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Kendall/Kindall Family of Wilkes County

First Generation:

Children of William Kindall (abt. 1740/45) and Sarah Foster ( 1746 - 1830)
William Kindall Jr (abt. 1765-abt.1840) m. Elizabeth Hagler, d/o John Hagler, Sr.
John Kindall (abt. 1767-abt.1841) m. Elizabeth Triplett, d/o Daniel Triplett
Sarah "Sally" Kindall (1769 -abt.1855) m. Robert Shearer (1768 -abt.1845)
Elizabeth "Betsy" Kindall (abt. 1771-abt.1845) m. 1) John Merritt; 2) John Barlow Jr
James Benajmin Kendall (abt.1774-abt.1857) m. Mary "Polly" Dula (moved to GA)
Thomas Kindall (abt.1775-aft.1860) m. 1) Rebecca Holman; 2) Nancy Ann

Second Generation:

Children of William Kindall Jr and Elizabeth Hagler
John W. Kendall (abt.1795)
Thomas Kendall (abt.1798-aft.1860) m. Margaret Peasley (1802-aft. 1860), d/o John Peasley
Nancy Kendall (abt.1800) m. John Dula Kendall (her cousin) moved to GA
Sarah Kendall (abt.1802 m. John Northern (moved to TN)
William Kendall (abt.1804) (Moved to TN)
Christina Kendall (abt.1808 m. 1) William Wright and m. 2) Joseph Greenway
Elizabeth Kendall (abt.1810)
Anna Kendall (1812) m. William Brown Farthing (died 1895)
James F. Kendall (abt.1816)


Children of Sarah Kindall and Robert Shearer
Elizabeth Shearer (1790-811) m. Joseph Greene
John Shearer (1792) m. Mary Greene
Nancy Shearer (1794) m. Daniel Greene
Mary Shearer (1797) m. Richard Greene
Sarah Shearer (1799 m. Gilbert Hodges
Frances Shearer (1801) m. Joel Reece (moved to MO and KS)
William Shearer (1803) m. Ann Reece
Lucy Shearer (1806) m. John Norris
Thomas F. Shearer (1808) m. Martha Rebecca Farthing
Ann Shearer (1810) m. Henry Cook

Third Generation

James Kendall and Polly Dula
John Dula Kendall (abt.1796-abt.1865) m. Nancy Kendall (abt.1800-abt.1865 (died in Fannin Co., GA)
Elizabeth Kendall (abt.1798) m. John Goforth
William Kendall (abt.1803) m. Nancy Brown
Ann Kendall (abt.1809) m. William Brown Fathing Thomas Kendall (abt.1813) m. Nancy Yates
Frances Kendall (abt.1811) (did not marry)
James Kendall (abt.1815) (did not marry)
Sarah Louisa Kendall (1818) m. 1) Gabriel Russell; 2) Squire Calvin Catlett Jones (1813-1896)
Nancy Kendall (abt.1817) m. Henry Davis


Children of Thomas Kindall and Margaret Peasley
Wade Kendall (abt. 1825) m. Sarah
Emeline Kendall (abt. 1827) m. Spears
Sarah Kendall (abt. 1831)
James H. Kendall (abt. 1833) m. 1) Elizabeth J. Bird; 2) Nancy Ann Kelle


Personal communications with Wayne Moore. Bunches of Barlows, by John Hawkins and Elizabeth H. Michaels

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