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Bostick Family

One of the early settlers taking an active political role in Stokes County, NC, was Absalom Bostick. He was not only a county treasurer, justice of the peace and tax lister, but was a member of the House of Commons (1790-1795) from Stokes Co. Earlier, before Stokes was created from Surry County (1798), he was a representative from Surry County to conventions at Hillsborough in 1788 and at Fayetteville in 1789. The convention in Hillsborough was to determine the proposed plan of federal government and for fixing a seat of government for North Carolina...... continued

First Generation:

Children of John Bostick and Elizabeth
Col. Absalom Bostick (c1740-1803) m. Bethenia Perkins (1789-aft.1809),d/o Nicholas Perkins and Bethenia Harden

Second Generation

Children of Col. Absalom Bostick and Bethenia Perkins
John Bostick (1765-1849, TN) m. Mary Graves
Bethenia Bostick (1767-1832) m. Capt. Samuel Hampton (bef. 1760-1802), s/o James Hampton
Absalom Bostick II (1769-1823) m. 1) Nancy Dalton, 2) Dolly White
Ferdinand Bostick (1772-1824) m. Elizabeth Anne Rand (1784-aft.1830)
Susannah Bostick m. William Blackburn
Anne Bostick (?-aft. 1833) m. Thornton Preston Guinn (?-1833)
Manoah Harden Bostick (?-1843, IL) m. 1) Dilcie Scales, 2) Frances Harvey
Christina Bostick (c1785 - 1863) m. David Dalton, Jr.

(Absolom Bostick is shown with 670 acres in the 1786 tax list. This being in the southwestern part of Stokes County, near Walnut Cove)

Third Generation

Children of John Bostick and Mary Graves
Absalom Bostick m. Elizabeth Blackburn
d/o Wm. Blackburn and Susannah Bostick
(there were 11 children in this family)


Children of Bethenia Bostick and Captain Samuel Hampton
James Hampton (1786)
Samuel Hampton (1790) m. Elizabeth Barnett
John B. Hampton (1793) m. Polly E. Guinn
Mary Hampton (1795)
Susannah Hampton (1797) m. Hampton Bostick
Manoah Hampton (1799)


Children of Absalom Bostick II and Nancy Dalton
Absalom Bostick III m. Susannah Dalton


Children of Ferdinand Bostick and Elizabeth Rand
Bethania Bostick (1800) m. Absalom B. Guinn, s/o Thornton Guinn and Anne Bostick)
Anna Rand Bostick (1801) m. William Mills
William Rand Bostick (1803-aft.1870) m. Jane Browder
John Bostick (1805) (may have died young) (no further record)
Elizabeth "Betsy" Bostick (1807-1835/37) m. William Joyce Jr (m. in Va, possibly moved to Lawrence Co., TN)
Absalom Bostick (1809) m. Mary G. Patton (m. in Williamson Co., TN)
Ferdinand Bostick (1811) m. possibly as his second wife, Emily C. Denson (not proven)
Westley Bostick (1813) (no other information)
James Pinkney Bostick (1815) (no other information)
John Thornton Bostick (1817) (no other information)
David Jackson Bostick (1819) (no other information)
Louisa Bostick (1827) (no other information)


Children of Anne Bostick and Thornton Preston Guinn (son of Almand Guinn)
Absalom B. Guinn m. Bethenia Bostick
Thornton P. Guinn m. Frances Jane Hill
Manoah H. Guinn m. Elisabeth Bostick
Anne D. Guinn m. Alpha Moore
Polly E. Guinn (1796-1882) m. John B. Hampton (1793-1871)
Duke A. Guinn m. Susannah Davis Bostick
Bethenia P. Guinn m. David D. Bostick
Christina E. Guinn m. James M. Hampton
Susannah R. Guinn m. Mr. Petree
Malissa Guinn m. Mr. Hampton
Nancy E. Guinn m. Mr. Petree
David B. Guinn (?-1841) m. Narcissa (died after 1841)
(this family lived in Stokes County, present-day Forsyth)


Children of Manoah Harden Bostick and 1) Dilcey Scales
Bethenia Bostick
Mary Frances Bostick
Sarah Elizabeth Bostick
Jinny Carolina Bostick
Peter Lewis Bostick (1818, TN - 1884, IL)


Children of Manoah Harden Bostick and 2) Frances Harvey
Manoah Thornton Bostick
Frank Bostick
Mary Ann Bostick

Fourth Generation

Children of Absalom Bostick III and Susannah Dalton
Dr. Jonathan S. Bostick m. Sarah A. Smith
Sarah Bostick m. Peter Webster
Charles Bostick
Richard Bostick
Martha Bostick
Calvin Bostick
Susannah Bostick
Elisabeth Bostick m. Harden Guinn (of Stokes County)
Nancy Bostick (did not marry) (not proven, and not mentioned in father's will)


Children of William Rand Bostick and Jane Browder
Jesse Bostick m. Nancy Green
Mary Jane Bostick (ca. 1833) m. Edward Vaughn
Angelina "Anne" Bostick (1837-bef. 1912) m. James McCoy Tuttle (ca. 1836)
John W. Bostick (1838-1924) m. Milly M. Tuttle (1840-1925)
James Abner Bostick (c1842-1913) m. Nannie Jane May Tuttle
(d/o George W. & Nancy R. Tuttle)
Louise Bostick (1844) m. James McCoy Tuttle
(Many descendants of this line live in Surry and Forsyth Counties)


Children of Elizabeth "Betsy" Bostick and William Joyce Jr
Ferdinand Joyce
A. B. Joyce
James P. Joyce (settled in Hardin Co., IL)

Fifth Generation

Children of Mary Jane Bostick and Edward Vaughn
William Vaughn (1859-bef. 1900)
Mary Jane Vaughn (1863) m. Newton Spears
Jettie Flora Ann Vaughn (1867-1948) m. 1) William Edward Vaugh m. 2) Harrison B. Brown


Sixth Generation

Children of Jettie Flora Ann Vaughn and William Edward Vaughn
Edward "Edney" Vaughn (1887-1953) m. Florence Hicks
Carrie Lee Vaughn (1890-1973) m. Hilary Harrison Kiger
James Watkins " J W " Vaughn (1891-1981) m. 1) Rhettie Caldonia Benson (1897-1957), 2) Julia Mary Freeman (1901-?)
Bert Vaughn (1893)
Pearl Mae Vaughn (1897-1977) m. 1) J. T. Owens, 2) Washington A. Foster (1887-1951)


Brenda Jerome contributed information for the Ferdinand Bostick and Elizabeth Rand line. And through her research efforts helped to correct the Bostick/Dalton lines. Many Thanks. Brenda also hosts the Bostick Family Online Newsletter.

Brenda Jerome's e-mail address:
The Forsyth County Genealogical Society Journal, Volume XV, No. 1, Fall, 1996
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