime, but appears to use the same spelling fairly consistantly.  The children of John Dennis/Tennison appear to uniformly adopt Dennis once they left Caswell County. I have no clue as to why such a disparity in spelling.Elizabeth Cheatwood is John's second wife, his first wife unknown??? - he had eight children from his first marriage, and five with Elizabeth. One of the guardians of his minor children by Betsey married the widow, in about 1808.  Edmond Lyon was the grandson of Robert Lyon, who died in Caswell County in 1804.  Edmond and his sister Elizabeth were orphans, apparently the children of the oldest son of Robert who predeceased him and remains unnamed in records found to date. (Bummer!)  They were neighbors of John Dennis and Ignatius Tennison. Edmond and Elizabeth (Betsey) Lyon moved west after selling her inherited estate in 1811, settling in Overton County, TN.  They had at least six children of their own.  Elizabeth disappears from census forms after 1850, and may be the Elizabeth Lyon (Lions in TN records) buried in Rutherford County, TN, in 1857.  I believe one of her children may have settled there - but I need to do the TN research there, not from a distance. Interestingly, after Betsey dies, Edmond Lyon moves in with the oldest child of John Dennis/Tennison and his first wife: Levi Dennis and his wife, Susan, who also moved to Overton County, TN.  He dies before the 1870 census. Received from J. A. Dresser, email dated December 2, 1998.

1799 - Hopewell Adams's Will, 1799

1801-1804 - Matthew Tinnison to Samuel Tinnison, Rowan County, NC Deed Book18, Page 759.

1804 - Norfolk, Va - Jesse Tennis m. Mary Wilson, March 10, 1804

1808 - Caswell County, NC - Celia Tennisson m. Turner Patterson, July 25, 1808

1810 - Burke County, NC - Nancy Scott m. Reuben Tennisson, Mar 9, 1810

1811- Miss E. L. Tennison is born, St. Mary Co., MD. Died 1883, buried All Faith Cemetery

1818 - Rowan County, NC - Tennison Cheshier m. Barbara Mock, June 11, 1818

1819 - Botetourt, VA - Ezekiel Tennison m. Jane Stratton, Sept. 14, 1819

1819 - Edward F. Tennison is born, St. Marys County, MD. Died 1869 at his residence in Leonardtown of typhoid fever. Residing in his house were Ann Tennison, 59, Sebastian 21, Rachel 22, Ann A. 19, and Catherine 11.

1819 - Absolom Cofser Tennison born, St Marys County, MD. Died 1881 at his residence near Smith Creek. . 1821 - Rowan County, NC - Tenneson Cheshier m. Evy Sain, August 21, 1821

1825 - Rowan County, NC - Elizabeth Tennison m. George Baker, Sept. 19, 1825

1825 - St. Mary's County, MD. Catherine Tennison born. Died in St. Marys Co 1895. Relict of John E. Tennison and mother of ex-Commissioner James A. Tennison.

1825 - George W. Tennison is born Charles County, MD. Died 1883 at Chaptico, MD

1825 - Wilkes County, NC - Tennison McCloud m. Holley Wells, Dec 24, 1825

1825 - Rutherford County, TN - Abraham Tennison's Will, 1825

1830 - Rowan Co, NC - Bastardy Bonds, Isaac Tennison, reputed father, Elizabeth Cannon, mother. George Baker, second Bondsman. May, 1830

1832 - Rowan County, NC, James Tenerson married Catharine Mock, Nov. 23, 1832

1834 - Rowan County, NC - Isaac Tenerson married Susanna Smith, Feb. 6, 1834

1834 Charles County, MD - George W. Tennison born. Married first in 1856, Julia A. Herbert.

1835 - Rowan County, NC - Lucinda Tennison m. Valentine Garver, Dec. 8, 1835

1836-1838 - Rowan County, NC - John Bosten to Isaac Tennison, Deed Book 33, page 274.

1847 - St. Mary's County MD, George F. Tennison is born. Son of Francis Tennison married in 1872, Mary Cecilla Lathram, daughter of Zach. Lathram. Witnesses: Joan B. Graves, Emelia L. Guy

1854 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, John Tenison, Washington County, Arkansas 10 14N 30 W40

1854 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, Rutherford Tenison, Boone County, Arkansas 23 18N 19 W0

1854 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, Rutherford Tenison, Boone County, Arkansas 23 18N 19 W80

1859 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, Thomas Tenison, Nevada County, Arkansas 12 15N 20 W40

1859 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, Thomas Tenison, Nevada County, Arkansas 12 15N 20 W40

1860 - Samuel Fulk's Will, 1860

1863- Richmond County, VA Will of Tennison Jarvis

1865 - St. Mary's County, MD - George Herbert Tennison is born, son of George H. Tennison and Julia Herbert, married Docia Jane Williams, daughter of Francis M. Williams and Susan Dean, married Jan. 1890, St. Joseph Chapel, witness: Chapman Barber

1874 - July 18th, L. P. Tenison marries J. D. Murray, Washington County, Arkansas

Before 1876 - St. Marys County, MD, Absalom Cofser Tennison married Julia Sophia (maiden name unknown). Equity case 417 NF to set aside deed from Wm. B. Reas to Julia Sophia, wife of A. C. Tennison and for sale of real estate on Smith Creek called "Oysterman's Retreat," 25 acres.

1882 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, Mary Tenison, E Lonoke County, Arkansas 1   4N 10W     0

1882 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, Mary Tenison, E Lonoke County, Arkansas 1   4N 10W  77.84

1882 - January 22nd, Addison Tennyson marries Bettie Morgan, Hempstead County, Arkansas

1882 - August 1st, Mildred Tennyson marries M. A. Brock, Pike County, Arkansas

1885 - St. Mary's County, MD, Miss Margaret Tennison, sister of late Absolom C. Tennison died January 1, 1885 at residence of her sister in law, Mrs. Sophia Tennison in 1st District. Died of scirrhus cancer.

1890 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, Flarius Tenison, Searcy County, Arkansas 29 14N 17W    40

1904 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, J Tenison, Nevada County, Arkansas 17 15N 19W    0

1904 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, J Tenison, Nevada County, Arkansas 21 15N 19W   160

1904 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, J Tenison, Newton County, Arkansas 7 15N 19W    0

1904 - Bureau of Land Grants for Arkansas, J Tenison, Newton County, Arkansas 7 15N 19W    0

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