Boughman Family of Wilkes County

Boughman Family of Wilkes County

John Boughman/Bowman and Rebecca Bolch were the parents of Henry Boughman/Bowman. Henry was born in 1802 in Lincoln/Catawba County, NC area and is possibly buried in St. Paul's Cemetery. He married Martha Barbara Weaver who was born in the same area in 1815. Martha died in 1898 and is buried in the Mt. Zion M.E. Church cemetery in Caldwell County, NC.

Children of Henry Boughman/Bowan and Martha Barbara Weaver
Ambrose Boughman (1834-1916) m. Elizabeth L. Stamey (1844-1886), d/o Ephraim Stamey & Nancy Howard
Priscilla Boughman/Bowman (1836-1811) m. John Calvin Berry
Timothy Boughman/Bowman (1839-1907) m. Katurah Apeline Barlow (1842-1920)
Malinda Boughman/Bowman (1841) (died young)
Levi Boughman/Bowman (1844) (died during Civil War)
Emaline Boughman/Bowman (1846-1924) m. ? Chester
Sina Boughman/Bowman (1849-1928) (did not marry) (inherited 300 acres from her mother)
Rhoda Boughman/Bowman (1853-1927) m. Andy Morrow

Second Generation:

Children of Ambrose Boughman and Elizabeth L. Stamey
Walter Boughman m. Nettie Lail (born in Burke Co., NC)
Sarah Anne Boughman (1856-1950) (died in Burke Co., NC)
Babara Boughman (1858-1946) m. James "Jim" Monroe Lowman (1870-1953)
s/o Martin Lowman & Mary Martha Emeline Arrowood
Jane Boughman (1866-1945) m. Elihue Lafayette Ramsey (1860-1912)
John Boughman (1869-1947) m. 1) Etta Martha Shoupe (1871-1903); 2) Mary Bennett


Children of Katurah Apeline Barlow and Timothy Boughman
Mary Ella Boughman (1866-1925) m. Robert Holsclaw
Martha Anne Boughman (1868-1936) m. Theodore Annas
Sarah Adeline Boughman (1869) m. William D. Icenhour
Julia Frances Boughman (1870) m. Levi A. Laxton
Cynthia Monarca Boughman (1873-1907) m. Pinkney Turnmire
Cornelia Monarca Boughman (1873-1956)
Margaret Emeline Boughman (1876) m. William Coffey , s/o W. Luther Coffey & Mary Ann Barlow
Lilly Boughman (1878-1897)
John Quincy Adams Boughman (1880-1955) m. 1) Mary Childers (1880-1916); 2) Grace Laxton
Henry Hamilton Boughman (1883) m. 1) Polly T. Miller and m. 2) Lillie A. Pope
Jennie Elizabeth Boughman (1886-1975) m. Peter Angley

Third Generation

Children of Sarah Anne Boughman
Lawrence Boughman
George Washington Boughman (1881-1961) m. 1) Minnie Etta Shepherd,
d/o Cyreenous Waite Shepherd and Elizabeth Cooper; 2) Vera Hill
Oliver Boughman (1891) m. Tillie Griffin

Sarah Ann Boughman did not marry Robert Lee "Bob" Lowman but did have at least one child, possibly three, with him. Bob Lowman was married to Sarah Jane Boykin and had no children with her. Sarah Ann Boughman lived next door to Martin Lowman (Bob's father). Sarah was 36 years old, Bob was only 18. They named the child Oliver. Although Oliver did not take the Boughman name, his father did give Oliver land after his wife died.


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