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Wilkes County, North Carolina Records Available for Purchase

George F. McNeil and his wife Joyce D. McNeil, personally visited more than 768 cemeteries in Wilkes County, NC. The database they built together contains over 50,000 grave records in Wilkes County, NC and includes precise directions to the cemetery. Mr. McNeil sells this information for one $00.01 per printed record. Standard format includes:

1. A list of all records for a specific cemetery, printed in alphabetical order.
2. A list of all records for a specific cemetery, printed in row/grave sequence.
3. A list of records for all persons having a specific surname at death, printed in alphabetical order.
4. A list of records for all persons whose father has been identified as having a specific surname, printed in alphabetical order by the father's name. This identifies children whose surname changed by marriage and tends to list siblings consecutively.

If you have specific needs that the above reports will not meet, please contact Mr. McNeil. It is possible that he can extract records to meet your needs. Computer disks, CDs, or any other computer readable forms are NOT provided. Postage will be added to each order.

After placing an order with Mr. McNeil, receiving and using the information, I have no reservation at all in recommending this database to anyone. The amount of physical effort and work to not only gather the information but to maintain this database is truly mind-boggling. Mr. McNeil and his late wife Joyce have done more for the Wilkes County genealogical researcher than any other person or organization. They should be recognized for such. -- Faye Jarvis Moran (July, 2008)

Mr. McNeil retains ownership and copyrights to all material. You can contact Mr. McNeil:

Mr. George F. McNeil
(336) 838-4641

Other Records Available from Mr. McNeil:

State Census for Wilkes County, NC for 1787 is $12.00

US Federal Census for 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820 are $12.00 each

US Federal Census for 1830 is $15.00

US Federal Census for 1840 is $20.00

Wilkes County School Census - 1840-1850 is $28.00
In 1839 the State Legislature enacted the first common school law by which it was provided that the state would furnish as much as $40 to each school district, provided the plan was approved by a majority of the voters of the county, and provided the county raised by taxation the sum of $20 for each district. At a special election held 25 August 1839, Wilkes County approved the plan by a vote of 851 for, 352 against. During the next two years, a County School Board and District School Committeemen for 64 districts were organized. For each of the first few years of operation, the Committeemen certified a list of free white children over five years of age and under twenty-one residing in each district. These lists are not uniform. Some contain the name of the head of household together with the name (and in some cases the age) of each child. Others are just a list of children's names. However, this provides the names of children almost ten years earlier than the 1850 Federal Census, which was the first Federal Census to include the any names other than that of the heads of household. This publication organizes and indexes and names of County School Board Members, District School Committeemen, Teachers (where shown), Head of Household (where shown), male children, female children and those mentioned in the description of district boundaries. Compiled from NC Archives of File C. R. 104.926. 1993. 259 pages.

US Federal Census 1850 is $28.00

US Federal Census 1860 is $30.00

US Federal Census 1870 is $35.00

US Federal Census 1880 is $40.00

US Federal Census 1900 is $60.00

Wilkes County Marriages 1874-1910 Book 1 is $28.00

Wilkes County Marriages 1902-August 1911 Book 2 is $25.00

Wilkes County Marriages August 1911-1919 Book 3 is $25.00

Wilkes County Marriages is $25.00

Wilkes County Marriages 1930-1939 is $20.00

Wilkes County Marriages 1940-1949 is $25.00

Wilkes County 'Grandfather Book' 1902-1908 is $35.00
An Amendment to the North Carolina Constitution approved in 1900 provided that all persons must be able to read and write before being allowed to register to vote. However, any person who was qualified to vote prior to 1867 or whose direct ancestor was qualified to vote prior to 1867, did not have to prove his ability to read and write if he registered before December 1, 1908. Between 1902 and 1908 some 6, 746 residents of Wilkes County registered, with most of them giving the name of their father or grandfather. A bound Registration Book, organized by township, lists the name and age of each person who registered to vote, together with the name of the male direct ancestor, the state in which the ancestor was qualified to vote, and the date of the application. This permanent registration book became known as "The Grandfather Book", and the book for Wilkes County is located in the Office of Register of Deeds, Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Our publication presents all data shown in the Wilkes County Grandfather Book in three different formats: 1) the original sequence by Township; 2) alphabetically by voter, and 3) alphabetically by ancestor. 1999. 332 pages.

Delayed Birth Certificates Issued in Wilkes County 1941-2001 is $75.00

Death Certificates Recorded in Wilkes County, North Carolina - Books A-5, 1913-1919 is $15.00

Excerpts of Historical and Biographical Interest from the
Minutes of Brushy Mountain Baptist Association is $33.00

Historical Sketches of Wilkes County, published by John Crouch in 1902 is $10.00

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