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Ward Family

According to the Ward family history, the Wards of Connecticut and New Jersey are descended from Robert Ward of Houghton Pavoa, Northampton, England. Robert Ward married Isabel Stapley of Dunchurch, County Warwick, England and named their son, James. James married Anna or Alice Fawkes of Dunchurch. Their children: Stephen, Isabel, George and Lawrence.

Their son, Stephen Ward, who was born about 1585, married Joyce Trafford of Lucestershire, England about 1607. After Stephen's death, his widow Joyce Ward moved to New England with her sons Anthony, John, William, and Robert in 1630. They settled in Wethersfield, Connecticut in 1635, where Joyce Ward died in 1640. Joyce Ward's Will and Inventory Record

English Origins of American Colonists, by J. Henry Lea and J. R. Hutchinson, pg. 105 - The JOYCE WARD, widow, of Wethersfield, Conn., was most probably NOT identical with JOYCE the wife of Stephen Ward of Northampton town in England, the mother of the testator according to the Visitation pedigree already cited, as the children named by her in her will do not at all agree with those of Joyce (Trafford) Ward of Northampton who was almost certainly the mother of the Emigrant and his brother Ambrose, mentioned in the above will of Richard of Paxton. Yet it is noteworthy that it is stated by Judge Adams in his manuscript that "The late ex. Governor Marcus L. Ward of New Jersey said that he was a descendant of the widow Joyce Ward of Wethersfield and that her husband's name was Stephen and that he died in England. It seems incredible that there could have been two Stephens each with a wife Joyce at the same period and this part of the pedigree will demand the strictest scrutiny.

First Generation:

Children of Stephen Ward and Joyce Trafford
Edward Ward (bef. 1630-1662/63) m. Isabel
Mary Ward (bef. 1630-abt. 1677/78) m. 1) John Fletcher (?-1662);
2) John Clarke (the immigrant) (1608-1673) (went to Newtown, Norwich and then to Milford, where he died)
Sgt. John Ward (bef. 1630-1694) m. 1) Sarah Lyman or Hill? (1620-bef. 1685);
2) Hannah Crane Huntington (1638-1695), d/o Jaspar (?-1712) and Alice Crane (?-1720), widow of Thomas Huntington (?-1684)
Anthony Ward (bef. 1630- aft. 1640)
William Ward (bef. 1630-1688) m. 1) Sarah (?-1659); 2) Phoebe (?-1691)
Robert Ward (bef. 1630- aft. 1640) (living in England in 1640)

Second Generation:

Children of Mary Ward and John Fletcher
Mary Fletcher m. Thomas Stevens (?-1685)
Abigail Fletcher (bapt. 1652)
Rebekah Fletcher m. Andrew Warner (of Hartford)
Hannah Fletcher (1643) m. John Chittenden (1643-1716), s/o William Chittenden
Sarah Fletcher (1641-1713) m. John Stanley/Standly (1624-1706)
Samuel Fletcher (1649) (died young)

Mary Ward Clark's Will

John Fletcher was born in Rutland Co., England, where he married Mary Ward. They immigrated to America by 1634.


Children of Sgt. John Ward and Sarah Lyman or Hill
Jonathan Ward (abt. 1647, died young)
John Ward (1649-1695) m. 1) Mary Lyon/Lyons (1654/55-1680/1684), d/o Henry Lyon/Lyons;
2) Abigail Kitchell (1661-1714), d/o Samuel Kitchell and Elizabeth Wakeman
(Elizabeth Wakeman, d/o John Wakeman
Sarah Ward (abt. 1652) m. Jabez Rogers
Mary Ward (1654-1738) m. Samuel Harrison (1648-1724), s/o Richard Harrison and Sarah Hubbard
Nathaniel Ward (1656-1731/2) m. Christiana Swaine (1659-?), d/o Samuel and Johanna Swaine
Hannah Ward (1658-1693) m. Jonathan Baldwin (1648/9-1739)
Elisabeth Ward (1660-1738) m. 1) Thomas Lyon (1652/53-1694) (married in CT, moved to Newark, NJ, 1666)
Dorcas Ward (1662-1738) m. Joseph Harrison, s/o Richard Harrison and Sarah Hubbard
Abigail Ward (1665)
Deborah Ward (1664-aft. 1698) m. Eliphalet Johnson (1658-1718)
Phoebe Ward (1669-1720) m. 1) Jonathan Sergeant; 2) Col. John Cooper (1669-1737

