Page 168-9 Name: John Wakeman Location: (late) of New Haven, Conn
Dated: June 18, 1660

I John Wakeman of New Haven, being weake in body but of sound understanding and memory, in expectation of my great change, do make this my last will and testament:

First, I comend my soule into the hands of my Lord Jesus Christ, my redeemer, trusting to be saved by his merits and intercession, and my body to be buryed at the discretion of my executors and friends, in hope of a joyfull resurrection: testifying my thankfullness to God for the free manifestation of his grace to me in Christ, and for the liberty and fellowship vouchsafed me with his people in his ordinances in a congregational way. which I take to be the way of Christ orderly walked in according to his rules. But I doe testify against absolute Independence of Churches, and persecution of any in light or actings, and against compulsion of conscience, to concur with the church without inward satisfaction to conscience, and persecution of such as dissent upon this grounde, which I take to be an abuse of the power given for edification by Christ, who is only Lord of the conscience.

As for my outward estate and worldly goods that God hath given me, which I shall leave, my just debts and funerall charges being satisfied, my will is that first I give unto my daughter Helina, wife To John Talcott of Hartford, twenty pounds, to be wholy at her owne disposing; and to her husband, my son-in-law, John Talcott, five pounds and my best beaver hatt and band; and to ech of their three children five pounds a piece, namely, unto John, Elizabeth and Samuell, all to be payd within six months after my decease. It. I give unto my son Samuell Wakeman's two sons, namely, Samuell and John, ten pounds a piece. It. I give unto my daughter Kitchell's daughter, Elizabeth, ten pounds. Item. I give unto my brother-in-law Adam Nicholls of Hartford my cloath cloake and the suite of the same which was my Cousin John Walker's, and my gray hatt; and I give unto his wife my sister Anna Nicholls ten pounds, to be wholy at her owne disposing; and to thayr four children twenty shillings a piece, namely, John, Hanna, Sarah and Ebenezer, all which my will is should be payd to them wthin six months after my decease. It. I give unto Hanna Cheeuers five pounds, to be set apart and improved for her, at the end of one Yeare after my decease, as my overseers shall see meet, untill she come to eighteen years of age (which is the tyme agreed upon for her continuence with me or mine), or till the tyme of her marriage, provided she marry wth the consent of my executors and overseers, or wth the consent of any two of them. It. I give to my servant Thomas Huxley my short gun with a rest and my hanger which he useth to train with, upon his good behavior, that is, if he shall carry him selfe honestly and faithfully in his place and service to the satisfaction of my executors and overseers, or with the approbation of any two of them. Then all the rest of my estate, goods, lands, debts whatsoever, I give and bequeath to my son Samuell Wakeman and to my son-in-law and daughter Samuell and Elizabeth Kitchell as followeth, that is, when all my debts and legasyes are discharged (which my mind is should be out of my estate as it ariseth indifferently and at the prises comon in this Jurisdiction). My will is that my son Samuell Wakeman shall have two thirds parte of that my whole estate that remaineth, and my son and daughter Kitchell the other third part equally betwixt them, and my will is that my daughter Elizabeth Kitchell shall have that parte of hers wholy at her owne disposing. And I doe make and appoint my son Samuell Wakeman and my son-in-law Samuell Kitchell to be joyntly executors of this my last will and testament. Allsoe I doe Intreate my beloved friends and bretheren Henry Glover and James Bishop to be overseers of this my will, and for thayr paines herein I give unto ech of them ten shillings. And I further desire my deare and loving sisters, my sister Davis and sister Glover, to asist my executors and overseers with thayr counsell and helpe in prizing, dividing and disposing things equally to mutuall satisfaction according to the true intent of this my will, which I publish with my hand this 18 day of the 4 month 1660 in the presence of Martha Davis, Ellen Glover.
John Wakeman.

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