Will of Mary Ward Clark
Dated: November 28, 1677
Inventory taken February 26, 1678.

I Mary Clarke of Farmingtown do make this my last Will & Testament: I give to my daughter MARY STEVENS 16, to my daughter REBECKAH WARNER 16, to my daughter ELIZABETH CHITTINGDON 15-15. I give unto my son-in-Law ELNATHAN BOCHFORD 5 Shillings, to my gr. child Elizabeth BOCHFORD 5. I give unto the Rev. Pastor NEWTON 5 Shillings. I give unto my brother JOHN WARD of NEWARK of Newark 20 Shillings. I give unto my gr. Child REBECKAH STEVENS Stevens a pewter platter. I give unto my gr. Child MARY WARNER a pewter platter. I give unto my gr. child ABIGAIL STANDLY Abigail Standly a featherbed. I give unto my gr. child ELIZABETH CHITTINGDON a bason. I give unto my gr. child ELIZABETH STANDLY my Chest. I give unto my son-in-law JOHN STANDLY John Standly and my daughter SARAH his wife the 1/2 of all my Lands in Milford, woodland, earable and Meadow, except my Homestead, to be equally divided.

My Will is that my sonn STANDLY shall have 4-10 by the year paid to him out of the Rent of the Lands at Milford during the Lease of NATHANIEL FARRAND. I give unto my daughter ABIGAIL FLETCHER my House, Barn & Homelott, & the 1/2 of all my Land in Milford, to be equally divided, that is to say, woodland, Earable Land & Meadow, that is to say, to her & her natural heirs.

My Will is that if she dyes without Issue, that the 1/2 of the aforementioned house & Lands shall return to be equally divided betwixt my 4 daughters. And further I give unto her all my Household Goods that is at Milford that is not divided or disposed of; & if she dye, the forementioned Estate Willed to her shall be divided equally between my four daughters, with this proviso, that my daughter RECECKAH WARNER shall have 10 more than any of the rest of my daughters.

My Will is that what of my Clothing, Woolen or Lynen, that is at Farmington, that is not disposed of at my decease, that my four daughters, MARY, REBECKAH, SARAH & HANNAH, it shall be divided equally amongst them.

I appoint my daughter ABIGAIL FLETCHER to be my whole and sole Executrix. And I do desire Honored Major ROBERT TREATE & MR. SAMUEL EALES to be Overseers.
Mary (her mark X) Clarke, Ls.

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