(John Ward was living in Newark, NJ by 1667 (see his sister's will)

(Children born in Branford -- Branford was settled in 1644, under New Haven jurisdiction. In New Haven District until October session, 1719; then in Guilford District until June 21, 1850, except that the Society of Northford was in Wallingford District from May session, 1776, until its incorporation in North Branford in May, 1831; since then in Branford District.)


Children of William Ward and 1) Sarah
William Ward (1659) (died young)


Children of William Ward and 2) Phoebe
Thomas Ward (1661)
Phebe Ward (1663)
William (1665)
Sarah Ward (1667) m. Benjamin Hands
Ann Ward (1670-abt.1737) m. Capt. John Warner
Dorothy Ward (1672)
Susanna Ward (1674)
John Ward (1678-1790)

Third Generation:

Children of Mary Ward and Samuel Harrison
Samuel Harrison (1684) (his dau. married ? Ward)
John Harrison (1688-1762)
Mary Harrison m. Peter Condit
Sarah Harrison m. Nathanial Ward, Jr., s/o John Ward "the turner"
Susanna Harrison m. Samuel Ward, Jr. (lived in Orange, NJ)
Abigail Harrison
Ellenor Harrison


Children of Nathaniel Ward and Christiana Swaine
Nathaniel Ward
Phebe Ward m. Crane
Joseph Ward
Sarah Ward m. Dalglish
Joanna Ward m. Pierson


Children of John Ward and 1) Mary Lyon
John Ward (abt.1676/77-1745) m. Martha Johnson (may have had a son named Samuel)


Children of John Ward and 2) Abigail Kitchell
Jonathan Ward m. unknown
David Ward (1686-1768) m. Mary Browne (1675-1738), d/o Daniel Browne, Cooper Mary Ward

The will of Daniel Browne mentions his daughter, Mary Ward. It also mentions grandson Joshua Ward, son of "daughter Sarah Ward, deceased." Which Ward did Sarah Browne marry?


Children of Elizabeth Ward and Thomas Lyon
Penelope Lyon
Elizabeth Lyon
Annas Lyon
Isaac Lyon (1691)
Thomas Lyon (1692)
Mattaniah Lyon (1694)


Children of Dorcas Ward and Joseph Harrison
Joseph Harrison m. Martha Sargeant
Elizabeth Harrison m. Caleb Baldwin
Mary Harrison m. ? Safron
Richard Harrison (1691-1786)
Phebe Harrison m. John Ward
Stephen Harrison (1698-1786) m. (born at Orange, NJ)
Nathaniel Harrison (1704-1799) (born at Orange, NJ)

Fourth Generation:

Children of David Ward and Mary Browne
Phebe Ward m. Nathaniel Chandler (had at least one daughter)
David Ward (1721-1787) (born in Newark, NJ and died in Chatham NJ)
Moses Ward (1728-1784) m. Elizabeth Ward (who are her parents?)
Ezekiel Ward (1730-1810) m. Moriah (born in Newark, NJ and died in Orange County, lived in Minisink)

In 1790 and 1800 Ezekiel Ward and Ezekiel Ward, Jr. are living in Orange Co., NY

Fifth Generation:

Children of Ezekiel Ward and Moriah
Moses Ward (1756-bef. 1829) (baptised Sept 19th 1756 Orange Pres. Church, Essex County, NJ)
Isaac Ward (bapt. 1759)
Daniel Ward (?-1829) Will of Daniel Ward
Elizabeth Ward m. Mr. Rorback
Phebe Ward m. Mr. Clark
Ezekial Ward (abt. 1775-aft. 1830)

