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Rhodes Family of Wilkes County, North Carolina

John Rhodes, Sr. was born in Virginia and died in Wilkes County, NC in 1790. His will names his wife as Sarah; children: John, Jr., Nancy, and Elizabeth. Sarah's maiden name was probably Abshire. Sarah died in 1792. Their son, John Rhodes, Jr. was born in Virginia in 1780 and he died in Wilkes Co., NC in 1857. In 1802, John, Jr. married Sarah Agnes (Aggy) Jennings who was born about 1781 and was a daughter of Luke Jennings, Sr. and Letes Townsend. Sarah Jennings Rhodes died sometime after 1850. According to the 1850 census record, (Wilkes Co., NC) John's occupation is listed as "miller" and his real estate is valued at $1500.

Second Generation

Children of John Rhodes, Jr. and Sarah Agnes (Aggy) Jennings
Elizabeth Rhodes (1803-1899) m. Willis Walker (1804-1870), d/o Josiah Walker
Elijah L. Rhodes (1805-1877) m. Susannah Hall (abt. 1815-aft. 1880). According to 1880 census, born in 1830.
Hiram Rhodes (1808-1880) m. 1) Sarah Pardue (abt 1811-bef. 1870); 2 Rachel (abt. 1830-aft. 1880)
John W. Rhodes (1809) m. Sarah Adams
Nancy Rhodes (1812-bef. 1857) m. William Ellis
William Rhodes (1814), did he marry Sarah Mahathy in 1833?
Solomon Rhodes (1817-aft. 1870) m. Frances (Fanny) Adams (abt. 1818-aft. 1886)
Sarah Rhodes (1819-1910) m. James D. Tinsley (abt. 1818-aft. 1870)
Wesley Washington or William Wesley? Rhodes (1822-1909) m. 1) Margaret Adams (?-bef. 1864); 2) J. Elizabeth Havener
Rebecca Rhodes (1824)
Benjamin Franklin Rhodes (1827-1895) m. 1) Mary Elledge (abt. 1833-bef.1879); 2) Alice M. Walker (1843-aft. 1900)
Agnes Caroline Rhodes (1830)

Third Generation

Children of Elijah L. Rhodes Sr. and Susannah Hall
Elizabeth Rhodes (1831-1877) m. Alfred Elledge
Benjamin A. Rhodes (1833-1875) m. Elizabeth Walker (abt. 1843-aft. 1880)
Martha Rhodes (1835)
Sarah Lucinda Rhodes (1837-aft. 1850) m. Elijah Walker
Margaret Caroline or Caroline Margaret Rhodes (abt. 1841-aft. 1860)
Biddy Rhodes (1845-aft. 1860)
Susan Rhodes (1847-1880)
J. (Elijah) Rhodes Jr. (1848-1925) m. Caroline (Carrie) Whitley (1855-1910)
James Rhodes (1851-aft 1860)
John G. Rhodes (1853-aft. 1936) m. Sarah Ann Reynolds (1853-1937), d/o William Elisah Reynolds and Susanah Jane Adams
Louise Rhodes (1854) m. Shumate

Elijah L. Rhodes was a blacksmith and farmer by trade in Wilkes County, NC. He was buried in the DeHart community in the old Rhodes cemetery near Cane Creek.


Children of Hiram Rhodes and Sarah Pardue
Agnes/Aggy E. Rhodes (abt. 1840-aft. 1870)
Sarah A. Rhodes (abt. 1842)
John A. Rhodes (abt. 1843) m. Bethany Brewer
William D. Rhodes (abt. 1844-aft. 1880) m. Eliza J. Edwards (abt. 1840-aft. 1880). Lived in Edwards, Wilkes Co., NC
Joel Rhodes (abt. 1846-bet. 1870/1880) m. Agnes C. (abt. 1844-aft. 1880)
Martha A. Rhodes (abt. 1847)
Rebecca Rhodes (abt. 1850)
James H. Rhodes (abt. 1854-aft. 1870)
Jane C. Rhodes (abt. 1855)