In 1779 Isaac Ward is living in Newark, NJ

In 1830, Ezekiel Ward, Isaac Ward, and Isaac Ward living next to one another in the Vernon Township, Sussex Co., NJ

Sixth Generation:

Children of Ezekial Ward
Isaac Ward (1799-1873) m. Abigail Ferris (1800-1893), d/o Simeon Pharis and Ann Robinson, (Simeon born in France)

Isaac and Abigail were married on July 22, 1822 at Vernon Township, Sussex, New Jersey by Rev. Thomas Teasdale, pastor of what is now the Hamburg, NJ Baptist Church. In 1830 Ezekiel Ward, and two (2) Isaac Wards were living in Vernon Township, Sussex County, NJ. By 1850 Ezekiel was living in the Stillwater Township, Sussex County, NJ. In 1860 the Isaac Ward family was residing near Troy, Pa. They later moved to Lovelton, Wyoming County, PA where Isaac and Abigail are buried.

Members of the Baptist Society in Mansfield, Connecticut immigrated to Sussex county, New Jersey about 1751. They founded what is known as "Papakating Baptist Church of Wantage."

Daniel Ward was in Rev. War, enlisting in Orange County, NY, 4th Regiment. He was 22 years old and described as 5' 7" tall, sandy complexion, blue eyes, brown hair and his trade was shoemaker. He was born in East New Jersey.

Two Ezekial Wards are found in the 1800 Census of Orange County, NJ

Daniel Ward's Will of 1829 lists brother Ezekiel's son David and mentions Isaac. Also mentions Moses and sister Pricilla, children of deceased brother Moses. Sister Phoebe Clark's children, Mary Wood, Rachel Thompson, Grace Clark... and Elizabeth Ward Rorback.

Seventh Generation:

Children of Isaac Ward and Abigail Ferris
Samuel Ward (1822-1907) m. 1) Sarah O'Conner (?-1857); 2) Elizabeth Ferris (1845-1923)
Ezekiel Ward (1825-aft.1907) m. Mary (lived in Port Jervis, NY)
Henrietta Ward (1826-1910) m. 1) Daniel P. Woodruff (1827-1857); 2) Charles Catlin (1838-?)
David Ward (1827-1830)
Electa Ward (1831-1867) m. John F. Wintermute (abt. 1824-?) (buried in Lovelton, Wyoming, PA)
Isaac F. Ward, Jr. (1833-1899) m. Maria/Merriah Bowman (1832-1879) (buried at Lovelton, Wyoming, PA)
Reuben Randolph Ward (1836-abt. 1919) m. 1) Susan Mary Greenough (1846-1882); 2) Carrie Hastings (1870-aft. 1920)
Mary Catherine Ward (1838-1889) m. Celian Hurlburt (1837-1922)
Leroy (Harker) R. Ward (1841-1918) m. Rebecca Ferris (1836-1903) (sister to Elizabeth Ferris)

1850 Federal Census, Stillwater Township, Sussex, NJ records John F. Winterwinter and Electa, his wife. Also residing in the same household is Evanina Wintermute, age 63 and Anna M. Roy, age 89.

1850 Federal Census, Stillwater Township, Sussex, NJ records Ezekiel and Abigail Ward and other members that are still at home.

Before 1870, Isaac and Abigail Ward moved to North Branch District, Lovelton Township of Wyoming Co, PA where the census taker records his birth place as New York, as does Abigail. Harker Ward, who is living next door states he was born in New Jersey. Also living with Isaac and Abigail is Edgear Wintermute, aged 3, probably the son of their deceased dau., Electa Wintermute.