Children of Solomon Rhodes and Frances (Fanny) Adams
Elizabeth Rhodes (abt. 1839-aft. 1860)
William W. Rhodes (abt. 1842-1905) m. Eliza J. (moved to MIssouri)
Nelson P. Rhodes (abt. 1844-1921) m. Amanda Phebe Jennings (1850-1939), d/o Luke Jennings and Elizabeth Bullis
Luke Rhodes (1845-aft. 1870)
Henry Rhodes (abt. 1849-bef. 1860)
James W. Rhodes (abt. 1852-aft.1870)
John George Rhodes (1853-aft. 1860)
George P. Rhodes (abt. 1857-aft. 1870)


Children of Wesley Washngton or William Wesley Rhodes and Margaret (Peggy) Adams
Calvin Rhodes (abt. 1840-aft. 1860), did he die in Civil War?
John Martin Rhodes (abt. 1844-1922) m. Nancy Matilda Adams (1846-aft. 1900)
Lewis or Luke (abt. 1845-aft. 1900)
Benjamin F. Rhodes (abt. 1847-aft. 1880) m. Martha (abt. 1849-aft. 1880)
Sarah L. Rhodes (abt. 1848-aft. 1870)
Aggy Rhodes (abt. 1849-aft.1860)
Nancy Rhodes (abt. 1850-aft. 1860)
Wesley W. Rhodes (abt. 1852-1922) m. Martha Jane Rash (1866-1937)
Susan Rhodes (abt. 1854-aft. 1870)
Samuel Rhodes (abt. 1856-aft. 1870)
Margret (Peggy) Rhodes (abt.1857-aft. 1870)
Mandy Rhodes (abt. 1866-aft. 1870)
James A. Rhodes (abt. 1867-aft. 1870)
Jane E. Rhodes (abt. 1868-aft 1870)


Benjamin Franklin Rhodes and Mary Elledge
America Rhodes (abt. 1847-aft. 1880) m. William Burchett (abt. 1844-aft. 1880)
Diana Rhoades (abt. 1853-aft. 1870)
Harvey Henry Rhodes (abt. 1855-aft. 1870)
Sarah/Sethy (abt. 1857-aft. 1880)
Emily/Emmeline (abt. 1861-aft. 1880)
John W. Rhodes (abt. 1863-aft. 1880)
Paulina Rhodes (abt. 1863-aft. 1880)
Joseph A. Rhodes (1873-aft. 1900) m. Amanda (Manda) J. Watkins (1878-aft. 1900)

Children of Benjamin Franklin Rhodes and Alice M. Walker
Alice Martha Rhodes (1880-aft. 1900)

Fourth Generation

Children of Benjamin A. Rhodes and Elizabeth Walker
Mary Ann Rhodes (abt. 1859-aft. 1870)
Nancy Matilda Rhodes (1862-1937) m. Lewis Wilson Shumate (1856-1929)
Wilborn Rhodes (abt. 1869-aft. 1880)
After the death of Benjamin A. Rhodes in 1875, Elizabeth married Ellison Handy.


Children of J. Elijah Rhodes Jr. and Caroline (Carrie) Whitley
Willis J. Rhodes (1874-1947) m. Sarah Frances Absher (1876-1950), d/o Levi Absher
Elijah A. (Babe) Rhodes (1876-aft. 1910) m. Carrie E. Porter (abt. 1876-aft. 1900)
Ellen Rhodes (1878-1904) m. Tipton Wood (?-bef. 1900)
Sina Rhodes (1881-bef. 1900). Did she survive childhood?
Susan Rhodes (1883-aft. 1900) m. Arthur Shumate
Alice Rhodes (1886-1970) m. Hardin Shumate
Wiley P. Rhodes (1887-1952) m. Docia Bell
Sarah Jane Rhodes (1890-1973) m. Joseph Presley Hayes (abt. 1884-aft. 1930). Who are his parents?
Minnie Rhodes (1893-1899)

J. Elijah Rhodes ran a saw mill and a grist mill in Wilkes County, NC. The saw mill was run by water power. J. Elijah and Carrie Whitley Rhodes are buried in the DeHart Baptist Church cemetery.


Children of John Martin Rhodes and Nancy Matilda Adams
Susie J. Rhodes (1881-aft. 1900)
Samuel Rhodes (1884-aft. 1900)
Emmaline Rhodes (1885-aft. 1900)
Callie/Caroline? Rhodes (1886-aft. 1900)
Lewis Rhodes (1888-aft. 1900)
Dossia Rhodes (1890-aft. 1900)
Willy M. Rhodes (1892-aft. 1900)


Children of Benjamin F. Rhodes and Martha
John W. Rhodes (abt. 1871-aft. 1880)
America Rhodes (abt. 1873-aft. 1880)
Sally Rhodes (abt. 1877-aft. 1880)
Susan J. Rhodes (abt. 1878-aft. 1880)


Children of Joseph A. Rhodes and Amanda J. (Manda) Watkins
Oscar Cicero Rhodes (1898-1952) m. Hattie Hammond (abt. 1911-1952)
Sherman S. Rhodes (abt. 1899-aft. 1910) m. Bertha McCormick
James Mac Rhodes (abt. 1901-aft. 1910)
Maggie J. Rhodes (abt. 1905-) m. John Whitworth
Trudy Rhodes (abt. 1908-aft. 1910)
Lela Rhodes (abt. 1910) m. Edwin Myers
Edward H. Rhodes (abt. 1911-1973) m. Mamie Groce/Gross
Joseph Charles Rhodes (abt. 1916-1986)
Mollie Rhodes (abt. 1920-aft. 1930)
Pearl Rhodes (abt. 1914-aft. 1930) m. Elsie Renegar

Fifth Generation

Children of Willis J. Rhodes and Sarah Frances Absher
Oscer Cicero Rhodes (1896-aft. 1930) m. Cordia Alice Wyatt (1896-1936), d/o Jesse M. Wyatt and Nannie Handy; 2) Lila Hayes
Lillie Rhodes (1897-1898)
Cora L. Rhodes (1900-1978) m. Charles M. Robertson
Archie C. Rhodes (1902-1934) m. Carl Gambill
Estel Eugene Rhodes (1905-1981) m. Maie Vallie Barlow (1909-2000), d/o John Andrew Barlow and Minnie Ennis Burke
Della L. Rhodes (1907-?) m. Ochis O. Absher
Fred H. Rhodes (1910) m. Lillie Shumate
Minnie Rhodes (1913-1913)
Ina E. Rhodes (1913) m. James Arthur Handy
Ruth B. Rhodes (1916-1966) m. R. Don Bumgarner


Children of Sarah Jane Rhodes and Joseph Presley Hayes
Luther V. Hayes (abt. 1910-aft. 1930)
Councie Hayes (abt. 1912-aft. 1930)
Flossie I. Hayes (1914-1968) m. Hillery Earl Blevins (1912-1968), s/o William Franklin Blevins and Theodosia Blevins
Harlo J. Hayes (abt. 1916-aft. 1930)
Roscoe Hayes (abt. 1918-1957)
Larma Hayes (abt. 1919-aft. 1930)
Lessie/Lillie Hayes (abt. 1921-aft. 1930)
Mary E. Hayes (abt. 1925-aft. 1930)
Jesse F. Hayes (abt. 1927)


Children of Elijah A. (Babe) Rhodes and Carrie E. Porter
Eddey M. Rhodes (1899-aft. 1900)


Children of Wiley P. Rhodes and Docia Bell
Flavious Rhodes (abt 1913-aft. 1920)
Roy or Ray Rhodes (abt. 1915-aft. 1920)
Catez Rhodes (abt. 1917-aft.1920)
Pearl Rhodes (abt. 1920-?)

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