Eighth Generation:

Children of Samuel Ward and 1) Sarah O'Conner
James Elbert Ward (ca. 1847/ 1849-1924) (operated a grist mill in Lovelton)
Henrietta Ward (1852) m. Melvin H. Smith (lived in Sylvania, PA)
Mary Elizabeth Ward (1854-1936, NY) m. Isaac W. Douglas

Who is Hugh Ward, age 28, living in Brainstrim, Wyoming, PA in 1880. His wife, Mary B. is age 31 and his daughter, Maggie, is age 9.

When Samuel and Sarah's log cabin burned in Stillwater, NJ, they moved to Lovelton, Wyoming, PA where Sarah was buried.

Samuel Ward's obit states he "came from New Jersery to North Branch Township, this county, about 47 years ago. He was a whole-souled man and being of a lively and jolly disposition he quickly made friends among young and old alike, and his death will be sincerely mourned by all who knew him."


Children of Samuel Ward and 2) Elizabeth Ferris
Levi Ward (1864-1944) m. Sara P. Dibble (1872-1932) (living in Elmira, NY, 1890)
Douglas/Dudley Ward (1869-1958)
Sara Ward (1869-1962) (not married in 1907) (buried in Elmira, NY)
Minnie Ward (?-1957) m. A. E. Cotton/Colton (buried in Elmira, NY)
Florence Ward (1877-1878) (buried in Elmira, NY)
Bella Ward (1873-1957) m. Furman W. Bullock (lived in Troy)
Ransler M. Ward (1881-1930)
Alva H. Ward (1886-1976)
Florence Ward (?-1918) m. T. F. Spencer (lived in Ithaca)


Children of Isaac L. Ward, Jr. and Maria/Merriah Bowman
George B. "Mac" Ward (1865-1928) m. M. Belle Stevens (1869-aft. 1910)
Rosea Ward (1861-1914) did not marry, living with her brother, George, 1910
Byron Ward (1874-1911)

Nathaniel Wintermute, age 20, is living with this family in 1870, North Branch District, Lovelton, Wyoming Co, PA in 1870. By 1880 Isaac was a boarder in the home of Elias Salsman who is described as a stone mason. Isaac is a miller.


Children of Reuben Randolph Ward and 1) Susan Mary Greenough
Sarah Bertha Ward (1864-1947) m. George Taylor (1860-1946)
Ida B. Ward (1867-1902) m. Leslie Mace (1866-1928) (buried in Lovelton)
Ettie Mae Ward (1870-1870)
Merton R. Ward (1872-1931) m. Lena (Evans) Kishbaugh (1885-1931), d/o George Evans and Frances Brown
Laura E. Ward (1875-1973) m. Horton Lee (1877-1951)
Burley Lee Ward (1879-1961) m. Dorothy E. (Dora) Lent (1887-1961), d/o Horatio Lent and Addie Loop


Children of Reuben Randolph Ward and 2) Carrie Hastings
Lee Ward (1886-1969) m. Julia (buried at Pines Plaines Cem., Clay, (NY)
Bert A. Ward (1891-1968) m. Esther M. Welch (1895-1967), d/o George Welch and Nellie Mott
John M. Ward (1893) m. Bertha (is she the Bertha Ward {born 1904} that died in 1996, Troy, Bradford Co. PA?)
Charles S. Ward (1895-1972) m. 1) Mamie Detrick (1897-1918), d/o Ernest Detrick; 2) Mabel Guard (buried in Ft. Wayne, IN)
Raymond Thomas Ward (1904-1982) m. Helen Ruth Kuhn Dillenbeck (1904-1961), d/o Gustav Kuhn and Caroline Vogt
(Raymond was born in Laceyville, Wyoming, PA. He and Helen are buried Evergreen Cemetary, Tioga, PA)

In 1910, Windham Township of Wyoming County, PA. Randolph Ward is living with his son Merton (age 37, single) who is listed as a country veterniary surgeon . Carrie was living in the same county, but in the Mehoopany township with her children.

After Randolph's death, Carrie Hastings Ward married John S. Lewis.


Children of Harker Ward and Rebecca Ferris
Nellie A. Ward (1863-1902) m. Simon Burgess (1864-1946)
Mary D. Adelia Ward (1865-1900) m. Walter Wintermute (1863-1929)
Willis R. Ward (1867-1923) m. Dolly (1880)
Frank Ward (1870-1943) (buried in Forkston, Wyoming, PA)
Nora Ward (1872-1950) m. Willie Burgess (1873-1936)

Ninth Generation:

Children of George B. "Mac" Ward and M. Belle Stevens
Edward Ward (abt. 1899)


Children of Merton R. Ward and Lena (Evans) Kishbaugh
Laura Ward (abt. 1915-aft. 1930)
Bessie Ward (abt. 1917-aft. 1930)
Burley N. Ward (abt. 1918-aft. 1942) (single in 1942)
Lawrence M. Ward (1920-1995)
Paul Ward (abt. 1923-aft. 1930)


Children of Burley Lee Ward and Dorothy E. (Dora) Lent
Elizabeth Ward (1907-1979) (adopted)
Kenneth Ward (abt. 1912-aft. 1930)
Burley Ward, Jr. (abt. 1915-aft. 1930)
Edgar Ward (abt 1918-aft. 1930)
Hazel Ward (abt. 1925)


Children of Mary Elizabeth Ward and Isaac W. Douglas
Floyd A. Douglas (ca. 1873) m. Edna May Gillett (1889)
Clinton A. Douglas (1874-1875)
Lola Douglas (1878-1954) m. Giles Richards (1872-1956)
Orvil R. Douglas (1876-1959) m. 1) Harriet Brown; 2) Minnie Burrows
Claude William Douglas (1880-aft. 1930) m. Myrta Davis (1874-1950) (lived in Tioga, NY)
Samuel A. Douglas (1888-1971) m. 1) Hazel Van Ness (1888-1943); 2) Nellie S. MacIntyre (?-1962)


Children of Levi Ward and Sara P. Dibble
Ronald Dibble Ward (1898) m. 1) Dorothy M. Persons (1902-1955); 2) Julia Reed
Ruth E. Ward (1901) m. Henry Smith


Children of Charles S. Ward and Mamie Detrick
Jean O. Ward (abt. 1918)


Children of Raymond Thomas Ward and Helen Kuhn Dillenbeck
Lewis E. Ward (1923-2006) m. Mildred J. Leonard (1926), d/o Charles H. and Fannie Leonard
Ruth Lorain Ward (1924) m. 1) Clarence (Joe) Durling (1906-1975); 2) John Covert, Jr. (1924-1980)
Frances Louise Ward (1926-) m. Gordon Frank Moran (1925-2003), s/o William Moran (1884-1974) and Bessie Odit
Eleanor Ward (1927-) m. Elton "Scotty" Scott (1925-2000), s/o Elton and Ida Scott of Schuyler, NY
Marshall R. Ward (1928-1996) m. Alberta (lived in Elmira, NY)
Ronald Ward (1929-1996) m. 1) Betty Womble; 2) Marion Butts (lived in Elmira, NY)
Raymond Richard Ward (1930-1994)
Jack Ward (1931) m. Marilyn Densmore (1932) (lived in Elmira, NY)
Charles Ward (1933) m. Bonnie Sample (1936)
Carl Ward (1934-1977)
Janice Ward (1937-1958) (killed in car accident in New York City, buried in Corning, NY)
Paul Ward (1940)
Donna Ward (1947) m. 1) Richard Harlan; 2) Fred Morgan

Tenth Generation:

Children of Frances Ward and Gordon Frank Moran
Gary Ward Moran (1946) m. Faye Diane Jarvis (1943)
Ricky Stephen Moran (1953) m. Anne Tremmatozzi
Gregory Steven Ward Moran (1955)
Cheri Marie Moran (1962) m. 1) Ray Krahala; 2) Joseph Silipigni


, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran

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